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MINING Now for the Bird Men Who Ate the Rewards of a Temporary Stage of Commercialism






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HY It doesnt seem more than a week ago since the Wrights were guarding I their workshop like a diamond laboratory and every one else in the name was either sealing up keyholes or trySo And now look at them ink to peek through spoke n man In the stands at the recent Boston aviatlon meeting as he stood staring up at the triumphof the event when Messrs Walter L Brooklns Itnlpli Johnstone Claude GrahameWhitc and C F Wlllard wore sailing the air above the field In open exhibition The man in the stands like the man In the street Is apt to voice the prevailing note He may not be an expert but he kivxv the trend of the moment and the lesson of the hour And In this Instance he pointed our crudely enough the new and significant stage In the development of the aeroplane The masters of the craft have abandoned tempos rarlly the secret laboratory method In their work Their machines are appearing dally under the guidance of their pupils at public gatherings meets fairs and celebrations In all parts of the country They are no longer preparing models under lock and key and stealing away to make flights by night but they aro coming Into the open and Inviting the man In llin stands and every one else to step up and watch their Inventions Moreover they have abandoned the keen iace for records the breathless straining aftor fresh achievements that formed their chief Interest a few years ago Instead they are resting on their laurels and satisfying public curiosity Aviation so far as It means a nerve racking strug




but to mix the figure effectively they arc taking time by the forelock Incidental to this phase bf the situation aviation the man in the stands might have renutr Iced another decided change It was significant nt the Boston meet as at other recent meets that of all the com julitors on the ground with the single exception of Mr Glenn Cm tiss not one was flying a machine dc signed by himself or staling the reverse none of the oifcrinnl Inventors whose names lire associated withn distinct type of machine was present except Mr Mr Wilbur Wright was a passenger In one CurtIss of his machines In the booth dropping contests but beyond lint was content to have members of his staff handle the Wright biplanes These facts signalized n tendency which Is becomIng more apparent anion the pioneers of flying The masters themselves are letiring from active conipoll Mr Curtlss a few days ago emthin and exhibition phasized his intention abandoning public flight very soon The Wrights no longer engage personal i

J Armstrong DrexeL

Ralph Johnstone

Louis BIcnot
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the ronlrol and manipulation of his aeroplane Every tlmo there Is an accident or a breakdown tb cause Is carefully sought nnd an attempt made to

correct the fault

Wilbur Wright


J B Moisant
fIe for new flying murks tense competition among bird men for premier honors of the air and coubUint

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study of uew deslgus has come to n halt for tin time being Jf there Is one apparent feature of prcfc out general conditions In the science It Is thin the contest for supremacy among American and foreign t I JI designers has paused tad time lntorsal ate grasping ruttier at tangible returns in money than at further Henry Wcymann t fame In higher altitudes longer journeys and faster flights Aviation so fiir as it moans public familiarization with the possibilities of the aeroplane is enjoying Its harvest moon Flying is at its hour of novelty and prosperity Its exponents are seizing the oppor tunity at the full The time Is ripo for the reaping i of rewards and they are garnering the wealth that nIII carry them on in future important and serious insistently that it be allowed a chance to see the work strange machines Itself The aviators are quite con We can scarcely bo blamed said one of the tent to humor it veteran aviators recently In explanation I have been urged If we turn repeatedly to prepare a mn aside from puzzling over theories and models to hone chine especially for a try at the speed mark said lit b a fleeting stage of commercialism We hove the same aviator who did not care to lime his name pent hundreds of thousands of dollar In evporim used but why should I There Is no peuslpn fund tatlun We shall spend many more hundreds of for Impoverished air pilots that I ever heard of thou sands In the meantime we nre Improving public Within the lust year or eo we have hud our first re- Interest to replenish our purses My machine will fly and my pupils can bo turns well paid for flying 1L That is what attracts me at The Financial View present This is tho explanation of tho phenomenon ob After the present crazo over the aeroplane has ex served by the man lu the stands The practical aero pcuded Itself us it must after the edge hus bUD piano has materialized from a dr uni to a tact The taken off public curiosity and an exhibition a meetearly strivings after startling results when each week ing ceases to be the drawing card It la of now why brought forth Its astonishing advance have passed very well I shall be glad then to go jack to my workMan has flown across the Channel across the Alp bench and my models 1 shall be keen to construct from London to Paris from Albany to New York u machine designed to capture the speed record And The future can hold nothing Unit will seem as mar I shall be the keener mark this point because I wall vellous In comparison with the past as did these have the money to proceed with 11 within seven seats of the first flftynlno feats Nearly all the flying men look upon it M I do second flight by Wilbur Wright The public Is satiated with They hare not gone money mud they have not alwonders crammed with records and It demands most lowed a noble craft to full foul of 1 hunger for riches



curious and generous public provides them with the wherewithal nail the leisure Meanwhile tutee is one man who sloes not seem to have been able to dip hid hands Into the golden flood Aviation meetings have been a vast success from the standpoint of the spectators and flyers but the promoter who usually looks out for a fat slice of the profits has been sadly out of pocket Up to the present time It Is said not one such meeting has returned anything to those who bucked It and = r l1 tJ l 4J Ii In iliUM instances there has boon a loss Figures of Orville Wright Glenn H Curtiss the amounts lost at some recent aviation events area < follows Copy iEht by New York Herald Co Lanark 40000 y Bournemouth 00000 4 J Blackpool Arch Hoxscy 73000 Kaolins 100000 Nice in competitive and demonstrative flying Abroad the Comte Jacques de Lesseps Mr J Armstrong 110000 Drexe l Boston 20000 same holds true ol Mons Hlerlot and of Mr Furman anti Mons Iaulhun mire piominent exponents of tin The promoters plaint upon this state of affairs Tin1 actual manipulation of machines at meetings Bleilot type of monoplone as are also Messieurs Al conies back upon the aviator The bird mum In playing nowadays K being mostly carried on by a younger set red Le Blanc J B Molsant and Emllo Aiibrum up to the top of the market Lie knows that the public who are followers and pupils of the original experts Messrs Clifford B Harmon and Ilonry Weymann art wants to see him perform is ckimoiiiig for an exhibition and bo promptly skies his price The returns for Instead of by time men who have boino such n close pupils of the Farman school as was Mr Orahamo those who able elation to the that tentative steps In aviation The White who has also learned to use a Bidriot machine are oiioi are and to make practical flights nowadays the promoter has to stand the strain uious designer arc leaving the greater risks to others and What the promoter has so far apparently failed to ate ruining their attention to construction raid iustiue observe is that the publics curiosity Is quickly satis fled Counting upon the wide advertising that flying tlon has had and the generally keen interest aroused he has L Their Harvest Moon planmd for long en0iigemunts Tho result too often This condition runs parallel with the present proshas been that during the last days of a meeting ho has been confronted with stands of empty seats The puln perity enjoyed bv aviators There Is no reason for the lie saw the uxlators fly ouco and did not care to see Inventors to go aloft when they have pupils who can them again Tho Boston event was a success during Its first week but when the promoters extended the time and with It their expenses they suffered u Joss To the successful flying man who Is out with n sickle uuder this smiling harvest moon the prizes offered at meetings mire no longer enough of an attraction Many prominent aviators awake to their chances will not take part without u guarantee mind a heavy one They say that tho Inducement Is not great enough what with the risk of losing races nnd contests The point to their expunges the corps of akllled mechanicians Some of these gentlemen approach flylnc In the they must curry around with them the transportation spirit of time amateur and others are exhibiting on end cure of their machines And they will very often turn their backs upon the prizes Jaor of u their own account Still others are directly con fair or an exhibition whereoffered servicesIn are certain their fleeted with the stills of their Instructors n large sum for the single engagement These to bring manage the machines for them It is well that they last are supplied with machines with The fairs are the best customer thu which they have in this time of qulclc business and rich returns 1111 refrain from continual flights for the science could ill engagements at exhibitions timid meetings At At a fair the cost of an aviator for a few days can spare one of Us pioneers A representative displays present their time Is fully occupied No Important be counted In deflnitely as and of the the machine sometimes on a percentage basis with the State or county fair Is considered complete without the managers may be sure partdrawing outlay Inof greatly designer and both profit by the public thirst for nov a real sure enough bird man as tho big Tills fall several avlutora Imvo attraction creased uttundanccs city Meanwhile time master is free to Impart his Balloons parachute jumpers and horse races are been getting 10000 or SlOOO for exhibitions About the country It Is predicted that for tho next year hardly gained wisdom and experience to those who worn threadbare Calls are made constantly upon or two until tho public Is familiar with acropliaes must bo lookedto for the futuro to build machines and the master aviators for tho services of In action or until the number of professionals ls demonutin to improve his type tors The bookings already made extend a your or greatly Increased tIle rewards will continue to ba Thus it comes about that tho competitors and demmore ahead A staff pupil Is assigned to Oil a list cry temptingSo It Is that the man who compiles those ubiquitous onstrators of the day are chiefly graduates of the of engagements like any other performer little hooks for the waistcoat pocket containing stavarious schools founded by the pioneers using the It Is pointed out by aviators that the existing period tistics on everything under the sun and u lot hetype of machine to which they have been trained of comuierxIallswitlon necessarily temporary Is not nldftfl Is now sitting with his pencil Idly hacked behind lily our so tar as the subject of aviation Is conThe WilgbU fur Instance have snHi pupils as without Its value In time progress of the aeroplane cerned Worlds champions In Vying no looker sucMessrs Walter L Brookitis Ralph lolmstoue Arch While the stress of competition has slackened the ceed one with tbe rapidity of clay rublrits on Iloxsey and A L1Pclsh best known pupils of great number of flights being made and the manu- a shootinganother A record runs go by the boanH Tie range Mr Curtiss Include Messrs Charles Foster Wlllnrd facture of machines demanded for exhibitors all here and there Bnt the ablators are no longer par I ugeue Ely J C MeCurdy Augustus Post timid J 0 What contribute to the data of the science and the knowl- suing marks with the fervor of former days of the touches them nearly In the garnering Mars Monn HlCrlot has a great number of pupils edge of Itrt followers Kvery time If flying man Hlicnves againstmost duty when means will be neeueuj the somo of whom have In turn pupils of their own makes an ascent he learns something more about to roBumc ictlv d vejojimejit <

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Flying for Money that although the musters are no longer flitted against One another for records they are steadily studying and improving the existing types building up from the experience of their pupils The
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