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Ascension-Fall Equinox and Hope For Palestine In my last post I mentioned that the timeline for the newly

ascended earth was now fixed and it had ascended into the fourth density taking all life forms with it. Not only had fourth density been achieved but the ongoing wave was now descending into third density. These events need some clarification.

But first a little clarification on these posts. I dont channel information. I perceive it directly and I might make mistakes interpreting what I perceive but that is on me and not on the information itself. The information is often imagery that is highly symbolic and dynamic, meaning that things happen as I watch them. When the new earth ascended into fourth density it was a glorious vision but the regions of the mid east were black and covered like a wound or scab. As this timeline emerged there did not seem to be any hope of averting an Arab-Israeli war. Regardless, this timeline was the one that offered the most success for all other living beings on our planet and it was the one chosen. Other timelines were frozen and then destroyed until only this one remained. The blackened patch where the middle east was still remained and as Palestine prepared for its request to join the United Nations there seemed no hope in the etheric levels of averting a war, albeit a limited war.

As events have unfolded and heated up this week (it now being the evening of Sept 21,2011) a miraculous thing happened in this blackened area. New lines began to form and the leaders of the PLO and Israel appeared to receive divine help from Source. Where the black used to be there are now two extremely bright lights or stars which belong to these two powerful individuals. There were images of them shaking hands and embracing each other like two long lost brothers, which indeed they are. This evening a new timeline within that part of the world has begun to form. The timeline involving the rest of the world remains unchanging as it is as perfect as it can be right now.

How is it possible that these two individuals can alter this timeline or create a new one? Properly understood, the events of the coming year are permanently placed within the akashic records by the fall equinox of each year. Those events then play themselves out over the course of the coming year. There is often a surge of activity near the fall equinox as events are desperately given energy in an attempt to include them for manifestation during the coming year.

That the earth ascended into fourth density before the fall equinox means that those events will be acted out in what we perceive as third density or our normal world during this coming year. In the meantime the fourth density wave crashed into third density, second or cellular density and finally just a couple days ago into first density to reach its completion. What this means is the coming year is going to be a very wild ride as things we currently view as a timeline unfold as physical reality. Everything will be finished by this time next year. I dont mean by Dec 21, 2012, I mean by the fall equinox.

In any case it now appears as if there will be a peaceful solution to the Palestine Statehood issue that will take up much of the coming year. This is not something that will be decided in a week or two but it will happen without the war. These two individuals have accomplished a seeming miracle on the etheric even if it has not unfolded into physical reality yet! Both of these men are powerful spiritual leaders!

What about us? What will the coming year be like for those of us experiencing it in the present moment/newly created third density?

Newly created third density reality is now in the process of crowding out old third density reality as it follows the new fourth density blueprint. Patches of the old still remain but they are fragmenting and those still attached to the old ways will find their world descending into chaos. Specifically, individuals will be frozen into life situations of their own creation and there will appear to be no way out. Those that have ascended will use their new awareness to navigate the new waters and discover those hidden opportunities that they have already created for themselves.

This might sound confusing but what I mean is that as of the fall equinox all timelines for the coming year are frozen. If solutions have not been created in advance, none will be found. Those already created will be found.

For others community is the best option for assistance. Remember that the entire process of recreating a new earth is a community project that we are all participating in. The new earth is the collective dream of all those life forms that live on her. As we join and cooperate with this new collective dream our lives will become better. The time of the solitary path has ended.