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Personal Letter Diana 60 Mayjend Sutoyo, Smg Indonesia

Fransiska Marsela (09.0049) Alexa Vega Carmel arrive, Stanford California 94305 USA

Dear Diana, Thank you for sending me a friendly letter. I am so glad that you ask me to be your pen pal. Of course I like it. So, let me tell you something about my self to make our friendship better. I think Ill tell you my profile first because you have known my name. I have lived in California for 3 years, before that I lived in another USA state, Ohio. I am born at December 17nth 1993. Im in the same age with you, 16 years old. Im a first semester student of California Senior High School. My hobbies are making handicraft, gardening, and listening to rap music. Thats my little bio data. Then, let me tell you about my family. Honestly, I dont have a big family. My family consists of my mother and my big brother. My father had passed away 5 years ago. My mother works at Snacks Company and my big brother studies in Californian College and does part time works in supermarket. I enclose a photo of my family and many photos of California Visit Resorts. I hope you enjoy them. I also write my email address for you, here it is: I look forward to hearing from you.

Best Wishes


Application Letter / Cover Letter 14 Wiroto Raya Semarang Phone: (024)7620227 Email: October 10, 2008 HR Dept of PT Astra Zeneca Indonesia Perkantoran Hijau Arkadia, Tower C, 11th floor Jalan TB Simatupang Kav 88 Jakarta Selatan 12520 Dear Sir or madam: After I read your vacancy in the internet of the date Oct 10, 2008, I beg to offer my self as a candidate for the medical representative in your company. I am 22 years old and graduated from well known university, Theresiana Pharmaceutical Academy. My D3 degree in Pharmaceutical is my ability in conducting the duties that may be entrusted to me. I have worked at SS drugstore in Semarang Indah Residence for 2 years. I am responsible as Pharmacist Assistance. During my third year in Theresiana Pharmaceutical Academy, I was entrusted as the vice principal of Theresiana Pharmaceutical Academy Student Organization, called HIMAFAR. I also have reached the third medal at science writing competition. These invaluable experiences bring massive contributions towards my knowledge and skill to become a team player in an organization as well. I learnt how to focus on availability instead of capability. Becoming a medical representative in your company is a new challenge for me to expand my knowledge and experience further. The first way to prove it is only by attending as a candidate in your company. For your convenient, I have enclosed my curriculum vitae for your review. I believe that my qualification fulfill your consideration to be a candidate in your company. It is a great honor for me if you want to prove my statement by inviting me in your interview. If you have additional question or any information about me, please contact me. Thank you for your time and consideration. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon. Sincerely yours, Fransiska Marsela

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