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SepLember 2011 Croup u1
Anurag !lndal | Parsh Shukla | LlkhlLnagpal | nlshlLhMaheshwarl |Srlparnaneogl

Case Ana|ys|s Ingerso|| kand
rob|em Statement
!ames Clabough vlce resldenL Sales and MarkeLlng of lngersoll 8and has Lo Lake a declslon on how Lo
markeL Lhe newly developed producL CenLac200
S|tuat|on Ana|ys|s
1he new producL Lo be launched ls a cenLrlfugal compressor wlLh 200 hp power lL ls Lo be markeLed
Lhrough one of Lhe 3 alLernaLlve markeLlng llnes avallable Lo Lhe company or Lhrough a comblnaLlon of
Lhe llnes avallable provlded Lhere ls no confllcL amongsL Lhe llnes
1 lrecL Sales lorce
2 lsLrlbuLors
3 Alr CenLers
lrecL sales force off laLe have shown a decllne ln Lhe sales wlLh respecL Lo Lhelr prevlous year sales
however Lhls decllne could be neglecLed owlng Lhelr LargeL segmenL belng dlrecLly hlL by recesslon 1hey
have experlence on cenLrlfugal pump sale ln pasL buL Lhey LargeL blg cusLomers chlefly so lL ls rlsky Lo
provlde Lhem wlLh 200 hp pumps as lL caLers Lo medlum slze cusLomers
lsLrlbuLors are Lhe chlef way of LargeLlng Lhe consumers for medlum slze pumps (23 hp pumps Lo 230
430 hp pumps) 1hey are already handllng Lhe only producL avallable ln dlrecL compeLlLlon Lo CenLac
200 AlLhough lsLrlbuLors sale on a premlum slde aL 21 cosL ln comparlson Lo dlrecL sales of 11 buL
Lhey provlde Lhe company a beLLer markeL coverage and deeper peneLraLlon ln dlfflculL Lo reach areas
And company does noL mlnd lL
Alr cenLers were lnlLlally seL up due Lo fallure of Lhe lndependenL lsLrlbuLors ln a parLlcular reglon and
were ln haphazard manner
ManufacLures 8eps could slmply be lgnored as 200 hp pump ln noL meanL for very small cusLomer whlch
could be LargeLed by reLall sLores
As Lhe reglons covered by lsLrlbuLors and Alr CenLers are compleLely separaLe and nonoverlapplng
Lhe new producL supposed Lo be launched should be markeLed Lhrough a mlx and maLch of lsLrlbuLors
neLwork and Alr CenLers