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OUTLINE OF SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT MBA-3 Fall Semester 2011 Quaid-i-Azam University, Islamabad Lecturer: - Israr K.

Raja SUPPLY CHAIN MANAGEMENT:Supply Chain: An Understanding. Definition of Supply Chain Management What is a supply Chain Objective of A supply Chain The Importance of Supply Chain Decisions Decision Phases in A Supply Chain Process View of Supply Chain

Supply Chain Performance: Achieving Strategic Fit & Scope Competitive & Supply Chain Strategies Achieving Strategic Fit Expanding Strategic Scope

Supply Chain Drivers & Metrics Drivers of Supply Chain Performance Framework for Structuring drivers Facilities Inventory Transportation Information Sourcing Pricing Obstacles to Achieving Fit

Designing Distribution Networks & Application to e-Business The Role Of Distribution in the Supply Chain Factors Influencing Distribution Network Design Design Options for a Distribution Network e-Business & the Distribution Network

Network Design in the supply Chain Framework for Network Design Decisions Models for Facility Location & Capacity Allocation The Role of IT in Network Design

Network Design in an Uncertain Environment The Impact of Uncertainty on Network Design Discounted Cash Flow Analysis Representation of Uncertainty Evaluating Network Design Decisions using Decision Trees Risk Management and Network Design

Demand Forecasting in a Supply Chain The Role of Forecasting in a Supply Chain Characteristics of a Forecast & Forecasting Methods Basic Approach to Demand Forecasting Time Series Forecasting Methods Measures of Forecast Error Role of IT in Forecasting Risk Management in Forecasting

Aggregate Planning in a Supply Chain The Role of Aggregate planning in a Supply Chain The Aggregate Planning Problem Aggregate Planning Strategies The Role of IT in Aggregate Planning

Planning Supply & Demand in a Supply chain Managing Predictable Variability in a Supply Chain Managing Supply & Demand

Managing Economies of Scale in Supply Chain The Role if Inventory in a Supply Chain Economies of Scale to Exploit Fixed Cost & Quantity Discount Short Term Discounting & Trade Promotion Managing Multiechelon Cycles Inventory

Managing Uncertainty in a Supply Chain The Role of and determining Level of Safety Inventory in a Supply Chain Impact of Supply Uncertainty on Safety Inventory Impact of Appropriate Level of safety Inventory Impact of Aggregation on Safety Inventory Impact of Replenishment Policies on Safety Inventory Managing Safety Inventory in a Multiechelon Supply Chain The Role of IT in Inventory Management

Determining the Optimal Level of Product Availability The Importance \ Factors Affecting Managing Levers to Improve Supply Chain Profitability Setting Product Availability for Multiple Products Under Capacity Constraints

Transportation In A Supply Chain The Role of transportation in a Supply Chain Modes of Transportation 7 their Performance Characteristics Transportation Infrastructure & Policies Design Options for Transportation Network Trade-Off in Transportation design The Role of IT Risk Management in Transportation

Sourcing Decisions in a Supply Chain The Role of Sourcing in a Supply Chain In House or Outsource Third & 4th Party logistic providers Suppliers Scoring & Assessment Suppliers Selection-Auction & Negotiations Contracts and Supply Chain Performance Design Collaboration The Procurement Process Sourcing Planning & Analysis The Role IT in Sourcing Risk Management in Sourcing

Pricing & Revenue Management in a Supply Chain The Role of P&R Management in a Supply Chain P&R management for Multiple Customer Segments P&R Management in Perishable, Seasonal, Bulk and Spot Products The Role of IT in P & R Management

IT in a Supply Chain Management The Role of It in SCM The Supply Chain IT Framework Customer Relationship Management Internal Supply Chain Management Suppliers Relationship Management The Transaction Management Foundation The Future of IT in SCM. Risk Management in IT

Coordination in A Supply Chain Lack of Supply Chain Coordination & the Bullwhip Effect The Effect on performance of Lack of Coordination Obstacles to Coordination in a Supply Chain Managerial Lever to Achieve Coordination Building Strategic Partnerships & Trust Within Supply Chain Continuous Replenishment & Vendor Managed Inventories Collaborative Planning , Forecasting and Replenishment The Role of IT in Coordination.

Recommended Books:1-Supply Chain Management, Strategy, Planning, & Operation, by Sunil Chopra & Peter Meindl