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Effective Communication

Regular team meetings happen in all departments to give feedback to all team members. These meetings are informally structured. Discussions happen over team lunches or over a cup of coffee. Video conferences happen with team members in different cities to understand what all is happening in their region of supervision. Our Bi-Monthly online magazine is called Trippers Buzz which has a snapshot of all the activities going on in the organization along with some fun and games. All our managers receive I-Digest everyday which is an online newsletter. This has all the articles published in various newspapers that day about the travel industry as a whole. Our internal communication system is very strong. All the employees are well connected through emails and employee groups. We also have an in-house instant messenger called Spark through which employees can send each other quick messages. Senior management is accessible to all employees through mails. Anyone can send their feedback or queries to the L-Team and can even walk in their cabin to discuss their queries. We participate in many employee satisfaction surveys like GPTW and Hewitt. Employee feedback is taken on all the activities that are conducted in office and this is kept in mind while designing future such activities. 2. Reward and Recognition activities with their frequency

We give monthly awards to all high performers across all departments and functions. We have a RnR program wherein we reward those who have over achieved their targets. Apart from the figure driven awards we also have awards for the people who have displayed organisational values in their work. These awards are given on a monthly and 6 monthly basis. We have the tradition of welcoming our new joiners through a Town Hall Meet every 6 months. During this event we felicitate the achievers for the past 6 months with awards like Star performer, Star extraordinaire and Star leader award.

3. Activities to develop culture of the organisation

We have a tie up with many NGOs like Udayan Care, Give India, CAN support etc. Our employees volunteer for the mentoring program in Udayan Care. We also have a payroll giving program in office where employees give a part of their salary to social causes every month. We celebrate all major festivals from varied religions in office. Employee birthdays and anniversaries are also celebrated. Our organizations milestones are celebrated with great enthusiasm by all eg. Listing at NASDAQ, being awarded among the top 3 best places to work consecutively. Our senior management has lunch in the cafeteria with the other employees. People are free to join them for lunch and have a chat with them. Our employees come in smart casuals and are not required to wear business formals to office except where they are customer facing.. We organize regular health activities for the well being of our employees. We have a homeopathy doctor visiting our office twice a month. We have regular yoga classes in office as well. We have instituted an annual company sponsored health check up for all our employees above the age of 35.

4. Leadership Development Activities We send our employees for higher education to enrich their knowledge and develop our internal talent. We conduct a mid year appraisal process to monitor the performance of an individual We have a tie up with Korn Ferry for talent management. Under this employees are assessed on various competencies and learning agility and the next steps are decided like coaching, mentoring, or on a special project Employees are given full autonomy on the project they are handling. They monitor the project end to end taking care of every little detail. There are no penalties for any failed project and people can freely implement any idea that is feasible and profitable to the organization.

5. Team Building Activites Regular team lunches and outings happen which provide an informal setting for the members to bond and discuss things without inhibitions. We have department and companywide offsites where people relax and rejuvenate themselves in the company of their colleagues without any work pressures.

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