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Mayor Walkup: Roy Warden. Roy Warden: Good afternoon. Roy Warden, I do live here in Tucson. You know, its really amazing, there are a lot of people out here, a lot of colorful people, got up and had some general things to say about public corruption, and how unhappy they are with city government, and so forth, how they are unhappy with some of you folks up here. Uh, everyones got an opinion. But sometime you can move away from opinion down to specifics, move away from generalities down to cold, hard facts. And when it comes to opinions, or attitudes, towards Richard Miranda over here, Deputy City Manager, its not a matter of opinion. You see: the verdict is in. The verdict was found, by, over in federal court, by I believe 8 or 9 or 10, jurors Im not sure how many sit on a federal jury. In 2006 they sat for three weeks. Everyday they listened to testimony how Richard Miranda, former Chief Smith, Assistant Chief Ochoa, lied, cheated and stole the livelihood from a Tucson citizen who had performed admirably for many years on behalf of the police department. Lied, cheated, and stealed (sic). And the jury looked at him straight in the face for three weeks, listened to his own testimony, and by the time the case was over it was kind of surprising, because, one of the important things

for lawyers is to quantify damages: how much money was actually lost. How do you quantify that: sometimes its easy, sometimes its not so easy. This case it was pretty difficult. And, so the lawyer gets up there and says, You know? I dont know what to tell you to give. Look to your heart. Look to what they did, look to the way they lied to you on the stand, look to the way they acted on behalf of, of, Gilmartin, the Plaintiff, and make your mind up. Boy, it took them less than half a day! And they came back with 2.7 million dollars, actually 2.9 million dollars: nine hundred thousand dollars owed by the City of Tucson and 2 million dollars in punitive damages owed personally by him, Smith and Ochoa. Punitive damages are not paid by municipalities, by law, they are paid by individuals. Yet, old Mikey Rankin here, went together, this lawyer of the year you guys were clapping for, four or five months ago, won an award, put together a slick little deal by which the people, the taxpayers of the City of Tucson here, paid seven hundred thousand dollars, between five hundred and seven hundred thousand dollars, of those punitive damages. Put together the deal, documents are in place, trial transcripts are over there in, actually upstairs at the Clerks Office. I read every page of it, you people should read it, its an astonishing document. Because it begs the question: When the people of Tucson speak through a verdict after listening to testimony for three weeks, and they (times up)

Mayor Walkup: Were all finished. Thank you very much (times up) Roy Warden: say hes a liar and a scumbag, how do you guys get off hiring him? Mayor Walkup: Next speaker is Robert Kleg. Roy Warden: Yeah (unintelligible comments) Councilman Kozachik: I would just like to say, while Mr. Kleg is coming up, itd sure be nice when people could come up to these microphones and start making their points without being so personally disrespectful, not only to the rest of the council members but to the City Staff. Uh, make, make your point but get off the, the personal attacks. And if you cant do that just keep your bile at home. Roy Warden: (in background) (unintelligible comments)