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The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

The Secret
The Fifteen Prayers

Revealed by Our Lord to St. Bridget in

the Church of Saint Paul in Rome
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

As St. Bridget had been desirous for a long time to
know the number of blows our Lord received during
His Passion, He one day appeared to her and said,
“I received 5,475 blows in my Body. If you wish to
honor them in some way, say 15 Our Fathers and 15
Hail Marys with the following prayers (which He
taught her) for a whole year.
When the year is up, you will have honored each
one of my wounds.”
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

Our Lord made the following promises to anyone who recited these prayers for a whole

1. I will deliver 15 souls of his lineage from Purgatory.

2. 14 souls of his lineage will be confirmed and preserved in grace.
3. 15 sinners of his lineage will be converted.
4. Whoever recites these prayers will attain the first degree of perfection.
5. 15 days before his death I will give him My Precious Body in order that he may
escape eternal starvation; I will give him My Precious Blood to drink lest he thirst
6. 15 days before his death he will conceive a deep contrition for all his sins and a
perfect knowledge of them.
7. I will place before him My victorious cross for his help and defense against the
attack of his enemies.
8. Before his death I will come with My dearest and beloved Mother.
9. I will graciously receive his soul, and will lead it to eternal joys.
10. And having led it there, I will give him a special draught from the fountain of My
Deity, something I will not do for those who have not recited My Prayers.
11. Let it be known that whoever may have been living in a state of mortal sin for 30
years, but who will recite devoutly, or have the intention to recite these Prayers,
the Lord will forgive all his sins.
12. I will defend him against evil temptations.
13. I will preserve and guard his five senses.
14. I will preserve him from sudden death.
15. His soul will be delivered from eternal death.
16. He will obtain all he asks from God and the Blessed Virgin.
17. If he has lived all his life doing his own will and he is to die the next day, his life
will be prolonged.
18. Every time one recites these Prayers, he will gain100 days indulgence.
19. He will be assured of being joined to the supreme Choir of angels.
20. Whoever teaches these Prayers to another, will have continued joy and merit
which will last throughout eternity.
21. There where these Prayers are being said or may be said in the future, God will
be present there by His grace.

All these privileges were promised to Saint Bridget by a picture of our Lord Jesus
Christ crucified, on condition that she say them everyday; they are promised also to
all those who say then devoutly everyday for the space of one year.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

Whoever performs these exercises together with 15

Our Fathers and 15 Hail Marys every day will
have recited in one year as many prayers as the
number of blows received by our Lord during His
Sorrowful Passion.

Jesus attached the most magnificent promises

to the performance of these devotions in favor of
those who carry on his holy practice
with faith and devotion.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

First Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus Christ, eternal sweetness to those who love You, joy surpassing all joys
and all desires, salvation and hope of all sinners, by assuming a human nature even
for a brief period of time for love of us, You have proved that You have no greater
desire than to be among men. Please recall the suffering that You have endured
from the first moment of Your conception, and especially during Your Passion, as it
was decreed and ordained in the Divine Plan from all eternity.

Remember , O Lord that after having washed the feet of Your disciples during the
Last Supper, You gave them Your Precious Body and Blood, You consoled them as
You related Your coming Passion.

Remember the sadness and bitterness which You experienced in Your Soul as You

“My Soul is sorrowful even unto death.”

Remember all the fear, the anguish, the pain that You suffered before Your
Crucifixion, when in the prime of Your life, after having prayed three separate times
and bathed in a sweat of blood, You were betrayed by one of Your disciples Judas.
You were arrested by the people of the nation You have chosen and exalted. You
were accused by false witnesses and unjustly condemned by three judges during
the solemn Paschal season. Remember that You were despoiled of Your garments
and in turn clothed with the garments of mockery. Your face was buffeted and Your
head crowned with thorns. Your eyes were blinded by blood. You were tied to a
column, crushed with blows and overwhelmed with insults and abuses.

In memory of all these pain and suffering You endured before Your Passion on the
Cross, grant that before I die, I may, with true contrition, make a sincere and entire
confession, make worthy satisfaction and be given remission of all my sins. Amen.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

Second Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, True Liberty of Angels, Paradise of Delights, remember the horror and
sadness You endured when Your enemies surrounded You like furious lions, and
with thousands of blows, insults lacerations, and unheard-of cruelties, tormented
You at will.

By these torments and insulting words, I beg You my Savior, deliver me from all my
visible and invisible enemies, and may I, under Your protection, attain the perfection
of eternal salvation. Amen.

Third Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, Creator of Heaven and Earth, Whom nothing can encompass or limit! You
Who enfolds and holds all under Your loving power, remember the very bitter pain
You suffered when, with big blunt nails and with blows delivered one after another,
the Jews nailed Your sacred hands and feet to the cross. Remember O Lord, Your
infinite anguish, when Your cruel tormentors, not finding You in a sufficiently pitiable
state to satisfy their rage and cruelty, enlarged Your wounds. Remember Your
Painful agony when Your executioners added more pain to Your sufferings when
they stretched Your body on the cross and dislocated Your bones by pulling them
mercilessly apart.

I beg of You, O Jesus, by the memory of this most holy and most loving suffering of
the cross, to grant me the grace to fear You and love You. Amen.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

Fourth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, Heavenly Physician, raised aloft on the cross that our wounds might be
healed by Your own! Remember the bruises and weaknesses You suffered in Your
whole Being, that never was there pain like that which You endured. From the
crown of Your head to the soles of Your feet there was not a spot on Your Body that
was not in torment. And yet forgetting all Your suffering, You did not cease to pray to
Your Heavenly Father for Your enemies, saying:

“Father forgive them, for they know not what they do.”

Through this great mercy, and in memory of this suffering, may the remembrance of
Your most bitter Passion effect in us a perfect contrition and the remission of all our
sin. Amen.

Fifth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, Mirror of Eternal Splendor, remember the sadness You experienced when
You saw by the light of Your Divinity the predestination of those who would be saved
by the merits of Your Sacred Passion. At the same time, You saw the great
multitude of reprobates who would be damned for their sin, making You complain
bitterly of those hopeless, lost, and unfortunate sinners.

Through this abyss of compassion, and especially through the goodness You
displayed to the good thief when You said to him:

“This day, you will be with Me in Paradise.”

I beg of You, O sweet Jesus, that at the hour of my death, You will show me mercy.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

Sixth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, most loving and most desirable King! Remember the grief You suffered,
when You were fastened and raised aloft on the cross, naked, like a common
criminal. Your relatives and friends had forsaken You, except Your beloved Mother
and a few who remained with You during Your agony.

Remember Your grief as You entrusted You Mother to Your faithful disciple when
You addressed them:

“Woman, behold your son. Behold your Mother.”

By the sword of sorrow that pierced the soul of Your Holy Mother, I beg You, O
Savior, to have mercy on me in all my corporal and spiritual afflictions, and to assist
me in all my trials, especially at the hour of my death. Amen.

Seventh Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, inexhaustible fountain of compassion, Who by a gesture of profound love,

said from the cross: ”I thirst!” suffered from the thirst of the salvation of all men, I beg
You my Savior, to inflame in our hearts the desire for perfection in all our acts, to
extinguish in us the concupiscence of the flesh and the ardors of worldly desires.

Eighth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, Sweetness of Hearts and Delight of the Spirit! By the bitterness of the gall
and vinegar that You tasted on the cross for love of us, grant us the grace to receive
Your Precious Body and Blood worthily during our life and at the hour of our death,
that they may serve as remedy and consolation of our souls. Amen.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

Ninth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, Kingly virtue and Joy of the Mind, recall the pain You endured when,
plunged in a ocean of bitterness at the approach of death, insulted and outraged by
the Jews, You cried out in a loud voice that You were abandoned by Your Father, as
You said:

“My God, My God, why have You forsaken Me!”

Through this anguish, I beg You My Savior, not to abandon me in terrors and in the
pains of my death. Amen.

Tenth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, You who are the Beginning and End of all things, of life and of virtue,
remember that for our sake, You were plunged in an abyss of suffering from the
soles of Your feet to the crown of Your head. Meditating upon Your innumerable
wounds, teach me to keep You Commandments, through pure love. The fulfillment
of Your Divine Commandments is easy for those who love You. Amen.

Eleventh Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, Deep Abyss of Mercy, for the sake of the wounds which pierced the very
marrow of Your bones and the very depths of Your being. I beg You to draw a
miserable sinner like me who is overwhelmed by great offenses, away from sin.
Hide from Your face justly irritated against me. Hide me in Your wounds until Your
anger and indignation will have passed away. Amen.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

Twelfth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, Mirror of Truth, Symbol of Unity and Link of Charity, remember the
multitude of wounds that afflicted You from head to foot. Your wounds that tore and
reddened Your whole Being by the spilling of Your adorable Blood. O great and
universal pain which You suffered in Your Divine Flesh for love of us! Sweetest
Jesus, what is there that You could have done for us that You have not done?

May Your suffering bear fruit in my soul through the faithful remembrance of Your
Passion. May Your love grow in my heart each day until that moment when I shall
behold You in eternity. You Who are the treasure house of all goodness and all joy.
O Sweetest Jesus, I beg You to grant me this precious gift of Heaven. Amen.

Thirteenth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, Strong Lion, Immortal and Invincible King, remember the pain which You
endured when all Your mortal and Physical strength was entirely exhausted, and
You bowed Your Head saying:

“All is consummated.”

By this anguish and grief, I beg You O Lord, to have mercy on me at the hour of
death, when my mind will be greatly troubled and my soul will be in great anguish.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

Fourteenth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, only Son of the Father, splendor and Figure of His Substance, remember
the simple but humble recommendation You made of Your Soul to your eternal
Father when You said:

“Father, into Your Hands I commend my Spirit.”

With Your Body and Your Heart all broken, and the springs of Your mercy opened
themselves to redeem us, You expired.

By Your precious death, O King of Saints, I beg You to comfort me and give me
strength to resist the devil, the flesh and the world, so that being dead to the world, I
may live for You alone. I beg You to receive me, a pilgrim and an exile returning to
You at the hour of my death. Amen.

Fifteenth Prayer
One Our Father & One Hail Mary

O Jesus, True and Fruitful Vine, remember the abundant outpouring of Blood which
You generously shed, in the same way that the grape is crushed and pressed down
in the wine press. May all Your Saints praise You forever. Amen.

Remember that Your side was pierced by a soldier’s lance and blood and water
issued forth from Your Body until not even a single drop was left. Like a bundle of
myrrh You were held aloft on the cross, Your tender Body withered and the marrow
of Your bones dried up.

Through this bitter Passion and by the outpouring of Your Precious Blood, I beg of
You Dear Jesus, to pierce my heart that my tears of penance and love may feed my
soul each night and day. May I be converted entirely to You. May my conversion
please You, and may the end of my life merit Heaven and there with Your Saints
praise You forever. Amen.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

O Sweet Jesus! Pierce my heart so that my tears of penitence and love will be my bread
day and night. May I be converted entirely to You, may my heart be Your perpetual
habitation, may my conversion be pleasing to You, and may the end of my life be so
praiseworthy that I may merit Heaven and there with Your Saints praise You forever.
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

Primer on the Fifteen Prayers

All fifteen prayers must be prayed each time. It takes 15 to 30 minutes of normal
praying time. The procedure is to pray after preparing yourself, the Fifteen Prayers, as

1. Pray one Our Father.

2. Pray one Hail Mary.
3. Pray the First Prayer.
4. Repeat 1 & 2, and pray the Second Prayer.
5. Complete the Fifteen Prayers in the same manner.
6. Conclude with the final prayer.

The Fifteen Prayers do not have to be recited daily without interruption, but these have
to be prayed 366 times within one year. You may recite the Fifteen Prayers as many
times in a day as you wish to make up for the days that you may have failed to pray.
However, care must be taken to miss reciting them as few times as possible.

To pray the Fifteen Prayers properly, settle down. Observe silence for a minute or so
before starting. Ask the Holy Spirit to guide and enlighten you in the recitation of these
beautiful prayers.

These Fifteen Prayers can serve as the Way of the Cross.

Discover yourself the tru Secret of Happiness through the Fifteen Prayers. Say them
with devotion and concentrate on the thought in each prayer. If you make it a habit to
spend fifteen minutes or so saying the Fifteen Prayers everyday, you will find peace in
reconciling with God, peace in your relationship with others, peace in your heart. You
will discover in your own way, the Secret of Happiness!
The Secret of Happiness: The Fifteen Prayers

To help you track the number of times you have prayed, encircle or cross out a number
on the page below until you have prayed the Fifteen Prayers, 366 times. Fill-in below
the date you recited your first Fifteen Prayers and fill-in the same date one year later
when you should complete one year of prayers.

DATE STARTED: _________________

MUST COMPLETE ON OR BEFORE: _________________

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