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Prayer Groups
The charismatic renewal that started in 1967 was an answer to the prayer of Pope John XXIII at the beginning
of the IInd Vatican Council for a fresh anointment so that the church may be renewed through signs and
wonders. The charismatic renewal brought new life to the church and the effectiveness of prayer groups was
one main reason behind it. Prayer groups helped in growing the renewal at large.

Prayer group is a fellowship of people having a Christ centered life style and are growing through prayer
meetings and other ministerial activities.

The Holy Spirit guides the prayer and other ministry activities of the prayer group. Each member of the
group shall have the desire and willingness to experience and nourish the personality, presence and power of
the Holy Spirit in his own life.

A prayer group is a training ground. It helps one to experience the presence of God, praise God, reflect on
the Word of God and have fellowship. It is a nursery for the formation of a missionary who loves the church
and becomes the heart of the parish.

A prayer group shall be a fellowship rooted in love like the early Christian community.

Prayer group members

Prayer group Prayer group activities

Prayer group members: There will be 3 types of members in a prayer group

1. New members
2. Committed members
3. Ministry heads, Core group

The essentials required of the prayer group members for becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ and leading a
life led by the Holy Spirit in building the kingdom of God are given below.

 Christ centred life style  Cell group/ prayer partner

 Personal prayer  Eldering
 Word of God  Responsible living (working/ studying)
 Sacramental life  Spiritual reading
 Prayer group  Witnessing life

Prayer group activities:

One of the activities of the prayer group is to come together every week for a prayer meeting of duration of
about 1–11/2 hrs. This is only the first step. It is important to have a core team and a co-ordinator / leader
for seeking the will of God about the next step for building the group and for interceding for the members.
This core team plans the other activities and ministerial activities.

Various stages of a prayer group:

Prayer meeting (weekly 1 – 1 ½ hrs) Evangelisation training outreaches

Core team & co-ordinator/leader Equipping through Zonal/Regional/National training
Intercession ministry and Music ministry programmes
Bible study group Mission experience
Spiritual library Community
Discipleship formation groups