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Teaching Skills:
1. Think about the purpose of this program. (To help improve their English Speaking Skills)
2. Study each Question Type well.
3. Know your student’s ability and skill.
4. Think of interesting points to give them and help them improve.
5. Make sure you correct their pronunciation/intonation/accent and grammar.
6. As a teacher it is very important to speak well; so you will be credible in the eyes of your student.

Lesson Plan

LEVEL: Book One

Question Type: Read a text aloud
: UNIT 1 -Fantastic Vacation


-Ask a couple of Warm Up questions about the topic.


-Briefly ask a question about the picture.

-Talk about the purpose of the text. (Passage)
-Let them read the passage.
-Make some corrections and show them how certain words are pronounced.
-Towards the end of the class make sure you check the model response in Response Focus with your
student; so you can show your student how the passage is supposed to be read.


-Let your student make some sentences using the key words/phrases that are printed in blue.
-If needed, define words/phrases.
-Do a dialogue with your student and let them fill in the blanks.

-Give their home work.
-Commend your student.


-Ask a couple of Warm Up questions about the topic.


-Let the student read the passage.

-briefly explain what the ‘markers’ mean. (check: slight pause, a slash: full pause, a dot: word stress, a
highlighted word: Korean’s common error)
-ask extension questions that are related to the topic. (ex: When you travel, what are some of your favorite
Hotel services?)

-This is a review for the Mini Test. (make sure that your student understands this part)
-Let the student read the words from the box
-correct the student and make sure you are pronouncing it clearly.
-go through the dialogue with your student.


-Make sure you make the instructions clear.

-Don’t forget to time your student.
-Remember the evaluation criteria: Pronunciation/Intonation/Stress
-If the student is having a hard time, let them read it one sentence at a time.
-Review your student’s response.
-make some corrections
-Ask some extension questions before ending the class.

-Give their home work.
-Commend your student.


The question type for the day is DESCRIBE A PICTURE. Keep in mind that the purpose of this
question type is to develop the student's pronunciation. intonation, grammar, vocabulary, to make
them create coherent sentences.

When you’re teaching the second question type, try to motivate your students by allowing them to
think on their own. Give them so suggestions if you see that they are having a hard time.

Think about the Mini Test because this is very important for your students to do well in. If you need
to give an example before the Mini Test use the one on Response Focus as a model response or simply
create your own sentences to help motivate your students.


Book: 1
Topic: Unit 3 Honeymoon Hotspots
Question Type: Respond to Questions
Objective: Pronunciation/Grammar/Relevance of Content/ Completeness of Content

1. Make sure you are prepared to rephrase the questions that are provided.
2. They can use the answers provided or they can answer on their own.
3. Make sure before the class that you've already read through the model
Response in Response focus.
4. If you need to give an example of an answer to the questions you've asked
make sure you keep it simple or use the answers in Response Focus.
5. Let the student come up with their own sentences using the expressions.
6. Never forget to correct them.
7. Make sure you give clear instructions for the Mini Test.
8. There are three response times. It means that each given time is
for a corresponding question.

Book: 1
Topic: Aloha Hawaii
Question Type: Respond to questions using information provided
Objective: Pronunciation/Grammar/Accent/Coherent Sentences

1. If necessary repeat the question..
2. You may let the student read the material out loud.
3. Refer to the model response in Response Focus.
4. Try to ask other questions besides from the questions provided.
5. Integrate the topic with some free talking so the student won't get bored.
6. Listen to what they say. (Answers)
7. Make sure you correct their pronunciation/intonation/accent.
8. Help them create complete and coherent sentences.
9. Give them a few pointers on how to make longer sentences.
10. Remind them to listen to key words so they can answer the questions well.


Book: 1
Topic: Poor Service
Question Type: Propose a Solution
Objective: Pronunciation/Grammar/Accent/Coherent Sentences

1. It would be best to start of with a good warm up question that is related to your topic for the day.
2. Give short simple instructions before doing the exercise in IN FOCUS.
3. Make sure that you've practiced reading the passage out loud.
4. Do not read the passage to slow as this will affect how you are suppose to deliver the text.
5. Make sure that before you conduct the class; that you've read the model response in RESPONSE
6. Check if the student was able to understand the words in EXPRESSION FOCUS.
7. You can also let them create their own sentences using the words printed in blue.
8. When you do the dialogue there is no need for you to switch roles with the student.
9. Once you've let the student read the model response in RESPONSE FOCUS make sure that you
correct their intonation and pronunciation.
10. You can also ask your student to come up with other types of solutions.
11. If the activity in IN FOCUS is about grammar, make sure that you can give more examples and
come up with situations where your students can make their own sentences using the given words.
12. Make sure that you time your student according to the time given to them for the MINI TEST. It
is very important to give them clear instructions and correct them after the test.