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Songs from Heaven (Nataph)

Heaven Drops

By, Apostle John Eckhardt,

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Psalm 68:8
The earth shook, the heavens also dropped at the presence of God: even Sinai itself was moved at the presence of God, the God of Israel. Dropped is the Hebrew word Nataph meaning to drop, drip, distill, distill gradually, prophesy, preach, discourse, to drop (prophecy) drip, to ooze. The Lord drops his prophetic word. This word drops from heaven. This is the result of the presence of the Lord. This happens during worship. God inhabits the praises of his people. The presence of the Lord will manifest as a result of praise. The presence of God causes us to worship. Worship is our response to his presence.

God then drops the prophetic song. The singers can sing prophetically as a result of NATAPH. These are songs from heaven. They are dropped from heaven. These songs can drop on anyone in the congregation. Another Hebrew word translated prophet shows that prophets speak what they hear from God (or today from the Lord Jesus), and they do not speak on their own. The Hebrew word nataph, sometimes translated prophet, means to drop, drip, or distill. Its uses include rain distilling and dripping from the sky, words that drop out of someones mouth, and wine dripping from the mountains in Paradise. Although prophets are called upon to drop words where and when God demands, the more obvious thing we learn from nataph is that God drops His words upon the prophet. It means, as Strongs Concordance says, to speak by inspiration. This means that the message the prophet brings is not his own message, but the Lords words, and furthermore it implies that many times the prophet may not know much of the message when he starts prophesying, but that the words drop upon him, i.e., he speaks them as he gets them from God. This dropping cause us to sing inspired songs. Songs of inspiration are prophetic songs. The singer is inspired by God to sing a new song. Churches must allow God to drop these songs during worship. We should not QUENCH the manifestation of the Spirit.

1 Thessalonians 5:19
Quench not the Spirit.

This form of singing develops gradually as we ascend in worship. Nataph means to distill gradually This form of prophecy distills gradually. The Hebrew word nataph means a forming, developing word, like ruminating on food. This form of prophetic utterance is slow to develop and comes like the dawn. It is possible to write such inspiration down and deliver it. An example of this is found in Job, After I had spoken, they spoke no more; my utterance fell gently on their ears (Job 29:22). As he spoke, they had unfolding revelation or understanding of Gods word to them. (Robert I Holmes) to distill means to appear slowly and in small quantities at a time. This cannot be rushed. It will take some time for these songs to be released. It will take some quality time in worship. The prophets words often revealed the gentle heart of God, their words distilled and dropped like dew and gentle rain; nataph; 5179, Strong says nataph, means; to ooze, i.e. distil gradually; by implication, to fall in drops; and figuratively, to speak by inspiration: drop, prophesy. This word not only shows the gentle side and nature of prophecy; it also reveals that prophecy can come slowly, bit by bit, with pauses, short or long, between the parts of each complete revelation. (Hebrew words for Prophets and Seers)

Nataph means to ooze. Ooze means to progress slowly but steadily. Nataph was one of the spices used in the anointing oil, STACTE. The Hebrew word for this spice is nataph which means a drop. Further study reveals that it is a gum rosin that oozes from the bark of the tree, and is used as an expectorant.

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