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GSM based Automatic Irrigation water controlling system

One century later, wireless communications are ubiquitous and widespread. Everyone can pick up a cell phone and talk with a friend located in a different continent. Voice calls are only one of the options latest cell phones can send faxes, exchange text messages, e-mails, music, and even connect to the Internet. Said in other words, whatever the origin of your information, if it can be reduced to small data packets it can be delivered to a mobile phone. This circuit connects to the serial port featured by many cellular phones. Its function is to provide an input and an output port capable of being remotely controlled using another mobile. The Controlling of the motor takes place by using DTMF( dual tone multi frequency tone) signal integrated in every the cellular hand set key pad. The special two digit code is decided for the operation of starter and motor. The system which is used has no feed back in remote controlling system. This gives a big disadvantage of the user is assuming the operating conditions. Such as power failure, single phasing, motor trip, etc cannot be feed back to user but in our system a voice feedback system incorporated. that means the operational status of the system is generated by the voice message to user by which the user is clear about the status of the system operating. By passing different two digit codes the operation of the pump set is controlled. This gives advantage to control the device from any where remote station through use of GSM technology. the benefit of such system is to all farmer as well for all commercial system.

The applications are countless. It can be used to make an extended range remote control, operable from anywhere in the world. In the industry, it can monitor if a machine is running, or if some threshold is surpassed. The technical staffs are alerted automatically and can remotely operate an immediate countermeasure. Commercial applications are numerous as well. All the components of a home automation system can be conveniently controlled and monitored from the cell phone. To enhance even further its wide applicability, the circuit is very small and is simple.

Block Diagram
AC supply

Motor Pump Single Phase Preventer Crystal

Mobile Phone

DTMF decoder

Microcontroller Water level sensor Signal Cinditioni ng ckt Voice IC Power Supply


Audio Amplifier

Features: Motor On/off Motor status voice indication Single phase voice indication Single phase auto off Water level voice indication Supply line on/off voice indication