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Rohit Kumra

Student, Bachelor of Engineering Department of Information Technology Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering), +91-9718388332 , 011-26684657 _____________________________________________________________________

Educational Background
Pursuing Bachelor of Engineering Year of Graduation: 2012
Department of Information Technology, Delhi Technological University (Formerly Delhi College of Engineering), Delhi Relevant Coursework completed: Introduction to Programming, Data Structures and Discrete Structures. Relevant Coursework Pursuing :Computer System Architecture, System Analysis And Design and Operating Systems. Score Card : First Semester 80.5% Second Semester 85.6% Currently have the Best Academic Record in the department. Senior Secondary Examination for Class XII, Central Board of Secondary Examination (CBSE) Percentage Secured: Physics 95% Chemistry 98% Maths 90% Computers 96% English 92% Secondary Examination for Class X, Central Board of Secondary Examination Percentage Secured : English 90% Maths 99% Science 98% Social Sciences 90% Hindi 92%

Currently working as a member of DTU-AUV team From August 2009 Objective: To build an AUV(Autonomous Underwater Vehicle) that can navigate under water and has been designed using the latest technologies in mechanical and electronic instrumentation with cutting edge software developed from the ground up. This project showcases the viability of this kind of robot not only as a research test bed, but also as a useful platform for shallow water applications. My Role: Control Systems--> To control the robot movements under water by writing codes in LABVIEW. The team website is hosted at . Hospital Management System August 2007 to January 2008 Objective: To enable various Hospitals in the country to handle their records and carry out dayto-day activities efficiently. The software is aimed at building a hospital management system capable of managing a database of patients with all the information of the patients and other

details. Technologies Used: The software is designed using C++. Concepts of Object Oriented Programming (OOP) and file handling were implemented. Troika'10:: BITS - On the spot Programming event February 2010 Objective: I was a member of the organizing team for BITS'10- on the spot programming event under Troika 10, the annual technical festival of DCE. The Event consists of two rounds : first one was the prelims round based on technical and logical IQ based questions ; and second round was programming in C/C++ consisting of nine questions of mathematical and logical applications under the theme Apocalypse.

Qualified National Level Science Talent Search Examination(NSTSE)-2008 with an all India rank-261. Organised BITS: On the spot Programming Challenge under Troika10, the annual Technical festival of DCE. Organised Code IT, the Programming Contest under IEEE Thursdays09 conducted on the college campus. Won the Robo-Carrom Competition held under Armageddon 2008. Organised Armageddon 2008 and Renaissance 2009 in the college campus under IET (Institution of Engineering and Technology). Won Special Awards in school life like: Bestowed the award -School Color 2007-2008. Won Bronze Medal in Manav Sthali Maths Talent Search 2008. Excellence in Academics 2007-2008.. Excellence in Academics 2006-2007. Excellence in Academics 2005-2006. G.T. Ram award for outstanding performance.

Skills and Objectives

Operating System : Windows. Programming Languages : C, C++, .NET , LABVIEW. Softwares : NI-Labview, Microsoft Visual Studio, Adobe Photoshop. Hobbies : Playing Cricket, Listening to music and solving logical questions. Carrier Objective : To apply the gained knowledge in real life applications to help mankind grow faster.

References available on request.