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Why you should switch now to Germanys best health insurance fund

TK benets Expect more from us . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 5 Prevention and check-ups Health courses, early detection and vaccinations. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 6 TK Bonus programme Healthy living pays off twice . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 8 Gentle medicine at TK Natural healing methods and acupuncture . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 9 Benets for families Protection for parents and children . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 10 Coordinated treatment Short waiting times and fast help. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 12 TK optional plans For your individual insurance protection . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 14 Health for Germany The initiative from Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grnemeyer and TK . . . . . . . . . . 16 Dental benets From check-ups to treatment. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 17 Treatment and rehabilitation In- and out-patient . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 18 Were there for you from A to Z An overview of the most important benets. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . 20 Advice and service In branch ofces, by telephone, in brochures. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Your TK branch ofce on the web Comprehensive online service. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TK Medical and Health Advice Centre Your best choice for all health-related questions . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TK Foreign Assistance Security while travelling . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TK Family Telephone Specially for babies, children and adolescents . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Private supplementary insurance plans Exclusive for TK members . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TK membership Good, better, TK insured! . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Recruit members and win Convincing benets and services . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . TK advantages Your benets at a glance . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . Contact Telephone, internet, e-mail. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


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Advice The information presented in this brochure provides only an initial overview of the comprehensive benets and services of Techniker Krankenkasse. The German Code of Social Law and the TK Charter constitute the legal basis. Should there be any changes to this, all previously published editions of this brochure become invalid. You can get detailed information and information tailored to individual cases from our TK-ServiceTeam on 0800 - 285 85 85 (free call in Germany). Imprint Techniker Krankenkasse, Bramfelder Strae 140, D-22305 Hamburg, Marketing and Sales Division, Advertising, Internet, and Editorial Department: Roderich Vollmer-Rupprecht (responsible for the content), Katja Loose; editing and text: McCann; Layout and design: Stefan Mortz; Production: Thomas Jasinski; Lithography: Hirte GmbH & Co. KG, Hamburg; Printing: Frank Druck GmbH & Co. KG, Preetz; Photos: Corbis, Getty Images, Masterle and Picture Press. Updated: January 2009

Your partner for a healthy future

Techniker Krankenkasse
Are you looking for a health insurance fund that offers you more than the usual standards? For the protection of your health do you want a partner that puts the focus on your individual interests and needs from the very start? Then Techniker Krankenkasse is the right choice for you. We are a modern health service provider where extensive benets, competent advice and convenient service are closely intertwined. No matter what your health-related concerns are we provide you comprehensive medical care as well as decision-making assistance and orientation. TK has received several awards for its offers and its service quality. For us this is both conrmation and motivation. That is why we are constantly working on making our price/performance ratio even more attractive for you. Sound nancial planning, lean structures and modern performance management are the building blocks for this. People who decide in favour of TK do so for good reason. Because they know how to appreciate our dedication, our performance capability and our innovative power. TK for a healthy future.

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Ausgabe 7/2008

Krankenkassen, Naturheilverfahren


Expect more from us

Additional benefits for TK members

TKs mission is to provide the best possible care to you in all aspects of life. To support you when you need help: for work-related stress, family planning or following an accident. We dont want to be just a health insurance fund, but your partner. In doing so, we make consistent use of our options for extra benefits. This means that with us you dont just get what is prescribed by law, but also profit from additional benefits. These are firmly stipulated in our charter and are generally granted without case-by-case checks! And children and spouses without an income of their own are of course co-insured at TK at no extra cost. This includes, for example, additional benefits in the areas of home care, domestic help, check-ups, health seminars/prevention courses and accompanying children to hospital. Thats why in the nationwide comparison of health insurance funds by the business magazine FOCUS-MONEY TK took first place in the category of additional benefits out of 141 health insurance funds tested*. Also, as part of integrated care TK works out its own contracts, allowing the best possible recovery. Here specialist doctors, hospitals and rehabilitation centres work even more closely together, thus ensuring an optimally coordinated, transparent treatment a clear advantage for complex illnesses. TK members have nothing but their convalescence to look after. * FOCUS-MONEY, 49/2008 issue.

The offers of health insurance funds are not identical in all areas. To show this clearly in this brochure we have labelled the benets and services that go beyond the offers of many health insurance funds with the Leistung und mehr (Benet and more) symbol. As a TK member you benet from these extras.

Health Reform
Starting January 2009 all members of statutory health insurance will be paying the same contribution rate set by the government. No matter in which health insurance fund they are insured. Only when funds are not sufcient are health insurance funds allowed to collect additional contributions from their members. If there are surpluses, they may pay their members bonuses. Thats why in choosing your health insurance fund in the future it will be even more important to compare the benets and services.

Health courses, early detection and vaccinations


Prevention and check-ups

Being t and active to an old age this is no problem with the numerous courses offered by TK. Improper nutrition, stress, nicotine and a lack of exercise trigger many illnesses. We show you how to effectively prevent illness early on, recognise behaviours harmful to good health and change them step-by-step with specic tips for everyday life. TK currently offers its own health courses on the following topics: Exercise, nutrition, coping with stress (including overcoming stress for children), relaxation, addiction prevention, family (e.g. Stress-free in family bliss and Family ties). All of the courses are based on the latest scientic ndings and are taught by qualied experts only. TK provides partial payments towards course fees.

Bonus for health-conscious people

The best protection against illness is strengthening your own health. Thats why we offer our members the TK Bonus Programme (see page 8). As part of the programme many of your activities for maintaining your health will be rewarded with cash or non-cash bonuses.

Health at the workplace

To promote health at the workplace TK puts on individual events and programmes at many companies.

TK Health Trainer
Would you like to eat healthier, smoke less or get rid of a few extra pounds? The personal TK Health Trainer at will help you reach your health-related goals. The TK Health Trainer is available for the topics of tness, nutrition, smoking, diabetes and stress and it can easily be geared towards your personal needs. Thus, the TK Health Trainer can help you, for example, to nd out which type of sport is the best for you. In addition, on request the TK Health Trainer will create your own personal training or diet plan and give you tips on how to keep you cool when under stress.

Health lifestyles our commitment

Its not just the right behaviour that can promote our health. It depends on the environment: Places in which we spend a lot of time, because we work, learn or play there should promote or maintain our health. Thats why TK provides nancial support to kindergartens and schools that dedicate themselves intensively to the topic of health. In addition, we are involved in community health sponsorship. More info is available at:

Taking advantage of opportunities, identifying risks

The earlier illnesses are diagnosed, the greater are the chances for recovery. Thats why TK naturally also covers the costs for check-ups for its members.

Check-ups for children

At TK children in the rst six years of life are entitled to ten check-ups for the early detection of illnesses. New TK benet: Hearing test for the little ones Since 1st January 2009 TK has been offering newborn hearing screening, because in Germany one of every 1,000 children is born with a bilateral hearing disorder. Children can be helped best if this is detected early on.

Medical check-ups for adolescents

An additional check-up can be carried out on adolescents at the age of 13. This is dedicated to the early detection of illnesses which endanger physical, mental or social development.

Check-ups for adults

From the age of 35 TK members can get a health check-up every two years in order to detect frequently occurring illnesses early on and to be able to treat them effectively. Test for chlamydia TK offers a test for detecting infection with chlamydia bacteria for women under the age of 25.

Check-ups for early cancer detection

If detected early, many types of cancer are treatable. TK covers the costs for statutory cancer screening check-ups. TK also covers the costs for a skin cancer screening conducted every two years for their members age 35 and older.

Whether for inuenza, diphtheria or tetanus, TK covers the costs for many kinds of vaccinations. And we were the rst health insurance fund to reimburse for immunizations to prevent cervical cancer. Rotavirus vaccination for infants TK is one of the rst health insurance funds to reimburse the costs for oral rotavirus vaccinations. These viruses are the most common cause of acute stomach and intestinal infections in infants. Travel vaccinations TK covers the costs for travel vaccinations (minus any statutory co-payment) for personal travel abroad. This applies to a wide variety of vaccinations such as against cholera, European early summer meningo-encephalitis, yellow fever, hepatitis A and B, Japanese encephalitis, malaria prophylaxis (as tablets), meningococcal meningitis, rabies and typhus.

New TK benet: U7a In this extra childrens examination doctors already check three-year-olds whether, for example, their language and behaviour is developing in line with their age. Thus TK insured parents can keep an even better eye on the level of their childs development.

Healthy living pays off twice


TK Bonus programme
Watching ones health has always paid off through more energy and a sense of well-being. But living up to ones best intentions on a daily basis is not always an easy thing to do. Thats why TK wants to help you to get motivated again and again. Get involved in our Bonus programme.

Strengthen health, earn bonuses

In the TK Bonus programme you will receive a bonus for activities that improve your health. This includes, among other things, health courses and check-ups. If you have taken part in at least three quality-assured activities, you can receive attractive cash and non-cash rewards for this. So in the future its doubly rewarding for you to go to a medical check-up or do sport, for example.

Reward shop on the internet

You can select from, among other things, cash rewards of EUR 30, 60 or 90 or selected non-cash rewards. The current complete overview of all rewards is available at

Many offerings for your health

TK offers you many ways of improving your own health. Especially in the area of check-ups and prevention. Courses and activities you and co-insured family members can can receive a bonus for include: Prevention courses such as Back basic & plus, Fitness basic & special, Walking/Nordic walking, Spinal gymnastics, Autogenic training, Hatha yoga, Tai Chi or Whole food nutrition Check-ups such as cancer screening, dental care, health check-up, vaccinations Being awarded a sports badge and active membership in a sports or tness studio The complete overview of activities for which you or your children can receive a bonus is available online at

Bonus programme for children The earlier people develop an awareness of health, the better. This is why co-insured children and adolescents can join in on the TK bonus programme. They get their own bonus booklet from TK.

Natural healing methods and acupuncture

Gentle medicine at TK
A lot of people also prefer natural healing methods as a form of therapy. TK has been offering this option to its members for a long time. Breathing therapy and autogenic training, for example.

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Ausgabe 7/2008

Techniker Krankenkasse

Top marks for natural medicine therapies

TK offers of natural medicine therapies have been awarded top marks in several tests: The nance magazine EURO awarded top marks to TK for an excellent offer of alternative natural medicine therapies. What was especially highlighted by the examiners is that such benets are general rmly xed in TKs charter and are not just granted on a case-by-case basis. In the KO-TEST magazine TK took rst place in the Health insurance funds, natural medicine therapies test. In the comparison of health insurance funds by business magazine FOCUS-MONEY TK took fourth place in the category of natural medicine therapies out of 141 health insurance funds tested.

Krankenkassen, Naturheilverfahren

Medications from homeopathy, phytotherapy (herbal medicine) and anthroposophy (spiritual science) are paid by TK, if you choose the new TK Natural Medicine Plan (also see page 14).

In the worlds largest study on acupuncture conducted to date involving over half a million patients TK and 13 other health insurance funds working in conjunction with Charit in Berlin proved that acupuncture is effective, safe and leads to a long-term improvement in the patients quality of life. This is why for certain indications acupuncture is a health insurance fund benet and available to all TK members with chronic back or knee pain. Read more about natural healing methods and acupuncture at

Supplementary insurance
As an addition to our offerings of gentle medicine we offer you the option of private supplemental insurance from ENVIVAS (more on page 31).

Protection for parents and children


Extensive benefits for families

TK provides a large number of benefits specially tailored to the needs of children, adolescents and parents.

Spouses and children are co-insured at no extra charge

And this is always the case as long as they have no income of their own. And, just like the member, they also enjoy the range of TK benefits.

Pregnancy and childbirth

If you are planning a family, TK is the right place for you: We cover care from accredited doctors and midwife assistance, for birth preparation courses, postnatal exercises and, of course, for childbirth in hospital or on an out-patient basis in a birth centre. If necessary, we also pay for household maintenance and domestic help.

Information for parents, children and adolescents online

Extensive info covering pregnancy, birth and nursing is available at for expectant mothers and fathers and those who have already become parents. The internet portal provides assistance to pupils and apprentices with respect to health, vocational training and occupation. Dr Karin Anderson gives psychological counselling in the Help Forum here. Especially for children, TKs online science magazine offers exciting info on the topics of medicine, nature and health.

Information on all pregnancy-related issues

TK designed the Rundum schwanger information and advice package for all pregnant members. This compact information package guides you through the individual phases of the pregnancy and offers you interesting facts worth knowing about nutrition and exercise, childbirth and breast feeding. It also provides medical and legal background information.

Financial support: maternity allowance

Taking care of their children without having to worry about money TKs maternity allowance helps mothers do it. Working mothers receive it during the qualifying period. This begins six weeks before the anticipated date of birth and ends eight weeks afterwards. For premature or multiple births this is twelve weeks afterwards.

Heath spa treatment for parents and children

Whether alone or together with their children: When medically necessary TK pays for the costs of health spa treatment for mothers, fathers and children. This allows you to recover and to practise new, healthy attitudes without the stress of everyday life.

Do you have any questions related to the health of your child? Then simply call our TK Family Telephone. More about his on page 30.

Sick benefit while taking care of a sick child

If you have to stay at home to care for you sick child, TK will pay you a sick benefit equalling the amount you would receive if you yourself were ill and unable to work.

Family planning and contraceptives

Family planning has do be done with caution. Thats why TK will cover the costs of medical advice on contraception as well as all related check-ups required. In addition, TK will cover the costs of contraceptives for insured persons up to the age of 20 if prescribed by a doctor.

Artificial insemination
Provided that certain conditions are met, TK will cover 50 percent of the cost of artificial insemination for married couples.

Medical check-ups
TK will in addition cover all the costs for all legally prescribed check-ups for children and teenagers (more details on page 7).

Health courses for stress management

Budding parents stand to benefit from the TK course, Stressfrei ins Familenglck (Stress-free in family bliss) to prepare themselves ideally for their new phase of life with their offspring. And for children TK offers special courses such as the Bleib locker! (Stay cool!) course to help them better cope with stress.


Short waiting times and fast help


Coordinated treatment
An odyssey from doctor to doctor, a lack of coordination between doctors and hospitals, waiting times lasting weeks many patients are familiar with this. To face these weaknesses in the health care system TK has developed new services exclusively for their members as part of coordinated treatment.

Overview of benets
optimally coordinated treatment more transparency and information for the insured member a high standard of medical care shorter clinic stays rehabilitation close to home

In coordinated treatment (also referred to as integrated care) care providers such as doctors, hospitals and rehabilitation centres work closely together, exchange information and coordinate treatment. This makes it possible to avoid duplicated examinations, to more effectively design the course of therapy and to shorten the duration of treatment and all of this at no extra cost to you. In particular, this system has proven itself for complex illnesses requiring different phases of treatment. In order to offer its members the widest range possible TK is continuously developing new ideas for different disease patterns. Youll nd some examples below.

Out-patient operations
Rapid advances in medicine have made it possible for many operations today to be done on an out-patient basis without involving long hospital stays. For children in particular this is a considerable psychological relief because they can go back home on the day of the operation.

Early detection and treatment of colon cancer

TK members running an increased level of risk due to incidences of illness in the family get additional assistance and information. In addition, if needed, they receive targeted diagnostics and advice for their care matching their personal level of risk to family or inherited colon cancer.

You can make use of these offers for coordinated treatment if you decide on the TK Integrated Care Plan. More information about TK optional plans is on pages 14 and 15.

By early detection of depression and consistent and individual treatment the health of the person affected can be improved. TK ensures top-quality treatment, especially on an out-patient basis, via reduced waiting times, active integration of the patient in therapy and personal care.

TK actively supports the desire of a steadily growing number of members for alternative forms of treatment such as homeopathy. Thats why we are now covering the costs for a variety of homeopathic benets in select German Lnder.

Back pain
With this concept TK is taking a new route in the medical care of patients with back pain. The goal is to prevent pain from becoming chronic by combined physical, behavioural and pain therapy. This improves the patients long-term quality of life.

Quality-assured breast screening and diagnostics*

The goal of this TK offer is to signicantly improve the early diagnosis of suspected breast cancer. Gynaecologists, radiologists and the local breast cancer centre work together intensively. Tumours can thus be detected signicantly earlier and more precisely; the chances for recovery rise signicantly.

Telemedicine for the heart

In this innovative concept patients who have been in hospital due to cardiac insufciency are given individual expert advice by telephone on how to best cope with their illness. Patients with severe cardiac insufciency also receive a blood pressure measuring device and a set of scales. This data is transferred to a team of experts by mobile phone once per day. This identies threatening developments, avoiding emergency situations.

You can get more information about the new types of care on the internet:

Everything under one roof: ATRIO-MED*

Shorter distances, reduced waiting times and integrated medical care under one roof: these are the benets of ATRIO-MED care centres. TK is the rst health insurance fund to cooperate with such innovative facilities as part of integrated care. TK members thus benet from exclusive services and extremely effective treatment at no additional charge. And most importantly: All steps of therapy and the test results are coordinated and recorded in a central electronic le. Thus, every one of the doctors at ATRIO-MED can always get a comprehensive picture of the state of his patients health and offer a precisely coordinated course of therapy. At present there are ATRIO-MED centres in Cologne, Hamburg, Leipzig and Berlin: other exclusive care centres are in the planning stages.

* These types of care are initially being offered on a regional basis.


For your individual insurance protection


TK optional plans
If you lead a health-conscious life you yourself know best what kind of medical care makes sense for you. Thats why with the TK combined plans Techniker Krankenkasse gives you the option of adjusting your insurance protection to meet your personal needs. So you can now, for example, choose to add additional benets or secure a comprehensive travel insurance package without paying one cent for it. We offer you a selection of different plans: TK plans for which you receive additional benets TK plans for innovative forms of care TK plans for which you receive a bonus An overview of the plans:

TK Private Practice Plan for private patient status

With this plan your doctor will welcome and treat you like a private patient. The doctor writes you a bill that you then submit to TK for reimbursement. TK will cover 90 percent of the bill as reimbursable costs. In this plan participants pay a monthly rate to TK that varies based on their age.

TK Sick Benet Plans for the self-employed

If you are self-employed and fall ill, you also bear a nancial burden in addition to impaired health. With the new optional TK Sick Benet Plans should you fall ill, you can now insure yourself nancially in addition to receiving normal health insurance cover. You can choose according to your age and income which plan is the best one for you.

TK Traveller Plan travel insurance package as a reward

With this innovative deductible plan you can receive worldwide health insurance cover and comprehensive service benets for your foreign travel at no extra charge (through our cooperation partner, ENVIVAS). Its as easy as this: If during a calendar you neither avail yourself of a health spa in Germany nor reimbursement of travel expenses for stationary care and rehabilitation benets, you can receive this attractive travel insurance package as a reward.

TK Private Natural Medicine Plan for alternative medicine

In this plan for a monthly premium you can be prescribed by your doctor medicines from homeopathy, phytotherapy and anthroposophy the costs of which may not normally be covered by health insurance funds. In the TK Private Natural Medicine Plan you receive these medicines prescribed to you personally. The costs will be reimbursed by TK.

TK Integrated Care Plan for innovative methods of treatment

In this free plan TK members receive special offers going beyond the normal benets. In this plan the most important benet for TK members is the specially close cooperation amongst attending primary care physicians, specialist doctors, hospitals and other care providers such as pharmacies and rehabilitation centres. More about this on pages 12 and 13.

More information about the plans

We will be happy to answer your questions about the optional plans. Just dial tel. 0800 285 85 85 (Mon to Sun, 24/7, free call in Germany) or visit us on the internet at Because we are continuously expanding our optional plans, youll always nd the up-to-date information plans there.

The optional plans give you the freedom to adjust your insurance cover to meet your individual needs.


The initiative from Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grnemeyer and TK


Health for Germany

With Health for Germany prominent doctor and book author Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grnemeyer and TK are jointly campaigning for the health of Germans. Living healthy is pretty easy this is the most important message of the nationwide initiative. And TK and Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grnemeyer are bringing them to the public in many promotions and events. How to maintain long-term health has now become an almost daily topic in the media: a balanced diet and moderate exercise are especially important. Thats why one of the major goals of Health for Germany is imparting very practical, workable strategies for healthy living. To do this, many cooperative activities and events have been created, for instance:

Sport cooperation
The aim of TKs sport cooperation is to motivate fans to become more health conscientious. TK has entered into more than 50 cooperation programmes in different types of sport nationwide, including: Football: Hamburger SV TK has been the health partner of rst division HSV since 2008. TK is particularly concerned with the health of the littlest up-and-coming players. Thats why TK is also involved in the HSV football school. Handball: Hamburger SV, TBV Lemgo and Rhein-Neckar Lwen In the national league competitors in matters of Health for Germany the top clubs in the rst division are on the ball as TK advertising partners.

Road tour
Hows your back? How t is your heart? How stressed out are you? in the Health for Germany road tour you nd out. In addition to a back check and a heart screening people can also have their feet measured at the events.

Discussion sessions
In discussion sessions Prof. Dr. Dietrich Grnemeyer explains in an extremely entertaining way how everyone can lead a health-conscious life. Above all, the professor is a recognised specialist on the subject of backs.

With his Moving motivation programme former tennis pro Charly Steeb conveys how someone can change his everyday habits to the benet of his own health. Further information at

From check-ups to treatment

Dental benefits
Whether for plaque removal, fillings or periodontal treatments: We cover all statutory dental benefits from prevention to treatment.

Orthodontic treatment
In line with statutory mandate TK covers the cost of medically required orthodontic treatment for children and adolescents under 18 years of age, and in certain circumstances adults, too. Just ask us.

Dental prostheses and crowns

Should you require dental prosthesis or a crown TK shares in the costs with fixed-rate subsidies.

No practice fee for dental check-ups

If you get regular check-ups, you are exempt from paying the practice fee for them twice per year. Incidentally, children are always exempt from paying the practice fee.

Subsidies for preventive care

You receive the highest subsidies if you take care of your teeth and go to a check-up at least once per year. Because after five years the fixed subsidy rises by 20 percent and an additional ten percent after ten years. Proof is provided via a bonus booklet in which your dentist verifies the check-ups.

Higher subsidies
In addition, you can also lower your costs for dental prosthesis with the dental plans from our partner, ENVIVAS Krankenversicherung AG (see page 31 for further information).

Bonus for dental check-ups

For a dental check-up you can claim a bonus in the TK Bonus programme. So, go for a check-up and dont lose out on the bonus.

If you require dental prosthesis, the TK Medical and Health Advice Centre may, if desired, check the treatment and cost schedule of your dentist at no charge.


In- and out-patient


Health spa treatment and rehabilitation: charging your batteries

Treatment at a health spa can avert illness and also be extremely helpful for a complete recovery. This can take place on an out-patient basis at an accredited health spa or at a health spa close to home or on an in-patient basis. First and foremost the purpose of a stay at a health spa is to stabilise the health of the patient and thus avert possible illness, to heal them or to mitigate illness-related complaints. The self-help and individual responsibility of the patient for his health should also be strengthened and promoted. In TKs branch ofces there are specially trained advisors who are happy to assist you in nding out the most suitable medical offer for you tailored to the individual goals of your health spa therapy.

Out-patient health spa therapy

For out-patient health spa therapy the member can choose an accredited health spa specialised in his illness along with his doctor. Room and board as well as travel to and from the health spa are decided upon and organised by the member himself. TK covers the costs for accredited health spa medical treatment. Any necessary therapy at the health spa, minus the legally prescribed co-payment (exemption, see page 23), is also paid by TK. TK also naturally pays a subsidy for any other costs (such as visitors tax, room and board, travel expenses).

Out-patient rehabilitation benets

Out-patient rehabilitation benets are comprehensive treatments carried out in or near to where the member lives. They can be considered if outpatient treatment, such as massages or physiotherapy, is limited in the local area. TK covers the legally stipulated reimbursement rates in accredited facilities minus the legally prescribed co-payment.

In-patient health spa treatment

Should your doctor determine that local treatment and health spa therapy on an out-patient basis be insufcient for successful treatment, in-patient health spa treatment may be necessary for illness prevention and rehabilitation. This can take place in many top-class preventative and rehabilitation centres in Germany TK has concluded many contracts with them. In in-patient health spa therapy TK also covers the costs for visitors tax, room and board in addition to medical treatment and therapy except for the legally prescribed co-payment.

Rehabilitation counselling on request

Sometimes you need a bit more help. For instance, when you are seriously ill and need information about the options for treatment. Our specially trained rehabilitation advisors will assist you in coordinating these activities. Theyll provide you information about suitable hospitals and doctors. Theyll tell you about TKs exclusive treatment offers and will arrange proper care for you. They know the right benets and prerequisites not just at TK, but also those of other service providers. The advantage for you: You have an personal advisor who is informed about your health situation and who counsels and assists you during the recovery process.


An overview of the most important benets


Were there for you from A to Z

The TK catalogue of benets comprises over 10,000 individual benets. From preventative measures up to rehabilitation, from state-of-the-art medical technology to tried and true natural medicine therapies. So you get just the right help from us that you need. Here is an overview of the most important benets.

This includes hearing aids, oxygen therapy devices, braces and wheelchairs. TK covers the costs for aids prescribed by doctor. In fact, either to the amount or agreed prices for wheelchairs and walkers or to the amount of the xed rate for orthopaedic inlays, for example.

Domestic help
If you require domestic help because you are temporarily unable to maintain your household for health-related reasons, TK will cover these costs. For instance, if you have to care for children younger than 14 years of age and no one else in your household can take on these duties. We will cover these benets with no time restrictions. TK also pays domestic help if you must accompany your TK-insured child to the doctor or hospital.

Errors in treatment
Should you have the impression that you have been improperly treated, TK will provide you assistance in ascertaining the medical facts. Our specially trained expert advisors are happy to answer your questions related to this.

Home nursing care

If due to illness you require a trained nurse, TK will cover the costs. This is possible if doing so averts or reduces treatment that is actually necessary in hospital or if required hospital treatment is not currently feasible and no one living in the household can care for you. You can also receive home nursing care without hospital treatment if by doing so the goal of your medical treatment is assured. We cover the costs of home nursing care for as long as necessary with no time limit.

Hospital treatment
TK always covers the costs for hospital treatment to the full medically necessary extent with no time limit.

Insurance protection on trips

As a TK member you also have insurance protection on your trips within Europe because Germany has entered into social insurance treaties with most European countries. Should you fall ill during your holiday you may claim all benets in accordance with the law of the country of travel that cannot be put off until your return to Germany. To receive treatment, just present your TK insurance card with integrated European health insurance card (EHIC, found on the back of your insurance card) or an E111 form from TK.

We offer a special service in select hospitals abroad. There you can be treated on an in- or out-patient basis at any time. The hospitals Germanspeaking staff will provide you assistance and are available for information and support. Like in Germany, you only have to present your TK insurance card. A joint initiative of TK and AOK Rheinland/Hamburg makes this European service possible. You can nd further information, participating clinics and their addresses under the heading Europaservice at

Long-term care insurance

As a TK member you are normally also insured by TK for long-term care. So you are covered if in old age or as the result of an illness or handicap you require long-term care. This cover comprises support for care within your own home as well as in a nursing home.

Medical treatment
For consultation and treatment at your general physician or a specialist doctor TK covers the costs minus the practice fee charged. This also applies to house calls. And you are of course free to choose your statutory health fund doctor.

Nursing care training

Any family member who supports a person in need of care at home takes on a lot of responsibility and is greatly challenged both physically and mentally. In order to provide assistance to private care-givers in carrying out their responsibilities, TK covers free nursing care training courses conducted by qualied nursing staff. Starting with general courses up to personal training conducted at home.


Out-patient treatments
Many operations that were in the past associated with a lengthy stay in hospital can now be carried out on an out-patient basis at the same level of quality. For the most part, this means that you can go straight home afterwards. Detailed info is available at


Pharmaceuticals and bandages/dressings

If for your recovery your doctor prescribes bandages/dressings or prescription pharmaceuticals, TK will cover the costs for them. For children up to twelve years of age we will also cover the costs for non-prescription medicines restricted to sale at pharmacies. In exceptional cases this also applies to adults.

Mental illnesses must be treated by qualied specialists. TK covers the costs for treatment by a statutory doctor or licensed psychotherapist.

Reimbursement of travel costs

If travel for in-patient treatment is necessary, TK will cover the necessary costs. This also applies to transport to hospital via ambulance or patient transports for travel to in-patient rehabilitation. Travel for out-patient treatments can also be covered in exceptional cases.

Sick benet
TK pays you a sick benet if you are unable to work. Even if you are initially only able to take up your occupation part-time, you will receive a sick benet from TK.

Therapeutic measures
TK covers the costs for therapeutic measures prescribed by statutory doctors. This includes physiotherapy, medicinal baths, heat therapies, massages and occupational and speech therapies.

Are you looking for a doctor near you or do you need information about midwives, occupational therapists or other facilities and services in the health care system? You can nd over 130.000 doctors at

Treatment abroad
TK members can always avail themselves to medical benets while abroad. This means that any member who is temporarily located in a country in the European Economic Community or Switzerland can receive out-patient attention there. This is advantageous if, for example, you would like to be treated by a specialist in France.

Children and adolescents under the age of 18 are exempt from co-payments, except for travel costs and dental prosthesis.

For your information: Co-payments and co-payment exemption

TK members 18 years of age or older must pay a share of the costs for a variety of benets. This applies, for example, to pharmaceuticals and band-ages/dressings, hospital stays as well as therapeutic measures and aids such as physiotherapy and hearing aids. As a TK member you can be exempted from co-payments once these reach two percent of your annual (family) gross income. For the severely chronically ill and family members living in their household the payment limit is one percent. We would be happy to inform you of the details!

Medicines exempt from co-payment

Because TK has entered into discount agreements with top-name pharmaceutical manufacturers, TK members can receive many medications with no co-payment.



In branch ofces, by telephone, in brochures

Our strengths: advice and service

TK offers you more than other health insurance funds the exibility of a modern service provider combined with the peace of mind of a large statutory health insurance fund. We regularly ask our members what we can do better so we can continuously improve. Competent staff, quick handling of all your matters, well-prepared information and quick accessibility form the foundation of our customer-friendly service. We have already been commended for this by a variety of independent institutions. Would you like to get free, quick and personal advice for a matter that has just come up? Our TK ServiceTeam is there for you 24/7, 365 days per year on 0800 - 285 85 85 (free call in Germany).

Over 200 branch ofces nationwide

There are over 200 TK branch ofces throughout Germany from Flensburg to Rosenheim, from Saarbrcken to Cottbus. You can always count on meeting a personal advisor for your concerns here.

Call Back Service

You can also just have us call you back at the time that suits you best. Click the Call Back button at to do this. You can enter your question here and will then be called back at the time you specify.

Honorary TK advisors never far away

Many TK members like to get involved for Germanys best health insurance fund. In many companies and universities there are people who act on a voluntary basis for TK and their members, over 10,000 nationwide. Simply because they are committed to TK. They give competent answers to questions related to health insurance, help ll in applications or initiate contact with TK.

Extensive health information

There is an enormous supply of health-related information in the media. But not everything is factually true and free from commercial interest. From TK you get competent, up-to-date information without all the technical jargon. On the topics of exercise, nutrition, stress, strengthening your back, for example, and about frequently occurring illnesses as brochures or on the internet at

TK employees will also be happy to visit you at home. Simply call and arrange a time and date even outside normal ofce hours.


Extensive online service

Your TK branch office on the web

At TK you can take care of many of your concerns quickly and easily online from any internet connection in the world, 24 hours a day. How does it work? With our special service and information offer at With you can use the comprehensive service of a TK branch office very easily from your computer. To do this, log into the secure area of our web site. A wide variety of useful features is available: update address, telephone numbers and bank details order a new insurance card find the TK branch office closest to you be reminded of check-ups and vaccination appointments make benefit claims request necessary certificates health brochures, patient information, CD-ROMs, training posters and much more to download or order


Visitors welcome! Even if you are not insured at TK you can use the exclusive service at Simply sign up as a visitor and try us out. offers even more

TK clinic guide
An excellent source of information for people looking for a suitable hospital for pending treatment is the new TK clinic guide at This is where youll nd out about select clinics. For example, which operations are frequently carried out, which forms of therapy are being offered and how the quality of treatement is. In addition, you can fall back on the experiences of former patients at 200 hospitals who have rated the facilities according to the success of treatment and their general satisfaction. The TK clinic guide was already awarded the top mark of good by Stiftung Warentest in Autumn 2007.

Pharmaceuticals database
When does self-medication make sense? When is it better to visit the doctor? What are the effects of specic medicines? TK provides decisionmaking assistance with the pharmaceuticals database from Stiftung Warentest. At you will nd extensive reviews of 9,000 major medications, including a price comparison of suitable drugs with the same active ingredient.

Pharmaceuticals Information (TK-ViA)

This service gives you a list of all medicines that have been prescribed to you and purchased from a pharmacy in the past two years. This information is helpful to your attending physician or pharmacist and helps you save money: Medicines for which cheaper alternatives exist are indicated.

TK benet guide
With this interactive offer on the TK home page you yourself can quickly and easily check which benets TK can provide you. For example, whether you receive money from TK if you have to care for your sick child at home. You will also get information and the appropriate application forms if youd like to apply for health spa treatment or get advice if you have received improper medical treatment. Just click on one of the topics and youll quickly be guided to the information through a virtual dialogue.

TK patient dialogue
An interactive, scientically veried online offer from TK to best prepare for a visit to the doctor (currently only available for the indicators of lower back pain and depression): You disclose the type and reason for your medical condition to a virtual expert and receive individual information and proposals for possible cures. Youll then be well-prepared to speak to your doctor. More info about patient dialogue is available at

Study aid:

A single click at takes you to, TKs university site. If youre in the rst semester or studying for nal exams, a student at a technical school or university, this virtual student guide offers every student extensive info, up-to-date news and competent help for issues related to higher education and health. Furthermore, you can exchange tips and experiences with others in the three forums.


Your best choice for all health-related questions

TK Medical and Health Advice Centre

Would you like to get a quick answer to your health-related question and not wait for your next visit to the doctor? Having problems understanding the package insert?

Available round the clock for you

You can call the TK Medical and Health Advice Centre and reach qualied doctors round the clock. Your personal questions will be competently answered even at weekends, nights and public holidays when most doctors ofces and pharmacies are closed. Call our English-language hotline:

Tel. 018 02 - 85 00 11 (from 6 cents per call depending on service provider) Choose competence
Over 90 specialist doctors work here covering all major disciplines, from opthomologists, dermatologists and pain therapists to dentists. You can ask them about any health-related topics such as:


symptoms of illnesses examination methods effectiveness of medications operations prevention and check-ups

E-mail works too

You can also contact the doctors in the TK Medical and Health Advice Centre by e-mail. You will receive individual replies via this method. Just click and youll nd a standard request form. Just ll it out and submit it. Your concerns will be quickly passed on to a specialist doctor and answered within 24 hours.

Call Back Service By request you can also be called back by the TK Medical and Health Advice Centre or the TK Family Telephone. For example, if a doctor wants to get additional information for you after the rst call.

Security while travelling

TK Foreign Assistance
Despite the best of preparations and care you may need medical assistance during your stay abroad. You can then count on TK Foreign Assistance.

To complement our benets we offer you private foreign travel from our cooperation partner ENVIVAS (more on page 31).

Available 24 hours a day

The team of qualied doctors will assist you on the telephone with competency and expert knowledge. Round the clock 365 days a year! For instance, a single call is all it takes for the staff to give you the name of the closest German or English-speaking doctor or get in touch with your general practitioner.

Information before your trip

No matter if you are going on holiday or starting off a business trip TK Foreign Assistance can also help you prepare for your trip. Simply call or visit us on the internet at You can, for example, get detailed information about required vaccinations, the medical care in the country of travel and insurance protection abroad. And TK covers the costs for recommended travel vaccinations such as hepatitis A and B, malarial prophylaxis or cholera (see page 7).

A free service exclusively for TK members

For TK members the TK Foreign Assistance service is free except for the price of the call:

Tel. +49 18 02 - 85 00 05

(price per call depending on country of travel)


Specially for babies, children and adolescents

TK Family Telephone
Many parents know this from painful experience: children often get suddenly sick, in the middle of the night or at weekends, for instance. TK offers a special service specically for your questions related to the health of babies, children and adolescents: the TK Family Telephone.

24 hours a day, 365 days a year

The TK Family Telephone team is made up of experienced paediatricians, child psychiatrists and other doctors from a variety of disciplines. This is where you can get competent answers to your questions round the clock, such as: My babys teeth are coming in and hes crying a lot. Is there anything I can do to help him? How do I clean my sons abrasions? My child cant fall asleep at night. What can we do? Our son is hyperactive. How should we be handling this? And even when your child is not sick you can always get in touch with an expert for all health and prevention-related questions. Each call is treated condentially as at the doctors ofce. Try out our service at:

Tel. 018 02 - 85 00 00 (from 6 cents per call depending on service provider)


Further information via the internet

You can also contact TK Family Telephone via the internet. You can ask your questions online. Youll receive an answer within 24 hours from an experienced doctor of course. Just click TK Family Telephone at

Also for children and adolescents Older children and the young prefer to discuss some questions alone with a doctor. About the topic of sexuality, for example. For this reason they can of course call the TK Family Telephone themselves.

Exclusive for TK members

Private supplementary insurance plans

Every person has individual health protection needs and requirements. Thats why TK, in cooperation with ENVIVAS Krankenversicherung AG and Volksfrsorge Deutsche Lebensversicherung AG, gives you the option of individually supplementing your TK insurance cover by means of a variety of private supplemental plans. And this at specially favourable terms reserved exclusively for TK members. An overview of the plans: PraxisExtra Supplements TK benets in the areas of dentistry, corrective lenses, alternative practitioners and hospital. Includes foreign travel health insurance. KlinikSpezial Provides benets for hospital stays such as accommodation in a one or two-bed room and treatment by chief physician as well as out-patient operations. StarterPlus Covers additional out and in-patient benets specially for young people up to 29 years of age. VitalXtra Specially developed for members age 60 or older and provides benets for dental prosthesis and corrective lenses. DentalXtra and DentalTop You can lower your co-payment for dental prosthesis ( crowns, bridges, prosthetics), inlays and implants are also subsidised. Depending on the selected plan you will be reimbursed for 30 or 50 percent of the invoice amount. KT-Plus The Sick benet plus plan protects you from lost income for long-term hospitalisation. KHT-Plus This hospital per diem insurance gives you a per diem of up to EUR 50 for you in hospital. TravelPlus and TravelXL TravelPlus is the foreign travel health insurance for your holiday travel for up to eight weeks and business trips for up to ten days. For longer stays abroad you are best insured with the TravelXL plan. PegePlus and PegeXtra Additional protection for nursing care at an excellent price/performance ratio. The new PegeXtra plan supplements the PegePlus offer with extensive counselling services. Death benet insurance The insurance for everyone who wants to plan ahead for costs incurred upon death. Further information about the rates is available at

Quality tested: TravelPlus was the test winner among 43 tested travel insurance policies (Finanztest 5/2008)

The Standard & Poors rating T agency gave the nancial a power of ENVIVAS an AA p (excellent) rating. More info ( is available at w


Membership and more

Good, better, TK insured!

TK membership
Welcome to TK!
Switch now and enjoy the advantages of our services tested by Stiftung Warentest and our extensive benets!

Its easy to switch to TK!

Uniform notice periods apply to all mandatory and voluntary insured persons, independent from income limits. After switching insurance funds all insured persons are always bound to their insurance fund for 18 months. The notice period is two months until the end of the month. If a health insurance fund raises an additional contribution it is possible to switch health insurance funds earlier. The period of committment does not apply in this case.

An example
You give notice to your previous health insurance fund on 21st July taking effect on 30th September. Your TK membership begins on 1st October. Its as easy as this: complete the TK application give notice to your old health insurance fund send cancellation conrmation from prior health insurance fund to your TK branch ofce TK issues a membership certicate and, for example, sends this to your employer

A note for students

For the most part students are family insured and exempt from contributions until their 25th birthday. They can then be insured immediately by TK.

Do you have any questions about switching or membership?

We look forward to your call! You can reach us round the clock 365 days a year!

Tel. 0800 - 422 55 85 (free call in Germany)

A TK membership application form is available at:


Convincing benets and services

Recruit members and win

Do you feel like really relaxing and charging up your batteries? Then take part in the big Recruit members and win! TK campaign. Several times per year we will be awarding exclusive trips for two persons from among participants able to recruit a new member for TK.

Win exclusive trips

As a winner youll be spoiled in rst-rate hotels. With massages, baths and many other applications for health and well-being. In perfect scenic surroundings of course on the German coast or in the low-lying mountains, for example.

Its easy to recruit new members

There are plenty of convincing arguments for TK. Starting with the extensive benets, innovative service and the inexpensive contribution rate. Just read this brochure and start recruiting. A colleague or fellow student, for instance. Once you have recruited a new member, just ll out the membership form together. And enter yourself as the recruiter. Send off the application and cross your ngers. We wish you luck! Incidentally, all prizes are donated. Membership contributions are not used to nance the trips.

Membership and more

Your benets at a glance

TK advantages
Always accessible from anywhere.
Customer advice even after business hours Got any questions related to health and health insurance? Our ServiceTeam is there for you 24 hours a day, 365 days per year: Tel. 0800 - 285 85 85 (free call in Germany).
+ Advice for you round the clock No matter what your question is: Both of our medical hotlines, the TK Medical and Health Advice Centre and TK Family Telephone are there for you day and night see page 28 or 30. + Travel without risk: TK Foreign Assistance Out of the country and sick? TK Foreign Assistance will help and give you the name of the closest German or Englishspeaking doctor see page 29. +

Valuable health tips

Health courses: a wide range of offers for you With our health courses you put your best intentions into practice: We can help you, for example, to eat healthier or give up smoking see page 6.
+ The TK Bonus programme: health pays off For check-ups, a tness studio membership and much more you receive a bonus from TK that can be exchanged for items or cash rewards see page 8. +

Exclusive benets included

TK contracts with certied specialists We enter into individual contracts with select doctors and clinics. The advantage for you are shorter waiting times and benets going beyond the standard see page 12 and 13.
+ Travel vaccinations TK covers the costs for a lot of vaccinations. That also applies to vaccinations recommended for private trips to distant countries see page 7. + Excellent supplementary insurance For your individual requirements our cooperation partner ENVIVAS Krankenversicherung AG offers a range of supplemental insurance plans. For alternative treatments, treatment by chief physician, dental prosthesis or foreign travel see page 31. +

Individual insurance protection

+ Selection of the plan you want Adjust your insurance protection to your personal needs a variety of individual TK combined plans with different advantages make this possible see pages 14 and 15.

Up-to-date information
Online convenience: On the internet we offer you a special section for TK members in which you can nd a lot of information and services. The TK reminder service for check-up appointments, for instance, and the clinic guide with hospital reviews by TK members see pages 26 and 27.
+ Know what helps: Pharmaceuticals database Youll nd a lot of information about pharmaceuticals. In the pharmaceuticals database from Stiftung Warentest and the TK-ViA, a compilation of doctor-prescribed medicines see page 27. +

Healthy growth for your health

+ Nearly 2,000 new members per day TK is growing more quickly than other health insurance funds. Today over seven million members rely on the efciency of Techniker Krankenkasse. With an upward trend.

Errors in treatment know what to do For justied suspicion of errors in treatment we will help you in clarifying the facts and assist you in ling a claim for damages see page 20.

Good price/performance ratio At TK price and performance add up. TK members get more benets than legally prescribed. Sound economic management TK has been and remains debt-free, because we think and act cost-effectively. This is proven by our low share of administrative costs and the continuously growing range of benets.

A membership application and details about current prot is available at


We are here to help.

Have you got any questions about your health insurance at the TK? The TK ServiceTeam is available for you 24 hours a day, 365 days per year: Tel. 0800 - 285 85 85 (free call in Germany)

TK Medical and Health Advice Centre and TK Family Telephone

Over 90 specialist doctors are on call for your health questions over the phone at the TK Medical and Health Advice Centre. Please contact:

Tel. 018 02 - 85 00 11
Mon-Sun, 24/7 (from 6 cents per call depending on provider)

The TK Family Telephone provides answers to health-related questions for babies, children and teenagers.

Tel. 018 02 - 85 00 00
Mon-Sun, 24/7 (from 6 cents per call depending on provider)

Please visit our website for detailed information as well as exclusive services on health insurance, health and tness:

You are also welcome to direct any enquiries to us via e-mail. Please write to:

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