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Clasa a VII-a A, L1

3.1. S Competente extrag specifice informatii Teme/ generale si Continuturi/ specifice Concepte-cheie/ dintr-un Unitati tematice text citit n gnd Copilul si lumea inconjurtoare: corespondent, activitti pentru timpul liber. Verbul: Past Simple (regular and irregular verbs) Past Continuous Structuri interrogative: Wh-questions Adjectivul Sinonime n context Total

3.2. S transfere 3.3 S informatiile deduc dintr-un sensul text citit cuvintelor inserndu-le necunoscute ntr-un din context tabel/ diagram

4.1. S scrie relatri simple ale unor evenimente trecute si experiente personale



20 10 30 10 20 30


29th September,2011


A. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of Present Simple or Present Continuous: Juan usually1) ___________(stay) in his house during the Tomatina but today he2) ____________(be) at a friends house. Usually they3) ____________(play) computer games but4) ___________________(not do) that today. Today they5) ________________(go) to the tomato fight. Juans friend, Davis, usually wears smart trousers but today he 6)______________(wear) very old jeans. He7) _____________(know) hes going to be covered in tomato juice! Every year, tourists 8) ___________(come) to Bunol to watch the Tomatina. This week thousands of tourists9)__________________(book) rooms in hotels in Bunol. When the clock strikes twelve, the tomato fight 10)_________________(begin) (10x1p=10p)

B. Put the verbs in brackets into the correct form of Past Simple or Past Continuous: I 1)___________________(have) my supper when the hurricane2)_________________(start). A little later I 3)________________(watch) TV when I 4)___________________(hear) a lous crash. The garage had collapsed on top of my lovely car! I5)___________________(explain) this to the car mechanic when suddenly my garden wall6)________________(fall) over. The next day I 8)________________(talk) to my friend on the phone when the telephone line 9)__________________(snap) in half. The following night I 10)___________________(try) to sleep when five windows smashed to the ground. (10x2p=20p)

C. Ask questions to which the words underlined are the answers: 1)Doris Alder is 2)Peters neighbour. She lives 3)in the house which is opposite his. She is 4)67 years old. Her favourite hobbies are 5)knitting and swimming. She goes swimming 6)twice a week. Every Saturday morning,

they 7)go shopping together.8)Yesterday, they met an interesting man 9)at the market.They both admire him 10)because he is an active person.

1. ___________________________________________________________ 2. ___________________________________________________________ 3. ___________________________________________________________ 4. ___________________________________________________________ 5. ___________________________________________________________ 6. ___________________________________________________________ 7. ___________________________________________________________ 8.____________________________________________________________ 9. ____________________________________________________________ 10. ____________________________________________________________ (10x2p=20p)

D. Underline the correct adjective: a. The streets in Los Angeles are very crowded/heavy. b. Big cities are often quiet/noisy and polluted. c. The street was too narrow/wide. Tom couldnt drive his new jeep along it. d. He couldnt buy the shoes because they were too expensive/cheap. e. Hes a very clever/silly child. He knows all the answers. f. Dont go near the river, its very safe / dangerous! g. That is a(n) difficult/easy question. I cant answer it. h. It was a boiling cold/hot day, so we went to the beach. i. He wasnt scared when the fire started. He was very brave/blind. j. I like my teacher. Her lessons are very interesting / dull. (10x1p=10p)

E. Write a letter to a friend of yours telling him/her about your summer holiday. You should include information about the places you visited, the weather, the activities, the location, food and people you met. Do not use more than 100 words. Start and end your letter in an appropriate way.

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