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Facebook, according to Wikipedia, has over 750 million active users. It is a very powerful marketing tool. However, most people that try to market using this platform fail miserably and end up spamming their friends, loved ones and the general community. has released a positive, value-driven and value-building guide on properly marketing on Facebook. Bellevue, WA, September 21, 2011 --( The mainstream media has been quite excited about Facebook for a long time. Who would not be? Its 750 million plus and growing user population is no joke. This is a marketing behemoth and with that said, for people who have been marketing on Facebook, many of them have been using this format improperly. "Some are so abusive that it is beginning to turn Facebook into a toxic stew of spam, scams and garbage," according to Thompson. Facebook marketing abuse "There are more than a few cases of phishing schemes, identity theft and all sorts of shady activities perpetrated through Facebook. To top it all off, it has become a haven of selling bogus and dubious products like fake diplomas, fake watches, fake supplements and all sorts of other products of little to no value," said Thompson. Regardless of its abuse, there is a way of marketing on Facebook that both preserves the community-building power of this social networking platform and also aims to benefit both the people being marketed to and the marketer. How to produce a win-win marketing situation A win-win situation is possible on Facebook. Towards this end,, the internet's leading authority on consumer and software resources and references, has released a free no-nonsense Facebook Marketing Guide. "Facebook gets its power from personal influence--one friend making a recommendation to another friend. That is the backbone of Facebook," said Oliver Thompson, media relations officer for This personal bond should not be destroyed and perverted by sharing worthless and low-quality content with friends and family. According to Thompson, "There is a way to not only add value to your friends and family that is on your Facebook list, but you benefit financially as well. We cover these best practices in our guide." The most basic element in producing a win-win marketing situation on Facebook is the concepts of content quality, disclosure and integrity. These elements are woven closely into's Facebook guide to help maximize your Facebook marketing success. Used correctly, Facebook not only can strengthen social bounds but it can also be an effective means of helping people help each other make a living. It can be a great way to facilitate positive exchanges of value and mutual benefit. About
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