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Gemstone therapy in Indian astrology

We have all seen the old time emperors and Kings of all countries wearing Gem studded crowns and gem studded sword etc. The queens and ladies of wealth used to wear all kinds of Ornaments studded with precious gems. It was believed that Gems had healing powers and also the power to enhance the fortune of the individual who wears them.

History of the some of the famous Gems of the world is very interesting. Take the case of Kohinoor the most famous diamond of its time. It was found in the mines of Golconda near Hyderabad in Deccan India. When Mughals captured the Deccan sultanates they took away the gem with them to Delhi. The gem was in the crown of Mughals emperors till shah alam II. Nadirsha the Persian Turk invaded India and took away the Kohinoor. After some time it is traced o the hands of King Ranjit singh of Punjab. The English took away the Gem to England after exchanging the same for some royalties to Ranjit singh. It was cut again and fitted into the crown of the English Monarch and now lies in the royal museum in London.

Vedic astrology has attributed colors to the planets and to the precious gems. Sun is Reddish yellow hence his gem is Ruby, Moon is watery and white. Pearl which comes from ocean is the gem of Moon. Mars is the red Planet hence Red coral becomes his Gem. Mercury is Green and Emerald is his Gem. Jupiter is gold in color hence Yellow sapphire is his gem. Saturn is Blue black in color hence Blue sapphire becomes his gem. Raahu is of dung colored so Hessonite (Gomed) is his gem Ketu is grey in color hence Cats-eye is his gem. Venus is White and shiny hence Diamond is her Gem

When these planets are weak in a horoscope they become functional malefic and the appropriate gem is prescribed by the astrologer. Besides Lucky gems are prescribed for each Moon sign. Eg Aries & Scorpio Coral, Taurus & Libra- Diamond, Gemini and Virgo – emerald, Cancer –Pearl, Leo Ruby, Sagittarius and Pisces –Yellow sapphire, Capricorn and Aquarius- Blue sapphire.

The fingers of a hand are also classified according to gem. Index finger for Jupiter, Middle finger for Saturn and Raahu, Ring finger for Ruby and coral, Small finger for Emerald , Pearl and Cats-eye.

Similarly gems to be worn for the first time on appropriate days in the first hour after sun rise. Ruby on Sunday, pearl on Monday, Coral and cats eye on Tuesdays, Emerald on Wednesday, Yellow sapphire on Thursdays, Blue sapphire and hessonite on Saturday.

There is huge literature in Vedic astrology about the various gems which are found in the mountains mines and ocean beds. There was a separate clan in North India who were known as “Ratna Parkhi”. They were exclusively for testing gems for authenticity and quality certification.

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