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Key features
A completely new stand-alone boxed game for two or more players. Contains everything you need to play pirate battles on the Warhammer high seas. Only 65,000 copies available worldwide, only available whilst stocks last. AvAilAble While stOCks lAst When its gOne, its gOne!

Launched Saturday 1st october 2011



key Features:
Contains one complete Dreadfleet wargame. A completely new game from Games Workshop - the first since The Lord of the Rings! Includes everything needed to play, including a cloth seascape gaming mat depicting the Galleons Graveyard. The set contains ten fantastically detailed plastic Warships, a full colour rulebook, 12 Islands, Auxilaries, dice, a range ruler and all the tokens and cards necessary for the game. Dreadfleet is a narrative wargame following a tale of revenge outlined in the rulebooks twelve scenarios. The box contains over 200 pieces. Only available while stocks last.

This box conTains:

98-page Rulebook Seascape Gaming Mat 10 Warships 10 Scenic Bases 7 Cog Auxiliaries 1 Dragon Auxiliary 1 Dirigible Auxiliary 7 Islands 5 Shipwreck Pieces 3 Sea Monsters 5 Treasure Tokens 12 Dice 1 Wind Gauge 2 Ships Wheels 1 Navigation Rod 10 Warship Cards 55 Damage Cards 40 Fate Cards 12 Auxiliary Cards 10 Wound Cards 11 Miscellaneous Cards


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The Grand Alliance The Dreadfleet

The Bloody Reaver The Heldenhammer

The Curse of Zandri

The Flaming Scimitar

The Black Kraken

The Swordfysh The Skabrus

The Seadrake

The Shadewraith Grimnirs Thunder

White dwarf 383

key Features:

4.50, 7.50

The comprehensive companion to Dreadfleet, featuring stage-by-stage painting guides for all ten warships and Eavy Metal galleries. Dreadfleet naval tactica by game writer Phil Kelly. Two Dreadfleet battle reports to help players navigate the rules. Warships of the Galleons Graveyard: an in depth look at the warships of the Grand Alliance and the Dreadfleet. Scrolls of Binding: new Scrolls of Binding for the new Ogre Monsters. An army workshop with the Hobby Teams Chris Peach about painting his Ogre Kingdoms army. Robin Cruddace presents three new Battle Missions for the Sisters of Battle. Standard Bearer, Jervis talks about gathering your gaming buddies and embarking on a group project. As always an essential purchase for every customer.


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r The Bloody Reave

Hull 1 Painting the 1

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wash on the rock Step 2: Apply a and of Devlan Mud with a 1:1 mix Badab Black.

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Sails 2 Painting the 1

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MoDeLLing Work

key Features:

6.99, 7

A novella that tells the story of Dreadfleet, written by Game Designer Phil Kelly and published by the Black Library. A fantastic additional sale for the Dreadfleet game.

Exclusive extract from Phil Kellys Dreadfleet novella

Reloading, Roth looked around at the raging battle. Gunners writhed in pools of their own blood amidst shattered piles of debris. Loose groups of swordsmen fought like daemons to repel the men o bones who had spilled onto the Heldenhammers deck from the Reavers crags, cracking skulls and kicking through rib cages as they pushed the invaders back. To starboard, the Flaming Scimitar was giving the Nehekharan war galley a wide berth. A clutch of cannonballs thundered from the pleasure barges hidden guns and tore into the statue-lined galleys stern, just as a giant of living fire burst out from the Golden Maguss minarets towards the enemy warship. It bore down on the Nehekharan ship, a burning sword in either hand. Just as the fire djinn swooped down to incinerate the war galleys skeletal crew, the beast-headed statuary ranged alongside the galleys flanks jerked into life. The foremost amongst them, a jackal-headed giant of green marble, raised its gigantic blade, slashing at the flaming djinn as it passed overhead. The spirit burst apart in a fireball the size of the Grand Templus, incinerating dozens of skeletal figures on the decks below. The Bloody Reaver continued to grind its way along the length of the Heldenhammer, opening a series of terrible wounds along the temple-ships flank. Roth saw a figure in a red bicorn staring down at him from atop the craggy mass of the Reavers stone heart. He raised his thrice-pistol and loosed off a shot, a triple puff of smoke impacting on the cliff where Noctilus had been standing.


Die, fiend! Shoot the sorcerers, men. Kill anything that talks.