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aptitude 0.6.3 Modo de uso: aptitude [-S nombre_fichero] [-u -i] aptitude [opciones] <accin> ...

Acciones (si no se especifica ninguna, aptitude entrar en modo interactivo): install remove purge hold unhold markauto unmarkauto forbid-version . update safe-upgrade full-upgrade build-dep forget-new search show clean autoclean changelog download reinstall why quete why-not Download lists of new/upgradable packages. Perform a safe upgrade. Perform an upgrade, possibly installing and removing packages. Install the build-dependencies of packages. Forget what packages are "new". Search for a package by name and/or expression. Display detailed information about a package. Erase downloaded package files. Erase old downloaded package files. View a package's changelog. Download the .deb file for a package. Download and (possibly) reinstall a currently installed package. - Muestra los paquetes manualmente instalados que necesitan un pa o por qu uno de los paquetes necesita un paquete concreto. - Show the manually installed packages that lead to a conflict with the given package, or why one or more packages would lead to a conflict with the given package if installed. This help text. No use la interfaz GTK aunque este disponible. Simula las acciones, pero en realidad no las realiza. Slo descarga paquetes, no instala o desinstala nada. Always prompt for confirmation or actions. Assume that the answer to simple yes/no questions is 'yes'. Specify a format for displaying search results; see the manual. Specify how search results should be sorted; see the manual. Specify the display width for formatting search results. Trata de arreglar paquetes rotos de forma agresiva. Muestra la versin de los paquetes a instalar. Muestra las dependencias de los paquetes cambiados automticamente Install/upgrade packages. Remove packages. Remove packages and their configuration files. Place packages on hold. Cancel a hold command for a package. Mark packages as having been automatically installed. Mark packages as having been manually installed. - prohbe a aptitude actualizar a una versin especfica de un paquete

Opciones: -h --no-gui -s -d -P -y -F format -O order -w width -f -V -D . -Z -v -t [release] -q

Muestra el cambio del tamao instalado de cada paquete. Display extra information. (may be supplied multiple times). Set the release from which packages should be installed. In command-line mode, suppress the incremental progress. indicators. -o key=val Directly set the configuration option named 'key'. --with(out)-recommends Specify whether or not to treat recommends as. strong dependencies. -S fnombre: lee la informacin de estado extendida de aptitude de fnombre. -u : Descarga una nueva lista de paquetes al arrancar. (terminal interface only)-i : Realiza una instalacin al a rrancar.

(terminal interface only) Este aptitude no tiene poderes de Super Vaca.