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Journey Through Scripture

Presenter Instructions and Information Journey Through Scripture

Presenter Instructions and Information

The following is a guide to accessing and utilizing the different materials, resources and services
available to Journey Through Scripture Presenters.

Journey Through Scripture is continually being improved and updated. For this reason, please
make sure the St. Paul Center has your current contact information (especially email) so that you
will be included on any updates and announcements about the program.

As part of the Journey Through Scripture package, you will find a CD disk that contains:

- The PowerPoint Presentation
- Presenter Notes
- Scripture Cards

The only additional item you need is the Participant Workbook for your attendees (see below).

How To Use the PowerPoint Presentation with the Presenter Notes

Journey Through Scripture generally needs at least two people to be presented effectively. The
Presenter giving the study is assisted by another person operating the PowerPoint presentation
from a computer.
The assistant working the PowerPoint uses the exact same Presenter Notes as the Presenter to
follow along and click (using the down arrow on the computer keyboard or another button
depending upon the type of keyboard/computer) whenever there is a new slide or when there is a
or . Its that easy. In this manner, the PowerPoint presentation follows right along with the
Presenter notes.

Journey Through Scripture

Presenter Instructions and Information Journey Through Scripture
Participant Workbooks
When you have the total number participants you can order the Participant Workbooks for
Genesis to Jesus, Bible and the Mass, Bible and the Sacraments, Bible and the Virgin
Mary, The Bible and the Church Fathers, or The Bible and Prayer. These workbooks
contain the Student Notes and Student Outlines for all the sessions of your study and are to be
handed out at the first session of your study. They cost $10.00/each, which includes shipping.
(Canadian shipping additional)

Currently there are two ways to order Participant Workbooks for your study:

1. Call us at 740.264.9535 and place your
order over the phone.

2. Mail your order and check to:
Journey Through Scripture
c/o St. Paul Center
1468 Parkview Circle
Steubenville, OH 43952
3. For International studies (excluding
Canada), the Participant Workbook is
included on your disk. Simply print off
the number of copies you need and pay
the St. Paul Center a $3.00 (US)
royalty per workbook via PayPal or
another service. For PayPal orders, use

Online ordering is not available at this time

Journey Through Scripture

Presenter Instructions and Information Journey Through Scripture

Supplemental Reading
Additionally you have the opportunity to order the corresponding books that go along with the
different studies at a discount. These are the books on which the studies are based and we
provide them for people who want to go a little deeper. There are specified reading selections at
the end of every lesson in the Participant Workbooks.

Please allow 10 days from the time we receive the order for delivery of
all materials. You may need to allow a little extra time if you are ordering
around a holiday.
In your order that arrives you will find a large self- addressed stamped envelope
and registration cards (stuffed into the workbooks) which will be used for
registration and certificates (see below for more information what to do with the
registration cards and on receiving certificates).
You will also receive one set of loose-leaf Student Notes and Student Outlines
for people who did not register in time to receive materials the first week.
Simply make copies as necessary and call us to order any extra materials you
may need.
Journey Through Scripture
Bible Study
Associated Book Cost
Genesis to Jesus
A Father Who Keeps
His Promises (Hahn)
The Bible and the Mass The Lambs Supper (Hahn) $15.00
The Bible and the
Swear To God (Hahn) $15.00
by Grace (Mork)
The Bible and the
Virgin Mary
Hail, Holy Queen (Hahn) $10.00
The Bible and the Church
The Fathers of the Church:
Expanded Edition (Aquilina)
Consuming the Word (Hahn) $15.00
The Bible and Prayer
Prayer Works! (Leonard) $10.00
Understanding OurFather $10.00

Journey Through Scripture

Presenter Instructions and Information Journey Through Scripture
Please Note: The St. Paul Center cannot accept returns of unused Participant
Workbooks or other purchases. Please do not over-order your materials.

Registering Your Class

On the first night of your class you will pass
out the Participant Workbooks. Each
participant will find a registration card in
their Workbook. (Extra cards will be sent to
you for people who didnt register in time to
receive a Participant Workbook.)
Please do the following to register your class:

1. Have each participant fill out the card and return it to you.

2. Put all the registration cards (and the Presenter Registration Card you received) in the self-
addressed stamped envelope that arrived with the Participant Workbooks and put it in the
mail back to the St. Paul Center.

Marketing Posters

To help advertise your study, Presenters can request the
creation of 8.5x11 color and black/white posters for church
bulletin boards and bulletin inserts.

Samples of the posters can be found in the Presenter Resource
section of

Please note that The St. Paul Center does not print posters for
you. Rather, we email an electronic version of the poster and to
you so that you can print as many copies as needed.

To obtain Posters for your study:

1. Email all the following important information to:
Location @ the Parish,
Date, Time,
Presenter Name,
Registration Cost,
Contact information
for registration (phone number/email)

Please indicate in the subject line of your email it is a poster request.

Journey Through Scripture

Presenter Instructions and Information Journey Through Scripture

Email Marketing

Another feature we offer Presenters is Email Advertising.

When you are ready to advertise your study, send us an email at including the pertinent information (like
with the posterlocation, time, dates, registration contact info,
cost, etc) as well as the zip code of the study location (e.g. the
parish where the study is being held).

We can then send an email out to everyone on our St. Paul Center
email list in that area telling them about your Journey Through
Scripture study!


We have discovered that offering personalized certificates
is both an incentive for participants to come to the
sessions and a good way to finish the entire study. These
are offered to you free of charge.

In order to receive certificates for your study, all you need
to do is make sure you send us the registration cards
described in the Registering Your Class section above.
We will create the certificates for everyone and mail them
back to you. Its that simple!

You will receive certificates for everyone who registers for the class. These are to be handed out
at the last session of the study.

Note: If there are some people who, in your opinion should not receive a certificate, simply dont
give them one.

Journey Through Scripture

Presenter Instructions and Information Journey Through Scripture

Presenter Resources Page

The Presenter Resources page in the Journey Through Scripture website is a section of our
website that is set aside for trained Presenters only. You can get to the Journey Through
Scripture website by either navigating through Through
Scripture, or by simply going to The Presenter Resources
button is on the right side of the page near the top.

On this portion of the website you will find:
1. Frequently Asked Questions
2. Marketing Poster Examples
3. A copy of this Presenter Instruction and Information Sheet

Theological Support

As part of the Journey Through Scripture program, Presenters have the ability to contact the St.
Paul Center for answers to theology questions that arise in their classes. To ask us a theological
question, simply send an email to Please do so right after your class
has met so as to give us enough time to respond to you.

Given our limited staff and resources we request that only the Presenters email or call. Email is
preferred. Also, dont forget to check the Presenter Resources page to see if your question has
already been answered in our Frequently Asked Questions section.