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DATE: 30 - 01 -2006

Attn: Mr. Willy Sveen Kristiansen.

Norwegian International Trading Organization,
Herregardsveien 6A.1168 Oslo,

Dear our valued customer,


Issued on: Monday 30th Day of January, 2006.
Guarantor: Board of Directors of the Interbank Payment Service-SPI (UK)
Beneficiary: Mr. Willy Sveen Kristiansen.
Account Credit Bond Ref Code: NNPC/PED/34216-82-2005
Transfer Product Code: OPG/00013447000MBS/110 of 17th Day of January
Total Amount Transferred: USD$36,400,000.00.
Financial Instrument: Key Tested Telegraphic Swift Transfer (K.T.T.).

This memo is intended after careful consultation, reviews and deliberation, to

conscientiously reassure and guarantee one Mr. Willy Sveen Kristiansen, lawful
beneficiary of Financial instrument Ref: OPG/00013447000MBS/110 of 17th January,
2006 valued at USD$36,400,000.00 that, upon the complete settlement of the
required 1% (USD$364,000.00) which represent the Mandatory Local Government
(CAPITAL GAINS TAX) Clearance Certificate by the London Inland Revenue Office.

In line with the standard monetary policies and regulations of all intra day settlement
of high valued payment across the border by the Financial Services Authority (UK),
funds above GBP £1,000,000.00 (One Million Great British Pounds Sterling) OR
USD/EURO equivalent leaving the UK is regarded as Capital Gains.

As referenced above and upon your fulfillment of the local Government tax clearance
certificate which must be obtained and be submitted to the external audit department
of the Financial Services Authority (UK) as a mandatory pre-requisite for the
confirmation of your funds via swift means to your nominated bank account in
Pakistan as earlier scheduled is subject to bank confirmation within (24) Twenty-Four
Banking hours.

©interbankps-2006.All other rights reserved. CODEX - GS

More so, the beneficiary is hereby further reassured that this memo serves as an
irrevocable letter of guarantee of prompt release and bank confirmation of the above
referenced Financial instrument in full and that it is written, endorsed and sealed
conscientiously, and this guarantee remains legally binding and its contents hereof,
hence any variance in attitude to the above declared should be drastically measured.

Also, any further delays or obstructions for the swift release and bank confirmation of
the above referenced Financial instrument to the benefit of the beneficiary after (24)
Twenty-Four banking hours of the settlement of the Mandatory Local Government
(CAPITAL GAINS TAX) Clearance Certificate Fees as stated above will subject this
institution to total reimbursement as desired by the beneficiary within (24) Twenty-
Four banking hours payable to the benefit of the beneficiary.

This Irrevocable letter of guarantee will be considered Null and Void upon the
confirmable of the above referenced Financial instrument in the beneficiary´s
designated bank account in Pakistan satisfactorily and in good faith and neither party
shall have no further right under this Irrevocable Letter of Guarantee thereafter.

This guarantee is issued in good faith without duress on this day as dated.


DR. CHARLES McGrath MR. Geoffrey HOWE,

Executive Director, Director.
Foreign Transfer Dept.

©interbankps-2006.All other rights reserved. CODEX - GS