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360 - the Cipher or the Square?

Peace In regards to Freemasonry, many have heard of the Blue Lodge, Master Masons, the Scottish Rite, Shriners, etc. I grew up inspired to learn about these things, watching a Shriner who lived right across the street. The red fez was nothing new to me (even though I didnt know what it meant then), & this Original Man sported it with pride. I remember a few summers when Shriners, both black & white, from the Tripoli Shrine Temple would get the street blocked off so that they could ride around in the funny little cars, & do whatever other rituals they would do. But what threw me was this: Heres this man, up in years, in the middle of the ghetto, he & his wife owned a beautiful well-kept house looking straight outta the suburbs, & NO ONE would DARE touch his property, say something out the way to him, fight or even sell on his corner, anything! I saw nothing but the utmost respect shown to him all the years I lived on that block, up til 92. Apparently people knew something I didnt know about what this guy was dealing with. As the years went on & I studied, I saw & heard many Masons get favors & advantages because of their membership, still see it nowadays. I once took time out on a bus stop reaching out to some 13, 14 year-olds on the corner near the Prince Hall Masonic Temple, & some lodge brothers came out watching. I acted like I didnt see em, & kept building...The young brothers walked off after a while, and a couple of lodge brothers started across the street. I dont know if they were coming across the street to warn or recruit me, but the #12 bus was coming & I had a girl to go see, so Ill never know. What always stood out to me though, was the logo that they all carried to identify each other, usually on a ring or the middle of the license plate. It was the G, Compass, & Square. The focus will be on the compass & the square, and the reasons for their placement, geometrically. The rest, well, history is best qualified to reward all research Ive come across many interpretations over the years as to what this logo meant, none of them directly from the mouth of a Mason. I pressured a Master Mason once on it, he knew I was 5% & told me I already knew. I respected him for keeping his oath, & did my own damn thinkingI wont get too much into the face value of it, but instead what I drew out of it, & how I see it in regards to the Nation of Gods & EarthsNO, Im not saying that we are Masons. And for the record, Im not a Mason. That doesnt stop me from studying them. What Im saying is that all we have to do is look in our Supreme Alphabet, Cipher & Square. Its said that the G stands for Geometry, so lets go there Its a common misconception that both the circle and the square have a total of 360, not true. The True Square is a polygon, specifically a quadrilateral with 4 sides of equal length, & 4 angles of 90, totaling 360. This is the 20 degree of the Supreme Alphabet, & the Yacub story tells us that Yacub was born 20 miles outside of Mecca. He could see the Truth of what was going on, not being caught up in all the hype. He got educated in Mecca (took the best part), & did his own thing, quite well I might add. He stood on his Truth/Square regardless, & never let it go, Success was the only option. As we can see, the Square is on the bottom of

the Masonic logo. The Square is meant to be stood on, try being a Square you just may get trampledmight be better to square your actions (the Wisdom you add to the Cipher) & not yourself Theres also part of the Yacub story that says that anything beyond 360 is illusion & that he added 6 of illusion to reality to get 366. Sounds good, and gives an idea of the deception used by his followers to make devil, but again, not True. If this were the case, a large number of polygons could be considered illusions. Using the formula S = (x-2)(180), you can find the number of degrees in any given polygon, from the triangle up. S is the total number of degrees, and x is the number of sides that said polygon has. An octagon, for example, has 8 sides, so S = (8-2)(180) = (6)(180) = 1080. Im not always the best example when it comes to following traffic laws, but a stop sign shaped like an octagon is real nonetheless. Treat it like an illusion @ the wrong time, & youre bound to find out how real it is (as real as my last ticket & court date were). A circle is customarily divided into 360, when counting those degrees starting from the center of the circle. 1 degree can be divided up into 60 minutes, and each minute divided further into 60 seconds. This is would give a circle the standard 360, 21,600 minutes (21600), and 1,296,000 seconds (1,296,000). Heres where the problem lies: Apply the above formula [S = (x-2)( 180)] to a circle to find out how many degrees it hasIll wait By definition a circle is not a polygon, so the above formula will not work. Now, I could get slick & say that the circle has 2 sides, inside & outside. So, well plug that into the formula with x = 2 S = (2-2)(180) = (0)(180) = 0 The answer is not 360, and the only way to get 360 using the above formula is if x = 4. A circle obviously isnt a quadrilateral, so 4 is a nogoYet, if you travel once around a circle counting by a measure of 1 degree @ a time, you will get back to 0. So this could be considered right, though definitely not Right AND Exact. 0 360, or it could be said that all quadrilaterals have 0. So why is it said that a circle has 360 then? The above formula does not start in the center of the polygon as it does with the circle; it measures the degrees of the angles from the perimeter of a polygon. 360 measurements of 1 will fit perfectly into a circle starting from the center, so it can be used as a static standard. A circle is not static, though, by nature its dynamic, always changing direction. There are an infinite number of tangents on a circle, because a circle has an infinite number of points. By this definition, the number of degrees in a circle is actually infinite. This, in my interpretation, is why

the compass is placed not only above the square, but also in front of the square, circumscribing your desires, Knowing that you have the Power to Refine them. The same order is kept in the Supreme Alphabet (the Cipher comes above/before the Square), in the 1-14 (the Born degree brought them into the cipher, & the square cut them off), and twice in the 1-40 (the Quran before the Bible, and the circumference before the square mileage). There may be more places, these are off the top though. More importantly, what does this have to do with Our Culture? In one word, discipline. To circumscribe your desires, & square off your actions, simply means to be disciplined in your daily life. A circle has implied motion, and a square implies stability. This has its birth in Speculative Freemasonry, which likens the building of temples to building the temple of Man. The origins of Speculative Freemasonry, however, lie in Operative Masonry, the actual Science of Building Temples. Do some research on that union & it may give you a better understanding of the future of this Nation, to move from being speculative spectators, to operative operators. This generation, well, we may not be the ones to fulfill, the next few though, SHOULD be more on point. We have to discipline ourselves FIRST, THEN We can teach the Babies to do & be better with the disciplines that We must Master. Not just repeating Supreme Math, Alphabet & 120, but also adding on operative/applied math & science, so that they can build beyond 360 to infinity. We could use a Moorish Revival of Our Own. When I see an Allah School looking like the Tripoli Shrine Temple that I used to walk past (or better), Ill be satisfied Peace Allah Universal (Living Mathematics)