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Why Would People From Eretz Yisroel Follow a Mekubal From Brooklyn Rather Than One Nearby?

With some of the most powerful Mekubalim are available in Eretz Yisroel, so many from Eretz Yisroel turn to this Rabbi from Brooklyn. Who is this incredible Rabbi? Read what your neighbors are saying about him and how you can meet this Rabbi and possibly experience your own miracle.
Why spend thousands when you can get your answers here? For years, Ive been telling people that they dont need to break the bank and pay for expensive airline tickets to visit top Mekubalim in Eretz Yisroel when we have our own extraordinary Mekubal right here in New York. He has become so well known for his extraordinary Kochos (abilities) that both Rabbis and people from Eretz Yisroel and the USA regularly call him when they need a Yeshua or advice. People in Eretz Yisroel Calling a Brooklyn Rabbi ? Rabbi Eliyahu Alfasi, who was at the Baba Salis side for the last 18 years of his life and was himself known as a powerful Mekubal, had a close relationship with Rabbi Kimmel. In fact, when Rabbi Alfasi ztzl passed away, his family publicly presented Rabbi Kimmel with his prized Tfillin and Ohr Hachaim. I have no doubt that Rabbi Kimmel is one of the worlds most gifted and powerful Mekubalim. Over the years Ive personally witnessed hundreds of miracles at the offices or Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel right here in New York. The Rabbanit Alfasi told me and several others that in his entire life, Rabbi Alfasi ztzl, only told one person that he had the Kochos to help people like him and that person was Rabbi Kimmel. Seeing is Believing There are skeptics who cannot believe that what is said about Rabbi Kimmel can possibly be real. I was a skeptic too but heres what I say now. Its best for you to decide personally if what I and thousands of people say are accurate descriptions of Rabbi Kimmel. We live in times where Parnossah has imploded for many. There is an outbreak of serious health problems, its more difficult than ever to find a mate and marriages have been subjected to unprecedented pressures and are subject to crack. See What The People Have to Say About Rabbi Kimmel For the past few months, Ive interviewed and made videos of over 30 people whose lives have been dramatically improved through the Brochos, Tikkunim and advice of Rabbi Kimmel. (If you want to be part of this project you can contact me at I will verify each story and then schedule an interview.) Their stories are so remarkable Ive posted them for you to see at

Rabbi Kimmel (on right) receives gifts from Rabbi Eliyahi Alfasis sonin-law and son during a Hachnosas Sefer Torah where Rabbi Kimmel was the guest of honor . Some
words, taken from the videos are quoted below. I wrote this ad because I believe that we as Jews need to know where to go for Chizuk (strength) more than ever before. Its important to note that no human being can guarantee miracles to anyone, but the odds are heavily in your favor that your life will improve and you will be happy that you met with Rabbi Kimmel. Just ask anyone whos been there. Rabbi Kimmels office number is 718-951-8600.

The words Rabbi Kimmel told me before my sister passed away were exactly the words I needed to say to the medical examiner to prevent the desecration of my sisters body by autopsy.

Rabbi Kimmel (on left) is greeted by Rabbi Chuli

Moshe Handler

Rabbi Kimmel is honored by the Alfasi family and Leading Rabbis in Eretz Yisroel


about him. When I told Rabbi Kimmel he laughed and said I dont need his name. He then proceeded to describe the man to a tee, imitated his voice and was even able to imitate his manner and expressions. He didnt stop there. He then proceeded to describe the mans mother and even her medical complaints. Rabbi Kimmel never ceases to amaze me. He was very instrumental in guiding me to meet my husband. Rabbi Kimmel has improved my life a thousand per cent. Dr. Neal Vallins Rabbi Kimmel talked to me in a way no one had ever spoken to me before He showed me

Simcha Goldburg The words Rabbi Kimmel told me before my sister passed away were exactly the words I needed to say to the medical examiner to prevent the desecration of my sisters body by autopsy. Like an X-ray machine, Rabbi Kimmel was able to describe the tear in my sisters intestines even before the doctors knew about it. Batya Yayish Rabbi Kimmel was even able to detect that I had changed my method of washing my handsI sent my skeptic friend to Rabbi Kimmel. He was so impressed that years later, he still describes Rabbi Kimmel as an elevation to all mankind. A man I once dated refused to give me his Hebrew name because he knew I would ask Rabbi Kimmel

Rabbi Yitzchak Kimmel (on left) and Moshe Handler. Moshe Handler has seen hundreds of Miracles while at Rabbi Kimmels side.
how to use Tefilin. He showed me how to wear a Talis. He taught me what prayers to say. I cant tell you how he has changed my life.It amazes me how he can tell you who you are, what you are going through and what you need to do to improve your life. He even told me months in advance that the new employee I never told him about would quit in August and she did.

I never knew what the word Hashem was until I met Rabbi Kimmel.

Rabbanit Alfasi, her son -in-law, Rabbi Kimmel and Rabbi Simcha Kooke meet at the Rabbanits home. What comes out of his mouth is clearly Ruach Hakodesh

I never knew what the word Hashem was until I met Rabbi Kimmel.

Reuven Slater
Rabbi Kimmel was able to see right through me. Within the first few minutes of meeting Rabbi Kimmel my life was changed forever. He was able to describe the layout of my home physically and even described which Mezuza in which room needed correcting. Rabbi Kimmel told me my business was no longer viable and told me which business would work for me. He guided each move I made until my new business became successful. I am a much better Jew today because of him. As he helped me build my business, he helped me build my Ruchniess (spirituality) too.

This can go to the internet, this can go to the universe. Rabbi Kimmel is light. He is joy. He is Chizuk. He is pure unadulterated Kedusha and Tahara. He gives every last ounce of energy to his peopleWhen I walk into him I light up, my heart jumps. When I leave no matter what *pressure+ was on my heart is lifted. I know his Tikkunim workWhen I walk in to Rabbi Kimmel its like breathing pure oxygen.. Anybody with anything *problem+ should see Rabbi Kimmel What comes out of his mouth is clearly Ruach Hakodesh. In my life I have been privileged to know many Talmedei Chachomim and Rabbis. I cant say enough about Rabbi Kimmel. ...Dr. Nachum Winkler

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