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PART 1 Pharma exportsin India Exports had registered near-muted growth in value terms during 2009-10. The export revenue of the Indian pharmaceutical industry may touch Rs 50,000 crore for the first time ever, thanks to an estimated 20 per cent growth during 2010-11 over last years annual sales of Rs 42,092 crore. The growth estimates turn significant as the medicine exports from India had registered near-muted growth in value terms during 2009-10, an indirect effect of the global economic slowdown that saw companies exhausting their inventories instead of making fresh orders the previous year, says Pharmaceutical Export Promotion Council (Pharmexcil) officials. The expected growth is primarily linked to the fresh contracts from key export markets in North America and Europe. Pharmaceutical exports had grown only 4.13 per cent in 2009-10 as drug exporters were the last to be affected by the global economic slowdown. Things have changed and drugs worth Rs 15,161 crore were exported during the April-July period in 2010-11, Pharmexcil Executive Director P V Appaji said. The revenues during the April-July period was 14.16 per cent higher than Rs 13,280 crore recorded during the same period a year before. According to Appaji, the current growth percentage is about 20. Incidentally, US market had shown strong growth trends even when the overall growth dipped to 4.13 in 2009-10. The fall was primarily led by decline in revenues from the European Union, which is Indias second-biggest medicine export market after the US. Africa, Latin American countries and countries that were part of the former Soviet Union had also showed decline in growth during this period.
Monthly Analysis of Drugs, Pharmaceuticals & Fine chemicals (Rs/cr) Monthly Analysis of Drugs, Pharmaceuticals & Fine chemicals (Rs/cr) Month 2009-10 April May June July 3208.84 3008.81 3458.02 3604.29 2010-11 Growth rate (%) 9.41 23.47 -4.45 28.5

3510.64 3714.87 3304.04 4631.37

Source: Pharmexcil

The growth projections, however, are not based on a revival in the business fortunes in these regions. Industry analysts say the growth will be driven by the US revenues, where $36.7 billion worth drugs are expected to go offpatent in 2011. Even if there is a 90 per cent price erosion, Indian drug companies will be gaining market access worth $1.27 billion or Rs 16,500 crore in the US once these patent protection over these drugs expire this year, said Ranjit Kapadia, vice-president (institutional sales), HDFC Securities. According to Kapadia, Indian pharma exports will see about 25 per cent growth this year due to increased sales in the US. The growth will continue for the next two years as the revenue opportunities arising out of patent expires will spill over to the next financial year, he added. PART 2 The pharmaceutical industry in India is valued at US$ 12 billion with an annual compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 10-11 per cent. The industry spends around 18 per cent of its revenue on research and development (R&D). In India, the clinical research industry is estimated to be a US$ 2.2 billion with a healthy CAGR of 23 per cent. India is ranked as the third largest emerging market and is growing fastest in conducting number of trials. Moreover, India is expected to join the league of top 10 global pharmaceuticals markets in terms of sales by 2020 with the total value reaching US$ 50 billion, according to a report by PricewaterhouseCoopers (PwC). Sector Structure/ Market Size The Indian pharmaceutical market is poised to grow to US$ 55 billion by 2020 from the 2009 levels of US$ 12.6 billion, as per a McKinsey & Company report titled India Pharma 2020: Propelling access and acceptance realising true potential. The industry further holds potential to reach US$ 70 billion, at a CAGR of 17 per cent. The pharma industry constitutes around 8 per cent of the worlds pharmaceutical production. Over the last couple of years, Indian pharma companies have been increasingly targeted by multinationals for both collaborative agreements and acquisition, as per an Espicom report titled, The Pharmaceutical Market: India Opportunities and Challenges. The report further echoes the sentiments and the trends of the industry in totality.

Exports Indias exports of drugs, pharmaceutical & fine chemicals stood at US$ 9.26 billion during April 2010Feb 2011, up 16.15 per cent as compared to US$ 7.97 billion in the same period during the previous year. Indias exports has recorded a growth rate of over 20.07 per cent, during the period of the two financial years in the study and the exports to rest of the world has grown by 9 per cent, according to DGCIS data from Pharmexcil Research. Growth The drugs and pharmaceuticals sector attracted foreign direct investments (FDI) worth US$ 4.84 billion between April 2000 and May 2011, according to data published by Department of Industrial Policy and Promotion (DIPP) upto May 2011. Indian pharmaceutical market is predicted to grow to US$ 55 billion by 2020 from US$ 12.6 billion in 2009, as per a McKinsey report. The Indian pharma industry is estimated to grow manifolds, on back of a high middle-class population base, improvements in medical infrastructure and the establishment of intellectual property rights. The Indian pharmaceutical sector has registered an outstanding growth during the last few years and has become the hub of pharmaceutical companies owing to low cost manufacturing, large population, and high demand, as per a research report - Global Contract Manufacturing Market Analysis. Generics India tops the world in exporting generic medicines worth US$ 11 billion and currently, the Indian pharmaceutical industry is one of the world's largest and most developed, according to Mr Srikant Kumar Jena, Union Minister of State for Chemicals and Fertilisers. The Indian generic drug market is expected to grow at a CAGR of around 17 per cent between 2010-11 and 2012-13. Generics will continue to dominate the market while patent-protected products are likely to constitute 10 per cent of the pie till 2015, according to McKinsey report India Pharma 2015 - Unlocking the potential of Indian Pharmaceuticals market. Moreover, as per a press release by research firm RNCOS, the report titled Booming Generics Drug Market in India' projects the Indian generic drug market to grow at a CAGR of around 17 per cent between 2010-11 and 2012-13.

Diagnostics Outsourcing/ Clinical Trials The Indian diagnostic market is projected to grow at a CAGR of more than 22 per cent between 2010 and 2012, as per a research report Indian Diagnostic Market Analysis.


Dr Reddy's Laboratories Ltd has entered into a memorandum of understanding (MoU) with a Tokyo-based Fujifilm Corporation to form a joint venture (JV) in Japan. The venture would develop, manufacture and promote generic drugs in Japan Cadila Healthcare Ltd has entered into a share purchase agreement with ICICI Venture to acquire 100 per cent shareholding of Finest Procuring Solutions Ltd. The deal, signed through Cadila's 100 per cent subsidiary, Zydus Animal Health Ltd, includes the transfer of all key assets, people, brands and export contracts of Bremer Daiichi Sankyo Company Ltd and Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd have announced expansion of their business in Mexico, to maximise their hybrid business model. As part of the plan, the two companies will launch Olmesartan Medoxomil, used to treat high blood pressure, in Mexico before the year-end Information technology (IT) major HCL Technologies Ltd has announced the opening of a co-innovation laboratory in Singapore with American pharmaceutical firm Eli Lilly and Company, to develop new technologies and solutions specifically for the drug-maker Drug-majors Ranbaxy Laboratories Ltd and Pfizer Inc have formalised an alliance with fast moving consumer goods (FMCG) company ITC Ltd to tap the rural markets for their over-the-counter (OTC) products. The distribution reach of an FMCG company into rural areas in India is much wider than that of a pharmaceutical company, observed Ranjit Shahani, President of the Organisation of Pharmaceutical Producers of India (OPPI), a platform of largely multinational drug-makers, and Head of Novartis (India) Jubilant Discovery Services Inc, the US-based subsidiary of Jubilant Life Sciences Company, has entered into a drug discovery alliance with Janssen Pharmaceutica NV. The alliance will span an initial period of three years and will mainly focus on multiple targets in the area of neuroscience Manappuram Health Care Ltd, a venture of the Manappuram Group of companies, has forayed into the healthcare sector and plans to invest US$ 222.25 million over the next five years to set up a chain of medical, dental clinics and diagnostics centres across South India. The Group has set a target to expand to over a 100 outlets by 2015

Zydus Cadila has signed an asset purchase agreement with a US-based pharma company for a cash deal of US$ 60 million. The deal also includes purchase of two generic drugs - Micro-K and Potassium Chloride ER capsule products Elder Pharmaceuticals Ltd will invest about US$ 29.02 million in its research facility over the next two-three years, according to Alok Saxena, the firms Director

Indian firms in the pharmaceuticals ingredients space are targeting the Japanese market. Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient (API) manufacturers are set to join hands with Japanese generics producers to supply APIs and intermediates in the world's second biggest pharmaceutical market. "Indian drug intermediates or APIs are made with high regulatory compliance, and are the cheapest as well. That is why Japanese players opt for joining hands with Indian makers for generic drugs. Also, the free trade agreement will have a good impact over the alliances," added Venkat Jasti, former President of the Bulk Drug Manufacturers Association (BDMA) and Managing Director of Suven Life Sciences. Government Initiative Marking a new trend of investments from foreign players in the Indian pharma sector, the need for overseas investors to get a no-objection from their JV partner before venturing out on their own or roping in another local firm has been removed by the Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Council. It is expected that this measure will promote the competitiveness of India as an investment destination and be instrumental in attracting higher levels of FDI and technology inflows into the country. 100 per cent FDI is allowed under the automatic route in the drugs and pharmaceuticals sector including those involving use of recombinant technology. The Union Minister of Commerce and Industry and Minister of Trade and Industry, Singapore, have signed a Special Scheme for Registration of Generic Medicinal Products from India, which seeks to fast-track the registration process for Indian Generic medicines in Singapore. The Department of Pharmaceuticals has prepared a "Pharma Vision 2020" for making India one of the leading destinations for end-to-end drug discovery and innovation and for that purpose provides requisite support by way of world class infrastructure, internationally competitive scientific manpower for pharma research and development (R&D), venture fund for research in the public and private domain and such other measures.

Road Ahead On back of aggressive marketing initiatives, the pharma companies witnessed rural market sales doubling. India's rural drug market grew by 18.8 per cent in the 12 months period ended April 2011 as compared with 10.9 per cent in the previous year. Interestingly, in order to increase their share in the globally important market - in India, the international drug-makers have introduced generic or low-priced version of popular medicines and have also decreased prices of their existing products. Global firms who traditionally banked on sales of their original high-priced medicines have now come into direct competition with Indian drug-makers. The Indian-makers business model is built around selling large volume of cheap generic medicines at lower margins in the country, to add to twin purpose of affordability and popularity. "The industry posting healthy growth consecutively for the second year reflects the inherent strengths of the industry and improving healthcare standards in the country... demand for drugs and pharmaceuticals is on the rise, and is likely to continue next year as well. The nutraceutical segment will continue to have better-than-average growth with people getting more conscious of their general health and well-being," as per Ganesh Nayak, Executive Director, Zydus Cadila. References: Consolidated FDI Policy, Department of Industrial Policy & Promotion (DIPP), Press Information Bureau (PIB), Media Reports, McKinsey Report, Pharmaceuticals Export Promotion Counci


To continue to be recognised as a reliable provider of healthcare

products and services by customers the world over.

To provide superior value to our customers and stakeholders, by being

innovative, focused and specialized.

To create and sustain a work environment that values people,

promotes learning, nurtures innovation and leads to collective excellence.


To attain leadership in all our business units To be respected and admired by patients, physicians and all stakeholders in our business

To achieve sustained sales and profit growth

DIRECTORS Leena Gandhi Tewari Chairperson Prashant Tewari Managing Director Debabrata Gupta Executive Director & COO Debabrata Bhadury Director Deepak Ghaisas Director M. M. Venkatachalam Director

Customer Orientation

To recognize that the customer is most important for our survival and growth To interact with customers with regularity and treat each customer as the only and most important one To create and sustain long-term relationships with customers To receive customer's feedback and give it your highest attention


To create and surpass new performance standards To challenge complacency embrace change and continuously improve work standards and business processes To take on higher goals nothing is impossible!


To work as a team by sharing and learning from each other To use team's collective capabilities, experience and diversity of opinion to reach better decisions


To human dignity respect for all, respect differences in culture, language, opinions To integrity demonstrate consistency in actions and words To business goals making it happen consistently


To listen with an open mind To communicate in simple, easy to understand language To maintain transparent, direct and polite communication at all time


To maintain an optimistic, positive, cheerful outlook at all times

To maintain a cheerful, optimistic climate for your team PRODUCT RANGE

They offer a broad portfolio of Actives Pharmaceutical Ingredients and Finished Products: APIs

Small molecule APIs Peptides

Finished Products

Biosimilars Solid Orals Injectables Ophthalmics


A portfolio of 54 small molecule API's 3 Peptides commercially available and 3 under development. 10 Biosimilars under various stages of development. 6 Injectables under development. 7 Ophthalmics under development A Portfolio of 30 Solid Orals for US Market A Portfolio of 29 Solid Orals for EU Market

Active Pharmaceutical Ingredients (APIs) USV has an aggressive API development program. We strive to be perceived as a reliable, responsive & competent API partner by our Customers. Our portfolio consists of a broad range of 52 small molecule APIs:

22 APIs with DMFs 16 APIs with Technical Packages and 13 APIs under development

USVs APIs are marketed to Customers in International Markets around the globe. BIOSIMILARS We have a pipeline of 8 biosimilar products (produced by recombinant biotechnology in E.coli) at various stages of development, including 2 whose pre-clinical toxicity studies are completed, 2 in confirmatory clinical trials and 1 in pre-clinical toxicity studies. Somatropin For Injection Ph.Eur

PCT's have been filed and National Phase filings are under progress in various countries. Non-solvent (aqueous) based drug substance purification process Pre-clinical toxicity studies have been successfully completed as per schedule Y of Drugs & Cosmetics Act, India. Confirmatory safety & efficacy clinical trial (phase-III) is in progress and expected to complete by July 2011

Teriperatide Injection

Drug: Biologically active N-terminal portion of Parathyroid Hormone. IN and PCT applications have been filed. Non-infringing Cloning, Fermentation and Purification technology Pre-clinical toxicity studies have been successfully completed as per schedule Y of Drugs & Cosmetics Act, India. Confirmatory Safety & Efficacy clinical trial (phase-III) is in progress and expected to complete by July 2011.

Platelet Derived Growth Factor (PDGF-BB) Gel

Drug Class: Growth Factor INN: Becaplermin Novel cloning, Fermentation and purification technology Developed novel gel formulation; Indian patent is filed. Pre-clinical toxicity studies have been successfully completed as per schedule Y of Drugs & Cosmetics Act, India.

Filgrastim Injection (G-CSF)

Drug Class: Colony stimulating factor Non-infringing Cloning, Fermentation and Purification technology Non-solvent (aqueous) based drug substance purification process Sentence has been removed Drug Substance is complying with Ph.Eur monograph specifications. Pre-clinical toxicity studies as per EMEA Biosimilar guideline for Filgrastim are completed using Neupogen of Amgen, Germany as reference product. Confirmatory safety & efficacy clinical trial (phase-III) is about to start.

PEG-Filgrastim Injection (PEG-GCSF)

Drug Class: Pegylated colony stimulating factor to increase the serum half-life. Non-infringing aqueous based pegylation and purification technology Physico-chemical comparability with Neulasta of Amgen, Germany is established. PCT application has been filed. Pre-clinical toxicity studies as per EMEA Biosimilar guideline are underway using Neulasta of Amgen, Germany as reference product and will be completed by Sept 2011.

INJECTABLES Our injectable portfolio includes small molecules, peptides & recombinant proteins. These products would be manufactured in our Fill & Finish sterile plant.

Eptifibatide Injection 20mg/10 ml & 75mg/100 ml (Anti-Thrombotic Agent) Bivalirudin Injection 250 mg lyophilized powder in 10ml vial (AntiThrombotic Agent) Dolasetron Mesylate Injection 20mg/ml (5ml in 10ml vial & 0.625ml in 2 ml vial) (Anti Emetic, 5-HT inhibitor) Octreotide Injection 50, 100, 500 mcg/ml single dose (1 ml in 2 ml vial) and 200, 1000 mcg/ml multidose vial (5 ml in 5 ml vial) (Somatostatin, Growth Hormone Inhibitor) Zoledronic Acid Injection 4mg/5 ml liquid concentrate (Bisphosphonate, for the prevention of fractures in Cancer patients Somatropin For Injection 5mg Lyophilised powder (Human Growth Hormone) Teriparatide Injection 750 mcg in 3 ml (Parathyroid Hormone)

Granulocyte Colony Stimulating Factor (Filgrastim) Injection 300mcg/ml & 480mcg/1.6 ml (Treatment of Chemoptherapy induced Neutropenia)

OPTHALMICS We would be offering 7 products in this category. The following products are at advanced stages of development:

Latanoprost 50 mcg/ml Ophthalmic Solution (Prostaglandin) Olopatadine HCl 0.1 %Ophthalmic Solution (Anti Histaminic, Allergic Conjunctivitis)

PEPTIDES Commercially available:

Octreotide (Somatostatin, Growth hormone inibitor) Bivalirudin (Anti-thrombotic agent) Eptifibatide (Anti-thrombotic agent)

Under development:

Pramlintide (Amylin analog, Type II diabetes) Exenatide (GLP-1 analog, Type II diabetes) Desmopressin (Diabetes incipidus)

Finished Products dossiers of these peptides are also under development. SOLID ORALS Our solid orals portfolio comprises of immediate release & complex modified release formulations.

5 Solid Orals launched in US & 25 Solid Orals under development or ongoing Pilot/Pivotal bioequivalence studies. These are marketed through our US affiliate Indicus Pharma. 4 Solid Orals launched in Europe and 10 solid oral dossiers are on offer for EU market. 15 solid orals under development or ongoing Pilot/Pivotal bioeqivalence studies.


We provide custom peptides to customers from the biomedical research community, biotechnology and pharmaceutical industry. We have consistently maintained the highest standards of quality, service and technical expertise. Capabilities Synthesis USVs highly experienced team of scientists have synthesized oligomers ranging from g up to multigram quantities. Since our establishment, we have synthesized more than 1,000 different kinds of peptides. The peptides range from di-peptides to peptides having more than 60 Amino Acid residues. Methodology

Solid phase using Fmoc and t-Boc methodologies. Solution phase chemistry.


N-terminal acetylation/deamidation C-terminal amidation Site specific peptide modifications Biotinylated peptides Conjugation to KLH, BSA etc Fluorescent tagged peptides Incorporation of unusual amino acids Cyclic and phosphorylated peptides Peptide libraries Chloromethyl Ketone peptides Phosphopeptides

Equipments for Synthesis and Analysis

Analytical, Preparative and Semi preparative HPLC Low pressure, Medium pressure and Ion chromatography systems Amino acid analyzers MS LCMS NMR CD GC FTIR Polarimeter

Lab scale, Multiple and Large scale peptide synthesizers Lyophilizers Centri Evaporators

GMP Status Lab level (micro gram to milli gram to gram) is non GMP and multigram level is GMP based. Reliability With this facility and our highly experienced team of scientists, the quality of each peptide is individually guaranteed and verified. Fast Delivery The facility and in-house testing makes it feasible for us to supply the peptides within the shortest possible time.

INDIA OPERATIONS Overview In 2009-10 we crossed the Rs. 10,000 million milestone with total sales of Rs. 10,211 million. 67% of this was contributed by our India operations. Presence

Diabetes Cardiovascular Orthopaedics Nutritional

Dermatology/Cosmetology Gynaecology Paediatrics CNS Respiratory

Presence in Nutritional, Gynaecology and Respiratory segments through innovative products from partners in USA and Europe and in Cosmetology with a leading European brand. Market standing

Ranked 24th in the Indian pharmaceutical industry (Source: IMS March 2010). Leader by Rx in Diabetes & Cardiology segments.

We are the leaders in the oral anti-diabetic segment n India in terms of both prescriptions and value. It is a position we have held consistently for almost two decades. Our anti-diabetes portfolio, which includes insulin, contributes to 39% of our sales. We are also leaders in the cardiovascular disease segment in terms of prescription generation. In terms of value, we rank amongst the first 10 companies in India. The cardiology portfolio contributes to 31% to our sales. We have a significant presence in dermatology and are leaders in the antiacne segment. We have launched the Sebamed range of skin-care products from Europe.

INTERNATIONAL OPERATIONS USV's APIs and Finished Products are marketed to leading Generic & Innovator companies in 75 countries around the globe. API USV has an aggressive API (Active Pharmaceutical Ingredient) development program. We strive to be perceived as a reliable, responsive & competent API partner by our Customers. Our portfolio consists of a broad range of 22 small molecule APIs with DMFs, 16 with Technical Packages and 13 under

development. We offer robust, safe & viable chemical processes with a well crafted IP strategy to enable & support our Customers to be the first to enter their respective markets. Our value added services:

Polymorph production Custom particle sizing FDA approved manufacturing facilities for scaling up from Kilo to MultiKilo and Commercial quantities Regulatory Support

Our pedigree:

Providing excellent service to our Customers during the entire life cycle of a project development, launch and commercial phases. Presence in US and EU markets for 2 decades. Active in Japan for over a decade as an accredited supplier with 3 DMF listings and enduring relationships with major innovator companies. Over 100 satisfied customers include leading multinationals and generic companies.

Finished Products

Finished Products are marketed in US, Europe & in Cambodia, Cameroon, Kenya, Kazakhstan, Myanmar, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Uganda, Ukraine, Vietnam and a few other countries. In many countries we operate through collaborations with business partners who are leading generic & innovator companies. Patented formulations have been out-licensed to Multi nationals & major regional companies. Our key competency lies in development of complex modified release formulations

USV has excellent standing in many emerging markets and in Sri Lanka, for example, we are No. 1 in OAD in terms of market share. We market Finished Products with the following business models:

Profit Share model in which we share development cost & profits from sale of finished Products with our business partners Transfer Price model in which we license product dossiers to our business partners and there after supply finished Products at a mutually agreed price


USV has evolved from a reliable producer of Dosage Forms and APIs to a process-driven and research-focused company with an emerging global base. The focus of our research is on Biosimilars, Peptides, Chemical Processes and Drug Delivery. Our Analytical Support Facility provides documentation and validation of test results as per ICH guidelines as well as standardization and characterization of in-house reference standards. Our laboratories are driven by the intellectual competence of a team of highly skilled professionals This team has 250 scientists including 3 doctors, 33 PhDs and 165 Post-graduates, many of whom have studied and trained in universities in USA, Japan and Europe. The facility is recognized by the Department of Scientific & Industrial Research, Ministry of Science and Technology, Government of India. Our annual expenditure on research over the last few years has been in excess of 7% of sales. R&D facilities comprise over 100,000 sq ft of laboratory space with modern infrastructure.

MANUFACTURING Our products are manufactured at 4 sites located in

Chiplun Daman Baddi Nerul*

All plants are cGMP compliant. The sites are managed by a highly skilled team of professionals and inspected by customers and regulatory agencies. In keeping with our corporate philosophy to minimize the impact of our operations on the environment, on our employees and on communities in surrounding areas, we follow a comprehensive EHS system which conforms to World Environment, Health and Safety standards. BRAND BUILDING Brand nurturing and brand building are at the core of USVs marketing philosophy. Our efforts have yielded significant results. USV is No. 1 in the OAD market by Rx and by value and No. 1 in Cardiology by Rx. We have held these positions consistently for the past 2 decades. Brand standing in the OAD market:

Glycomet is the No. 1 prescribed brand in the OAD market. Glycomet, Glycomet GP, Tri Glycomet, Pioz, Glynase and Glynase MF are ranked 1st in their categories. Glynase MF, Glycomet & Glycomet GP are among the top 5 by prescriptions in the OAD market. Glycomet GP ranks amongst the top 50 brands in the Indian Pharmaceutical market.

Brand standing in the cardiovascular disease segment:

14 brands are among the top 3 by value in their respective segments. 5 of these brands - Ecosprin, Ecosprin Gold, Ecosprin AV, Lipicard and Nimodip are ranked 1st. Ecosprin & Ecosprin AV are among the top 2 prescribed brands.

Brand standing in other segments

9 brands are among the top 3 by value in their respective segments. 3 of these brands - Erytop, Anovate & Cataspa are ranked 1st.

Each business unit has a focused marketing team responsible for development of innovative marketing strategies that help us establish leadership positions in the markets in which we operate.

Some initiatives adopted by USV include:

Disease detection programs Patient education programs Continuous medical education programmes

These programs supplement the efforts of the all India sales team and an extensive supply chain network that ensures continuous availability of all our brands at pharmacies across the country. DISTRIBUTION

3 Hubs 22 Clearing & Forwarding (C&F) Agents 1,645 Distributors Over 68,000 Retailers Cold Chain


Company ReGen

Product Cognate

Therapeutic category Nutritional

Year of partnersh ip 2010

Therapeutics, UK Novartis, India Novartis, India Roche Sebapharma, Germany Kissei, Japan Engelhard, Germany Fujix Inc., Japan Alfa Wassermann, Italy Jalra-M Jalra Xenical Sebamed Diabetes Diabetes Anti-Obesity Cosmeceuticals 2009 2008 2008 2006 2006 2005 2004 1994

Mitiglinide Diabetes Prospan Respiratory

TripleACal Nutritional Fluxum Cardiology