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26 JANUARY, 2007

When you hear the name Dalda the image of quality conjures up in
your mind. Dalda has earned the trust of its consumers over a period
of almost 60 years. In fact Dalda is the pioneer of vegetable oil and
banaspati ghee in the country. It all started almost 60 years ago when
Dalda's food scientists pioneered a way of preserving the goodness of
vegetable oils in a manner which preserved the taste and tradition of
ghee but was a healthier substitute -thus Dalda Banaspati was born.
This quality and taste was made available to millions of consumers in
the country. Ever since Dalda has kept up the high quality and
consumers have responded by always rating it as number one in
quality and taste. Dalda Foods is the only company which has ISO 9002
for Quality, ISO 14001 for Environment and OHSAS 18001 for Health
and Safety Standards in this sector

Dalda Foods’ commitment to quality and maintaining a socially and

environmentally responsible business is reflected in it being the only
edible oil and fats manufacturing company in Pakistan which is
certified by Bureau Veritas Quality (BVQI), a widely recognised
international certification organisation, for Quality, Environment and
Health and Safety performance. Thus Dalda Foods has the distinction
of being the only edible oil and fats producer which has ISO 9002 for
Quality, ISO 14001 for Environment and OHSAS 18001 for Occupational
Health and Safety certifications.

It is a reflection of Dalda Foods commitment to corporate social

responsibility, good corporate governance and also a matter of pride
and distinction that it is the only edible oil and fats manufacturing
company in Pakistan which has installed an effluent treatment plant at
its manufacturing site. The treated effluent water meets or is better
than the National Environmental Quality Standards (NEQS) and is used
in the lawns of the factory for irrigation purposes.

Dalda Foods is the first and the only edible oils factory in Pakistan to
have its own effluent treatment plant. When you visit the Dalda Foods
factory, you will not fail to notice the beautiful green lawns, all irrigated
by the treated effluent water. This is Dalda's humble contribution
towards conserving and sustaining this precious natural resource.

ISO certifications for performance on matters of Quality, Environmental

Care and Health and Safety are influencing the way companies across
the globe do business. In developing countries like Pakistan these are
frequently used to help raise standards and improve competitiveness.
In developed countries it is importantly becoming a key consideration
in doing business to business transactions. Dalda Foods operations can
thus be benchmarked against organisations of international repute.

Fats and oils are an important part of a healthy diet. Your body needs
fat to function properly. That is why nature has made 15-20 per cent of
the body weight of an adult from fats. However, not only the quantity
but type of fat eaten is also very important. Here the clear choice is

Dalda VTF Banaspati, Dalda Cooking Oil and Planta Cooking Oil are
made from a selection of finest vegetable oils — canola, sunflower,
soybean, cottonseed, and palm oil. These are hygienically produced in
one of the most modern, computerised processing plants where the
natural goodness of oils is preserved for the users.

Dalda VTF Banaspati is the healthiest banaspati of Pakistan because it

is Virtually Trans Fat Free. Dalda Cooking Oil is only cooking oil in
Pakistan which preserves the natural goodness of oil. Planta Cooking
Oil has the distinction of being the only high quality cooking oil with
the benefits of oil and the taste of Banaspati.

Dalda Foods has been able to deliver the best possible cooking
mediums to millions of its consumers' using its International
Technology and Expertise. The trust of its consumers has enabled it
become the leading brand in its category. Every day millions of
consumers use one or more of its brands. Dalda not only aims to
provide the best cooking medium to its consumers, but also to act in a
responsible manner and make a meaningful contribution to society.
Dalda Foods strongly believes that long term success of any business is
intimately connected with the well-being of society and the
environment in which it operates.
Dalda Foods (pvt) Limited is currently producing three products:

Dalda Cooking Oil

Dalda Cooking Oil is the premium quality oil for cooking and frying. It is
a blend of Canola, Sunflower, and Soybean oil, and is 100% Cholesterol
free. It is healthy as it contains Vitamin A & D3 together with Vitamin E,
which protects from skin and heart diseases. Dalda Cooking Oil is easy
to digest, contains essential fatty acids, Omega 3 and 6 and natural
antioxidants that boost the immune system of the body. It is
hygienically refined on modern automatic plant that preserves natural
goodness of oil and makes food exceptionally delicious.

Dalda Banaspati
Dalda Banaspati is the healthiest banspati available in Pakistan
because its is VTF (virtually trans fat free). Hygienically produced on
modern automatic plant, Dalda Banaspati contains a healthier
Banaspati formulation. Moreover, trans fatty acid level is below 1% in
it. Made from 100% vegetable oils, Dalda Banaspati contains Vitamin A
& D3 and its rich ghee flavour ensures delicious and wholesome meal.

Planta Cooking Oil

Planta Cooking Oil 100% Ultra refined Vegetable Oil is a blend of
Soybean, Canola and Sunflower oil. It is the only cooking oil, which
gives the taste of ghee and the goodness of oil. It ensures health as it
is 100% Cholesterol free and contains Vitamin A & D3. the natural
antioxidants in the oil boost the immune system of the body. Planta
Cooking Oil is hygienically refined on modern automatic plant to
preserve natural goodness of oil and the freshness of oil makes the
food delicious and tasty.
*This research would be based on the Dalda Cooking Oil.



The cooking oil industry is a very large sector in Pakistan. According to

estimates of Dalda, the size of the market is approximately 2.5 million
tons. However, the practice of cooking oil marketing has not yet
reached the stage where it could understand the needs and wants of
the consumers based on the consumer lifestyle. In other words, the
cooking oil marketing mainly focuses on the attributes and qualities of
the product, rather than addressing the needs of the consumers. For
example, many companies promote their products by focusing on the
specific health benefits associated with the product. The management
problem, hence, is understanding the psyche of the consumer
regarding the different brands of cooking oils.

Competitors, in the premium cooking oil market, include:

 Habib Cooking Oil
 Sufi Canola Oil, Soybean, and Sunflower Cooking Oil
 Seasons Canola Oil
 Soya Supreme Cooking Oil
 Borges Olive Oil
 Rafhan Corn Oil

The factors to be considered are:

 Consumer Lifestyle (main factor)
 Demographic
 Psychographic
 Triggers for use
 Emerging Trends
 Media Influence

*Lifestyle: A person’s pattern of living as expressed in his or her activities, interests,

and opinions.

To devise an effective positioning strategy and access the attitudes of
people for DALDA.


What types of consumers prefer what type of cooking oil? (too


Does the difference in consumer lifestyle affect the preference for

cooking oil?

What attitudes and lifestyles can be associated with a typical DALDA


What are the perceived attributes associated with the different brands
of cooking oil?

How different is a Dalda Cooking Oil consumer from a competitors’

consumer, in terms of education attainment, health consciousness,
brand loyalty, and responsiveness (to current promotional efforts)?


To be able to stereotype and differentiate the Dalda Cooking Oil

consumer relative to its competitors based on the difference of
consumer lifestyle.

To measure consumer attitudes and beliefs towards the Dalda Cooking

Oil and its competitors. (How do we measure attitudes?)

To conduct a consumer segmentation research for Dalda Cooking Oil

and its competitors.