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Questions What is voltaic cell

Answers Voltaic cell is defined as combination of material to convert the chemical energy into electrical energy. A

voltaic or chemical cell consists of two electrodes made of different types of metals or metallic compounds placed in an electrolyte solution.
2 3 What is battery A Battery is a group of two or more connected Voltaic cell What is electrode Electrode is a metallic compound or metal which has abundance of electron (on the negative electrode) and abundance of positive charges ( on positive electrode). What is Electrolyte Electrolyte is a solution which is capable on conducting a current in the circuit. What is specific gravity Specific gravity of electrolyte is equal to ratio of weight of the electrolyte to weight of the equal volume of water. Specific gravity of pure electrolyte is 1.835, this means pure electrolyte is 1.835 times more weighed weight of water per unit volume. Normally specific gravity of electrolyte is kept less that 1.35. What is principle of operation of A glass float is kept inside of glass tube and glass float Hydrometer has some weight, while ordinary water is taken inside glass tube then glass float displaces amount of water due to its weight, this means due to weight of glass some volume of water is displaced then specific gravity of water is indicated on the scale as 1. If any other electrolyte is there in place of water, it is indicated that for same weight How much volume of other electrolyte shall be displaced which is indicated on the scale made for water as liquid. In this case mass of the float is fixed. Specific density of the electrolyte shall determine How much portion of the float shall be dipped inside the electrolyte. In my opinion if specific density is high in comparison with water, volume of electrolyte displaced shall be less. Lets us see Archimedes principal Specific gravity = Specific density of electrolyte/specific density of water The operation the hydrometer is based on the Archimedes principle that a solid suspended in a fluid will be buoyed up by a force equal to the mass of the fluid displaced. Thus, the lower the density of the substance, the further the hydrometer will sink. 7 What are the conditions of shorting of cells Cells short circuit can be caused by several condition which included the followings:

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Faulty separators, lead particles and other particles forming a circuit between positive cell and negative cell, buckling of plates, excessive sediments at the bottom of jars. Primary cause of occurrence of such defects is overcharging and over discharging of the battery which causes sediments to build up due to flaking of active material and buckling of cell plates. Why gassing occurs in the When Battery voltage reaches at around 2.35V to 2.40V battery during charging and during the charging of the battery, then further charging How it can be overcome with is not directly converted into formation of cell, in this effect of gassing case Water present in the electrolyte is disassociated bt electrolysis and Hydrogen is emitted on negative plate and oxygen is emitted on the positive plate. The emission of gases is called gassing in the cell/Battery. One of the way to overcome the gassing to do charging of cell at reduced rate when cell voltage has reached to voltage 2.35 or 2.4V/cell