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Seven C`s in Effective Communication

For effective communication, it is essential to produce effective message. This is possible if we are aware of those principles which make us effective writer. Generally these are called seven C`s. These are explained as under.


Courtesy is a token of respect and gratefulness. It is our courteous attitude which wins the heart of other. Our friendly behavior creates softness in the mind of the other people. Harsh and mechanical words kill the beauty of talk.

Words and phrase like “Please, Thank you, Welcome” and “Sorry” produce

courteous effect. Our honest thinking is also a form of courtesy.


Correctness means the accuracy of contents, language and expression. The error of a single digit in a figure may charge the entire situation. Such mistakes indicate not only carelessness but may also create legal problems. The sender should be careful in this behalf. A single mistake can change the rates, rules and term and condition of the fact.


Conciseness means to say in the fewest possible words what you to say. Shakespeare said, “Brevity is the soul of wit”. It saves time both the sender and the receiver. A busy reader does not have time to go through a long statement. A good communication never forgets the skill to concise his message.


An effective message is always complete. It has all essential information. An incomplete message becomes the reason of loss of money, time and effect. Without completeness, communication cannot be satisfactory. A good communication always tries to give all necessary information about the matter.


Consideration means “you attitude”. A good communicator is not

selfish. He always knows the interest of the receiver. A communicator should

avoid such sentences. “We so this “or “We do that”. In proper communication, the use of second person pronoun as “you” is an effective tool to create



An unclear thing is hard to understand. Therefore our message should be so clear that it may not be misunderstood. We should use easy words and short sentences. Our purpose is not use to show our vocabulary, but to convey the message. We want to convey our message in easy way.


There is saying that a picture is worth ten thousand words. Concreteness means creating clear word picture in the mind of reader. You have to make reader “see” himself. To achieve this, use words that appeal to five senses: sight sound, touch, hearing and smell.

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