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I am fascinated by the fallen angels and I believe that the Book of Enoch may ha ve been an authentic book that was omitted from the final version of our Bible d ue to fear and misunderstanding. Something I read about the archangel Gabriel one day on the Internet struck me. It was just a very brief line, that according to Babylonian legend, Gabriel had fallen from grace. Allegedly he had disobeyed and displeased God. I had been thinking of the fallen angels and archangel Gabriel for some time. T his legend gave me ideas and inspirations which slowly led me to certain conclus ions. These are just my beliefs, of course, but they are carefully constructed and make sense to me. First of all, I believe that "Satan" was not evil. Not fallen. Not at the time of Job, when God used him to test Job's faith and character. "Satan" could not have been evil or fallen yet, because he came before the throne of God and supp osedly had access both to Heaven and the Father. Impossible for a fallen angel, I believe. Also, as I mentioned in another essay I had written, God spoke with "Satan" not as an adversary, but as his own, using him to test man and to bring upon man unp leasant but necessary trials. Babylonian legends precede much of the Old Testament, I think, and of course the New Testament. Before the life of Jesus. These ancient cultures and myths have staying power, and very often they do so b ecause there is some element of truth contained within them. If Gabriel did indeed fall from grace, I think this may be the reason: JESUS THE CHRIST AND GABRIEL'S INVOLVEMENT/ATTACHMENT REGARDING JESUS. Gabriel had a special relationship with Our Lady - announcing the conception, co ming to Joseph in a dream, and according to some stories, appearing to comfort J esus in the Garden. If this were true, he would feel a closeness with Blessed Mother and Jesus, as t hey were part of his destiny and his mission from God. Therefore, I believe that if Gabriel fell from grace and displeased God, it was connected to Jesus in some way. I do not think Gabriel ever stopped loving Jesus - I BELIEVE THAT GABRIEL TURNED AGAINST MANKIND AND RESENTED THE SACRIFICE AND SUFFERING THAT JESUS MADE FOR TH EM. If you believe in all the visitations of Gabriel mentioned in the Old Testament - if you believe he was still in God's favor at that time - then his fall from g race must have occurred either before the death of Jesus or after. The story of Gabriel in the Garden of Gethsemene may be only a legend. But the other visitations seem to be more specific. Those of us who believe in the Bible and take it very seriously will agree that Gabriel was mentioned quite a bit and appeared a number of times, both to the Vi rgin Mary, Joseph and others - and possibly even Jesus. In any case, his connec tion with the Holy Family must have been strong.

So his fall from God's favor COULD NOT HAVE HAD ANYTHING TO DO WITH DISRESPECT O F THE HOLY FAMILY OR GOD, BUT RATHER WITH MANKIND. OR ELSE, HOW COULD GABRIEL H AVE CONTINUED TO COME TO EARTH ON MISSIONS AND VISITATIONS? He could not have fallen in Genesis or in the Old Testament, unless God chooses to forgive and sends the fallen angels "back to work" so to speak rather quickly ! I believe the Father forgives, but this scenario does not seem likely. Also, there is an interesting passage in the New Testament, I heard, when Jesus ascended into Heaven. It was then that Jesus supposedly cast "Satan" out of Hea ven for good! Now, if "Satan", the leader of the fallen, had been cast out prev iously, what was he still doing in Heaven that Jesus had to forcibly cast him ou t? This never made much sense to me - unless you consider that "Satan" was an a ngel who had been in Heaven for a long time - up until the ascension of Jesus. According to the Book of Enoch, a group of angels came to earth to watch over ma nkind and oversee our development. They began to show men and women too many things - how to make weapons, how to e nhance appearance and sexuality, how to read the stars and tell the future. The se were all sacred secrets that man was not supposed to know. According to this Book, men and women began to sin, become lustful and violent. Also, some of the fallen angels were attracted to the "daughters of men" and had relations with them, thereby creating children, known as the Nephilim. The Nephilim were called "giants" but I do not believe that is a literal term. I believe the word "giants" in this case means that mentally these children were giants. Not physically tall, but intellectually perhaps they were geniuses. O r outstanding in some way. According to another legend regarding Gabriel, he was one of the angels, still i n God's favor, who came to earth shortly after the Nephilim race began. He help ed to destroy the race through disinformation. There may have been more than one fall from grace, by more than one group of ang els. Remember, there are limitless numbers of angels. There may be as many mot ives, personalities and levels of darkness as there are angels. Hierarchies, I c all them. So you may have some fallen who are truly incorrugible, who are disru ptive and harmful. Then you may have those who are more evolved and inclined to recognize and respect the light and goodness. People think in a linear fashion. And most do not broaden their concepts about religion. But in this case it may be good to do so. The angels may have rebell ed more than once in time, and for more than one reason. And I believe one of o ur most popular archangels, Gabriel, did so as well. The angels in Heaven had a problem with humanity from the start, I am sure. At least some did. Which could explain why, in the Book of Enoch, they came to ear th. To help, to get along, to teach mankind a better way. To give men and wome n power. But this backfired and proved to be a terrible mistake that ended up b randing the angels forever. The angels inadvertently may have introduced evil i nto the world by showing man too much. And man took the proverbial ball and ran with it, never looking back. Even after the flood, evil continued. Hence the resentment could have grown beyond measure between the fallen and mank ind, of course, not between the angels of light and man. The chasm widened, the

divide deepened beyond repair. And possibly when Gabriel saw the suffering of Jesus and the ingratitude and hos tility of men, he too may have disobeyed God in some way that we do not know, ac ting against man, doing harm, perhaps. Assuring that his place in Heaven was lo st. What I also was thinking was that if Gabriel had come up initially before the fl ood against the fallen and their half-human race - this would make Gabriel an en emy of many of the early fallen angels. So you have Gabriel perhaps alienating and arousing the hatred of the fallen in Genesis, you have Gabriel perhaps falling from grace himself at a later time bec ause of Jesus, and many other motives and angels involved. This would undoubtedly bring about UNPRECEDENTED SPIRITUAL WARFARE, BEYOND ANYTH ING THIS WORLD HAS EVER SEEN. This would most likely occur if some or all of the leaders of the different fallen incarnated into this world at a particular time at once - a time of momentous change, a time when significant events were occur ring or about to occur. Involving angels of darkness, angels of light, and also the light siding with the dark in certain instances, for reasons of their own. Many different motives at work here, also many different personalities. Listen to the wind sometimes, when it howls and shrieks with unearthly sounds. Within those sounds, you may hear the voices that even the strongest among you w ould shake to ever comprehend. Those could indeed be the voices of the angels and Our Father in Heaven as well, engaging in arguments, pleadings, prayers and their own particular battles.