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Myross Bush School

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SEP 21


Room 3 getting back into the swing of things in their newly renovated room. Call in and check it out.

Dear Parents

With only 2 and a half weeks to go in this term it is again flying by! Welcome to Scott Hoffman, Bens little brother, into Room 2 this week Our WOW night at the Civic is on the Wednesday of the last week of term, October 5th with a 6pm start. Keep an eye on the website and Facebook page for a short promo video which will be up by the end of this week. Tickets details are being finalised and we will get that information to you as soon as possible as well. Thank you for your support with the Book fair and the disco last week. The money raised by your

purchases for your own children will make a huge contribution to the library stock range - this year the money is going towards increasing the quick pick fiction range (check with Tania). Our 'staffroom' functioned well as a book fair location and while it has briefly gone back to a staffroom it is now set to morph back into a classroom (which it once used to be!) The builders are on a roll and we want to keep things moving so Room 7 is set to move into the staffroom this Friday! If you haven't had the chance yet to make an 'un-assembly' then pop along this week. There is a great hive of activity throughout the school with different learning activities on the go - add in a bit of

sunshine! and there is a few smiles on the dial! Tonight is our Friends of the School meeting which is now being held in the newly renovated block of Rooms 2 & 3. If you have not had a chance to see the transformation then tonight is a good excuse to pop along, have a look and join in on the meeting. The Friends of the School meeting is just one of the many ways that reflects the partnership between the school and our parents so the more the merrier!


Tim Lovelock

Kia tu Pakari

From strong foundations we grow and stand tall together

Sue Blackmore - our teachers assistant working hard at putting together all those sets of flash cards that you see coming home with your children. Thanks Sue, we really appreciate your hard work!

A sure sign of spring is always the beautiful blossom trees and happy smiling children.

Baby Sitter Available: Ex student, reliable. Ph Makaela 2157922

Friends of the School:

First Aid Kits: We have just been advised that the arrival for these has been put back to Oct 5th. We will distribute them as soon as they arrive at school. Thank you. Heather Botting Lifestyle Photos Reminder: Jacqui will be here tomorrow Thursday 22nd 9am. Any queries phone Leanne Weaver 230 4299. Book Fair: Thank you to everybody who supported the Book Fair last week. Also special thanks to those that helped out during the week and to the teachers and staff for moving out of the staffroom so we could display all the books to you. Total books sold was $3,522.99, this has given the library and literacy circle $1,056.90 worth of new books. Some of the orders are in the office ready for collection (parent collection orders behind the counter) and the remaining orders will hopefully be filled by the end of the week. The prize draw has been done so some of you will notice an extra book or pencil in your order. Thanks again, Sheena Smith.

School News:
Builders are on the move..... Room 7 is now moving to the staffroom on Friday afternoon - very exciting news! Un-Assembly Parents welcome to come and see what is happening in the classrooms from 2.15pm. Website: Check out our school newsletter in colour at:

Gladstone Tyres & Mags: Get the school rewarded - $5 back to the school on every tyre purchase - drop a copy of your invoice into the school Invercargill Kennington Pony Club: The new season starts next week, and we would love to share our pony club with pony mad kids! Our rallies are held on Tuesdays at 6:30pm where riders get instruction on all sorts of horsemanship skills. You are always welcome to attend one of our rallies to see what Pony Club is all about. For more information phone Paula Bell 230 4889, or Nan Sinclair 230 4141, or you can visit our website invercargillpc

Sports Results:
Hockey MB Champs v Otatara Fabtails Won 4-1 POD Olivia Horton, Olivia Cooper, Iazak kahukura, Ethan Tuffley

Out of School Sports:

Good Luck to... Kees Herrick who travels away with the Southland Water Polo U12 Team to Auckland this weekend for the Olympic Hopefuls Tournanment

DAVID WHITE BUILDING Experienced Qualied Builder of: New Homes Residential Extensions and Renovations Farm Sheds etc... Phone 0274351490 or A/H 2304984

Cristy Henderson, our Financial Officer, who helps keep our office running smoothly. Thank you Cristy!

Week 8 Term 3
Room 1are exploring different painting techniques this week. We have started learning about fractions - ask me what I know about halves and quarters! This Friday is Miss MacBeth's last day with Room 1. We have had a great time learning with her and wish her all the best for her up and coming graduation. Certificates: Ethan Gray for making great connections in his reading and Addisyn Marshall for reading with expression. Room 2 Wow! We love our new improved classroom! It's lovely learning in such a bright, warm, welcoming space. "I like the cupboard" said Ethan. "I like the heater and the coloured walls" said Lachie. "I like the light green and the blue" said Ava. "I like everything!" said Magnus. A very big thank you to all the children, parents and staff who helped us with our big move. We are ready to build our collection of 'making' things again, so any boxes and interesting crafty objects are welcome. A big welcome to Scott Hoffman and his family to our class. Room 3 are all really enjoying our new learning environment. Everything seems so fresh and new. The colours really look great and the children are delighted with it. If you have a chance come in and see it. You may want to combine a look around with our Friday un-assembly. Isaiah My favourite thing is the heat pump Grace I really like the red paintwork Room 4 A big thank you to the staff, children and parents who were able to help us shift into the Activity Centre. You did a great job and because of your hard work we were set up quickly. This week we are filming ready for our School Wow Night. Also the children are filming themselves using puppets to retell the story of The Three Little Pigs. We are publishing our narratives into picture books. Have a great week. Evelyn Room 5 This week in Room 5 we are... ~ Enjoying sharing the activity centre with Room 4. ~ Writing explanations about our science experiments and hope to add these to the imovies we are making. ~ Learning hockey skills in our Hit 'n' It programme. ~ Keeping up our amazing reading effort and filling in our reading logs. Thomas - Miniball started this week: I scored three baskets which is 6 points. It was quite hard to shoot but I am proud of myself because I had a good game. Emma - It was hard to know what was going on at first but then I figured out the rules. Hockey Final for the Myross Bush Champs. Good Luck guys and a huge thank you to Mrs Horton for coaching. Have a great week:Room 6 are busy trying to get our imovie done for the WOW night. There are heaps of great ideas flying around for how we can make it spectacular. We are going to come dressed in All Black gear on Friday in anticipation of the All Blacks V France game on Saturday. We will be sharing some of our Poems and singing a rugby song for you as well. You are welcome to join us from 2:25pm on Friday. Room 7 Aisling, Bethany and Sarah. We have learnt the scientific process in class and used it to create our own experiment. We are now working on our explanation of the experiment and our findings. Once that is finished we are making an imovie to present all our work at the "Wow Night"... we can't wait to share it! We would love to see parents this Friday for inclass assembly...make sure you bring your gym shoes!!! Room 8 Ruby B - For art at the moment we're working on using our science knowledge of liquids, solids and gas. We have to draw a picture that has liquids in the sea, gas things in the sky and solid things on the ground. We're learning about layering things on a page. Bruce - We're working on finishing our science experiments. We're learning about gloop and how it's a solid and a liquid at the same time depending on the pressure. It's pretty exciting cause I didn't know that about gloop.

from the classroom

21st (Wed) Tonight! Friends of the School Meeting 7.30pm

5th (Wed) Myross Bush WOW night at Civic Theatre

7th (Mon) Pet Day

Updated 21st September 2011

Have your say about how the FOS can support the BOT with the classroom and library redevelopment.

22nd (Thurs) Lifestyle Portraits 9am

7th (Fri) End of Term 3

22nd-25th (Tues - Fri) Year 6 Camp

24th (Mon) Labour Day (no school) 25th (Tues) Term 4 begins

19th (Mon) End of Term 4

27th (Thurs) Class Photos


2012 Term Dates

Term 1 Wednesday 1 February to Thursday 5th April (Easter) Term 2 23 April to 29th June Term 3 16 July to 28 September Term 4 15 October to 17th December

Friend s meetin of the Schoo g tonig l ht Lifesty le tomorr portraits ow fro m 9am.

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