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DW DETECTIVE DANNY WOODWARD CC MR. CAMERON CAMPINA YM: The date right now is October 6, 2008. The time right now is 1256 hours. I'm Detective Melich with the Orange County Sheriff's Office, reference to Orange County case number 08-69208. Also present is Detective Danny Woodward. Uh, also present is uh, Cameron. Cameron, would you please state your name and your birthday for the record? CC: Cameron Campina. Uh, Sept...or not September. July 24, 1987. YM: Okay. You're, you're aware this is being recorded? Yes. Any objection to that?

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Okay. Cameron I uh, I gave you a call earlier this morning because I had some questions about this Caylee Anthony case I needed clarification with. Uh, you... Okay.

YM: ... agreed to come down. It's just uh, just aft... just before one. You came right from school. And uhm, obviously the door is closed for privacy, but... CC: Yeah (affirmative), yeah (affirmative). YM: ... you're no under no obligation. If you felt uncomfortable you can get up and leave any time.

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CC: Right. YM: Well, are you okay with that?

CC: Yeah (affirmative). YM: Alright. We sat here just a moment and uhm, and talked about the questions I was going to ask you. And in short there were some accusations that came up about Casey having used uh, drugs, aside from marijuana. And specifically that while I was talking to people uh, throughout this case uh, Ecstasy came up, or Ecstasy and Zanax came up. And I asked you early on that there were indications that if people were to go to your group and asks, and, and want some Zanax that they would come to you and you would be the one that would be a little bit I guess supply Zanax if they were looking for a CC: YM: (inaudible)... ... or two pills. Uhm, tell me a little bit about that.

CC: I mean I know a lot of people in our school and I can find certain things. And if my friends wanted something they could come to me and I could possibly find it for them. Uhm, mostly it was either weed, occasionally Zanax. Uhm, I mean people would ask me for other things but I wouldn't go out of my way to get those other things like because I don't want to take part of that. YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

CC: Such as like some people might ask me for acid. Uhm, I'll just tell them, I'll look for you, but I won't call them back. YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

CC: Because I don't want, I don't want to have to go out of my way and do stuff like that. YM: What about Ecstasy?

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CC: Ecstasy, uhm, I was able to get that maybe towards the beginning of my school year, and maybe in the middle. But when uh, Casey was around, not around that time. YM: If you, if you were to have Zanax in your possession, or Ecstasy in your possession, let's just stay on Zanax. How many pills would you have in your possession at any given time? CC: Maybe two, three tops. YM: Okay. Were they for personal use or did you...
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CC: Personal. YM: Did you ever give any away or sell any to any of her friends? Like if they said hey, I'll give you five bucks for a pill? CC: Uhm, yes and no. Uh, most of it was personal use and but if I didn't want them on me or in my apartment, I, if one of my friends were to come and be like hey, I need a Zanax, well I'd be like, Well you know what? I have an extra one that I don't even want. Here either take it and give me maybe three bucks or something like that." YM: And just for the record, you're not going to get in trouble for telling me this. CC: I know. YM: This is, this is simply to, to get information so I... CC: Yes. YM: ... so I have something to build on. Uhm, but you're not going to get in trouble for what you just... CC: Alright. YM: ...told me, and what you're going to tell me. If, during the time that Casey was at yours and Tony's apartment, and we're talking uh, being in June, you said that

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uh, she would smoke marijuana. She would smoke a pipe. And you kind of detailed that a little bit for me in the three weeks that she was at the apartment. Tell me about that again. Uhm, I mean she wasn't, she didn't seem like your normal drug user or anything like that. Uhm, we kind of oh, no, I wouldn't say peer pressure, kind of just like made fun of her. "Come on Casey," like, "hit this bowl," or something. Like she might have hit it like once and then it kind of became almost like a nightly thing where she would maybe hit a pipe two, three times. And then we would just be watching TV or something. And then she would make us a bunch of food. Like one morning I remember her, one aft... one night I remember her uh, cooking us waffles and stuff like that. Like nothing, nothing like out of the ord... ordinary. YM: And so in the past two weeks that she was at the apartment, the last two weeks that you remember was about one time a night, a couple of tokes off a pipe a night? Yeah (affirmative). Were you guys smoking dirty, was it uh, was it crippy.... Uh... ...or what, what kind. It was crippy. It was crippy? Yes. Okay, so crippy, again for in laymen's terms... It's.... marijuana with.... ...really the good, the good stuff.

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YM: The good stuff? Okay. Did you lace it, or would you lace it... CC: No. YM: ...with anything else? CC: I don't, I don't, I don't mess with lacing any of that because uh, when it comes to weed I use it for more anxiety and kind of like to calm me down after a long day of school if I'm worked up or something over a test, or if I'm worried I'll, it'll kind of relax me a little bit. And uh, I, I always think it's like whenever I hear people say oh, this stuff is laced or something like that, like I, I'm like, "Why would you ever do that to weed?" YM: How was she when she smoked weed, Casey? CC: She seemed to like almost like, I'm trying to think how to explain it. Like your first time, like almost the first time you ever smoked weed. Uh, she would, she'd get high off of very little. She'd always be laughing, smiling, you know, just having a good time, watching TV and movies, cooking, cooking food. YM: Uh-hum (affirmative). CC: Uhm, and honestly that was about it. YM: Did you ever give her any type of drug other than, other than marijuana? Did you ever... CC: No. YM: ... ever... No.

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YM: ... supply with her any, or tell her hey, you can go, go to my room, or hey, go pick this up or.... Never.

YM: ... hey, you want try one of these? Anything like that?

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No. Do you know of anyone in your circle of friends, or anyone that you know of period, that says, or that you know of supplied her with anything but marijuana? Uh, I do not know of anyone. I've even asked my friends, like my good friends. Because Tony's even brought it up to me and uh, I brought it up to my friends that might have possibly. But honestly, during the months that, or that month that she was living with us she was really only at the apartment unless she went out with Tony. Uhm, she, there was maybe one time, or two times that her and Tony came over Sean's apartment over in Sutton Place.


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Sean uh... Uh... Sean Frazier? Yes. Okay. And uhm, like mostly they were kind of just your like kind of locked in couple. They were either hang out in Tony's bedroom or in the living room, like when Tony wasn't in school.

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Where does Sean live in relation to where Tony used to live at Sutton Place? It was the same building, right? Uhm, if you go out of our, like you know how you go into the walkway to get to our building?

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Uh-hum (affirmative). Uhm, you're, actually do you know where the volleyball court is? Yes.

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CC: It's that building right there that like if you look out his uh, balcony you see the back lake, and then to the left there's the pool and the sand, uh, volleyball court. YM: CC: YM:
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Okay. So it's not the same building? It's not. Uhm, I don't know the building number offhand, but it's uh... if I come out, if I come out of Sutton Place towards that parking lot where you used to live, go down the stairs and there's a parking lot....

CC: Yeah (affirmative). YM: ...which building was it? CC: You just go straight. YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

CC: And then you dead end and it's that one right there on the right. YM: The one right there on the right? Okay. And you, you mentioned something about uhm, actually I'll backtrack. While Casey was staying at the apartment, and while you... CC: Uh-hum (affirmative). YM: ...were there, do you ever recollect, or remember her waking up at night uh, in cold sweats, or crying... CC: Uhm, no. YM: ....or saying anything, or say anything peculiar to you?

CC: No. The only thing if I ever heard was maybe noises from her and Tony sleeping together. YM: Uh-hum (affirmative).

CC: Uhm, but other than that no, I was either, I was in my room or I was, I wasn't home.

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Did Tony ever make mention to you about uh, her waking up in cold sweats, or waking up....

CC: Uhm, no. YM: ... and, and being upset about something? CC: Never. YM: Okay. Uhm, is there anything else, uh, again, almost three months have passed since... CC: Yes. YM: ... Caylee went missing. And about two and a half months since we talked last. Is there anything else in the past two and a half months that you've come to realize, or come to learn about Casey, that you feel is important to this case that you wanted to share with me? CC: Uhm, you know I've been trying to think of this, but honestly I haven't been able to come up with anything. The only thing I've ever heard that she said was like when the first time that she like slept over I asked like, "Oh, where's uh, Caylee?" And she said that it's with a friend of the fam... she's with a friend of the family's down in Cocoa Beach because she said that uh, Caylee had a little like three year old friend.... YM: CC: Uh-hum (affirmative). ...that was a little boy. And it was like a friend of the family. So it was his birthday party out in Cocoa Beach and they uh, were watching Caylee for the weekend. YM: And just to clarify something we've already gone over, this, this babysitter that you mentioned, have you ever met her? CC: I have never met her.

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You never seen her? Never seen her. Uh... I never even heard her name. I just heard, or known her as the nanny. Were you ever present during a conversation Casey might have had on the phone with this person?


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No. If Casey ever had a phone call she would always step outside. And most of the times it was with her mom. And I remember uh, like because I would see her walking around the grass behind the uh, like behind the apartment....


Uh-hum (affirmative). ...and like kind of like pacing around, just talking. And I asked, I was like, "So why you always go for the long walk?" She's like, "Oh, it's just my time to vent with my mom. Me and my mom never get along," and stuff like that.

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Did she say anything to you, or do you recall her having uh, any conversations with you guys, you guys being anyone in the apartment, about a, a fight she had with her mom that Sunday before that she came over to, to your place? She never, she never mentioned a specific fight. I just, she's told me that her and her mom are always kind of getting at each other's throats, you know. And she said that like when she first started like with us she said that uh, Ca... Caylee was with a babysitter because she didn't want to keep a room at the grandparents' house because uh, Casey was saying she was going to uhm, be looking for an apartment with I think it might have been Amy. Uh-hum (affirmative). Uh, they were going to try to get an apart... she was trying to get an apartment so she can get Caylee out of her uh, parents' house. And uh, that was about it.

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YM: Did she ever make any mention to you, or in your presence, or that you know
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about any impropriety? Like any uh, sexual impropriety between her brother Lee and her? Any allegations of hey, he, he might have done this, or tried this? CC: No.

YM: What about her father, George? Anything? CC: No.

YM: She ever make any uh, uh, allegation about being abused period by boyfriends or, or anything like that? CC: No. The only thing I ever heard her say uhm, about her dad was that some, I heard something, I heard something going out like her and Tony talking about how supposedly her dad was cheating on her mom or something. YM: Uh-hum (affirmative). CC: And that he was moving out, or and then uh, like that's, I just caught like little glimpses. Nothing that kind of... YM: Okay. Dan, you have anything? Raise your right hand for me? Do you swear and affirm everything you just told me is the truth? CC: Yes.

YM: Okay. End of recorded statement. This transcript has been reviewed for accuracy.


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