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PART TWO I was so energised and excited after fucking my 28-year old second cousin for the first

time that I had trouble falling asleep. My mind replayed the scene of us having sex in the backseat of his car over and over, and I had an orgasm simply from reliving it in my mind. I wanted to tip-toe to the guest bedroom where he was sleeping and get naked into bed with him and fuck him once more, but with my parents in the bedroom next to mine, I was afraid that they would discover us and unleash all sorts of hell upon Kelvin and me. Though I might have been afraid to go to his bedroom, Kelvin braved it all in coming to me. He walked so stealthily that I didnt even hear him open and close my bedroom door, and only realised he had entered my bedroom when he climbed into bed with me. I had wished it but it still came as a delightful surprise to me. We kissed each other passionately and I helped him strip me of my pyjamas. His hands savagely massaged my firm breasts, tucking, pulling and pinching my pink nipples. I had to do me level best not to moan out load with satisfaction and betray our lustful deeds. My hands stroked his limp cock feeling how it slowly throbbed to erection all because of me, and I felt so good knowing I was desired that much. We kissed each other passionately as sexual lust was building up between us all over again. Given our situation with my parents asleep in the bedroom next to mine, we were forced to make quick work of things. He got on top of me spreading my legs wide open and my hand guided his 12 inch cock into my pussy. His cock slammed hard and deep into my pussy and I immediately felt the rush of another orgasm. I fucked hard and deep back at him and turned my head to moan into my pillow. Excitement was high and he soon flooded my tight little pussy with load after load of cum, causing some cum to leak down the inside of my thighs. Once again we kissed each other and his strong hands continued to ravage my breasts. We were spent and soon I fell asleep with his strong arms wrapped around me. Sunday morning and I jumped in anxiety as I heard my parents bedroom door open since I was still under the impression that Kelvin was sleeping naked with me in my bed. I anxiously turned to wake him up and to my relief discovered he had already left. He must have left during the evening or early morning but I was too spent to have even realised it. I broke into a happy smile as I lovingly remembered how he dared it all to fuck me in my bed last night, and I felt happier than I have ever felt. As I got up out of bed the rush of air caused by my bedding brought a musky smell to my nose and I realised I reeked of sex. I felt like an honest little slut and hurriedly I opened the window hoping it will help to remove the musky smell from my bedroom. I made sure that no one saw me as I darted for the bedroom and I took a long and good shower washing the musky smell off my body. Upon finishing up in the bathroom I darted back to my bedroom and saw him sit at the dining room table along with both my parents. He was sitting facing me while my parents sat with their back towards me. I gathered from the body language of both my parents that they were totally ignorant of last nights happenings. Kelvins eyes caught my brown eyes and I happily

smiled at him feeling my nipples harden and my pussy throbbing with excitement. I blew him a couple of kisses and opened the yellow towel I had wrapped around my body for him to lust after my naked body and enjoyed my dangerous flirting with him. I could see he enjoyed my distant flirting while at the same time having to prevent my parents from realizing what I was literally doing behind their backs. After a few minutes of flirting with him from a distance, I disappeared into my bedroom and got dressed. I sprayed some extra perfume in the air to help mask the musky smell and then joined them at the dining room table. The rest of the day seemed to go by very slowly much to my frustration. I was so horny and trickled with desire to fuck him. My frustration kept growing during the entire day as we didnt have a single alone time with each other. But I was amazed at just how ingenious Kelvin was at finding and creating opportunities to give me a hug or a quick kiss on my mouth while we were going about our normal daily activities. I felt so much desired and wanted, and I fell in love with him head over heels. That evening I was the one daring it all by turning up naked with him in his bed in the guest bedroom. Our pinned up sexual desires finally got released for the day as we ended up fucking each other for at least three times before midnight. I was amazed at his stamina as he could continue to fuck me straight after stuffing my pussy with his cum, only to again cum inside me moments later. PART THREE When I woke up on Monday morning both my parents had already left for work, since neither of them was on holiday yet. I heard Kelvin in the shower and decided to join him. You are just so fucking sexy, Adri! Kelvin said impressed as he glanced at my 18-year old naked body with him in the shower. His hands massaged my breasts and I felt his cock throbbing against my thigh. As we passionately kissed each other I knew that it was going to be a day filled with sex, but I had no idea just what wonderful things exactly lay in store for me. My nipples grew harder and my pussy grew wetter with anticipation. We kissed each other passionately with his tongue teasing my tongue inside my mouth. His fingers tugged, pulled and pinched my nipples and by now my hands stroked his huge and hard penis. You must be hungry, Kelvin later said. A bit, I said and surprise at his sudden concern for my hunger took me aback. Lets get you something to eat. Do you like sweet stuff? he asked and now I was even more confused about this sudden change in thought. I love sweet stuff, I answered, following him to the kitchen.

Kelvin searched the kitchen cabinets and my mind was even more baffled than before. Ah, found it! Kelvin remarked triumphantly and I was dying to see what it was. To my surprise he brought a bottle of syrup to the fore. There was a devious twinkle in his eyes as he looked at me and commanded me to go down on me knees. I immediately complied still baffled by his actions but thinking he was going to make me suck the syrup from the bottle. His hard cock pocked me in my face and I loved the sensation of it in my face. Just how hungry are you? Could you take it all? Kelvin asked. Probably, I said and was still uncertain as to what exactly it was he meant. He flipped the cap of the syrup bottle open and I opened my mouth expecting the sticky syrup to squirt into my face, but it didnt. Instead, he graciously draped his huge hard cock with the syrup and as he did it I suddenly realized what he had in mind. My nipples hardened even more and my pussy throbbed wet with excitement. Then his one hand grabbed my blonde hair at the top of my head as he told me: Open your mouth, you fucking little bitch! I opened my mouth in great expectation taking his syrup covered cock deep down my throat and sucked the sweetness off of his cock. It was so exhilarating that one orgasm after the other relentlessly twitched and tugged at my body. Muffled moans and groans of pleasure escaped my throat as I couldnt get enough of the sweetness of his syrup covered cock into my mouth to satisfy my hunger. Thats it! Suck my cock you fucking little bitch! he said to encouraged me and it worked. I sucked his cock harder and deeper down my throat enjoying every moment of it. When I sucked the first lot of syrup off, he withdrew his cock from my mouth and graciously covered his cock in more syrup for me to enjoy. I took his syrup covered cock deeper down my throat sucking harder than before. He enjoyed it as much as he was fucking me inside my mouth. I heard him moan with satisfaction and from previous experience knew he was storming towards an explosive climax. Then he withdrew his cock from my mouth, squirting loads of warm thick cum over my face. My mouth was open but he deliberately avoided it to eject his cum over my cheeks, nose and chin. I laughed out loud with delight and excitement and had no time to recover as he once more stuffed my mouth with his thick cock. This time I enjoyed sucking him more since I also knew from experience that I would soon have a second round of the same. You like the sweetness dont you, you fucking little bitch! he said as he blobbed some more syrup over his cock. Yes, please! I said enthusiastically taking his syrup covered cock once more into my mouth.

I loved the feeling it gave me knowing that I was my second cousins fucking little slut and I sucked his cock with greater passion. For a moment I looked up into his brown eyes and saw the satisfaction written in them and I felt another orgasm trembling through my body. I knew our sexual behaviour was so terribly wrong, and yet it was so marvellously wonderful! I sucked his cock and felt him shiver with excitement as he rushed towards his second climax. It came soon and as before he withdrew his cock from my mouth, squirting jet loads of warm thick cum over my face. Did you like that, you fucking little bitch? Did you? he asked almost rhetorically but I still answered out loud in the affirmative and laughed with delight. He pulled me by my hair off the floor and dragged me to the dining room table where he draped me over the table. His feet spread my legs wide open and his huge thick cock rammed from the rear into my pussy. My back arched in excitement as he fucked me doggy-style and I knew it was going to be a long hard fuck until his next orgasm. I continued having my orgasms unabatedly and moaned and groaned with pleasure. Yes! Fuck me! Fuck me hard! I moaned as I fucked hard and deep right back at him. His hands now ravaged by firm breasts, pinching my hard nipples and making me squirm even more with sexual enjoyment. We continuously increased the tempo and intensity, and savagely fucked each other hard for more than half an hour before he reached his third orgasm. I felt his body growing stiff with excitement and his cock hammered into my pussy with greater urgency. Then he slammed his cock one final time hard and to the hilt deep into my pussy squirting bucket loads of cum inside me. My pussy tightened in excitement around his cock, encouraging him to deposit every drop of cum inside me and he did so with pleasure. For now we were spent. But this was only the first of many times we ended up fucking during the day. By the time the first of my parents arrived back home at six in the afternoon, Kelvin and I had fucked each other a further seven times. Cum was leaking freely from my pussy down my thighs and I had cum over my face and in my blonde hair. I was heartbroken to see Kelvin return to his house on Tuesday. We phoned each other every day and for the time being had phone sex with each other. My parents took delight in my regular conversations with my second cousin correctly assuming that we got to know each other better over the weekend, but of course they had no idea just how much better we got to know each other! Two months later saw Kelvins anticipated move to my town. I was so happy. We both were so happy to see each other again and we just wanted to fuck. I didnt want to leave his side and

convinced my parents to let me stay with him to help him unpack. I got my way and the rest is a story for another time!