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BACKGROUND: The competition is a fun event, to be enjoyed by competitors and

spectators alike. We are try hard to make this event bigger and better each year,
and hopefully surpass last years success. We are hoping to bring in more and
more events and attraction. Cadwell Park is a great course seemingly purpose
built for gravity racing. There is endless possibility’s as you look around. We just
need your help and support to make this Britain’s best gravity event.

DATE AND TIME: The competition will take place on Sunday 8TH February 2009, starting at

BRAKES AND TYRES: Cart brakes often wear rapidly during the event. There fore,
brakes should be designed for ease of maintenance and spare wearing parts should
be brought to the competition. Punctured tyres have also caused problems.Having
spare tyres and inner tubes will ensure that punctures do not spoil your enjoyment
of the competition. Remember that the organisers reserve the right to stop competitors
running on safety grounds.

ENTRIES: The entry fee for the 2009 competition is £30.00 for each team. This fee is
non-refundable. Entries will be accepted on a —first come first served“ basis until we
reach capacity. We have already received requests for Rules and Regulations from more
than twenty potential teams, so we anticipate the 2009 event being oversubscribed. Please
enter as soon as possible to avoid disappointment. We only have the capacity to run a
maximum of 40 teams. We need entries in before 30 January. Excepted entries will
be posted on our website

RUNNING ON THE DAY Carts will be running down in groups of 4 racing against each other the first across
the line will record a time, and a chance to race in the final where the four fastest carts will race in a winner
takes all final race. Team Numbers will be decided by pulling name out of a hat. Team numbers will be posted
on our website

SCRUTINEERING: . Will take place on the day of the event. Please make sure carts comply with rule
and regulation, as unsafe carts will not be able to run.

HELP ON THE DAY OF THE EVENT: The event relies on the assistance of a large
number of volunteers. Any help your team can offer with any help for the day of the
event will be very much appreciated. Please provide contact details of anybody who would
be willing to help us at the bottom of the entry form.

WEATHER CONDITION: We have talked to Cadwell and they have said that they can clear any ice or snow,
so there should be nothing stopping us. If the weather condition are so bad were we have to cancel, there will
be no refund but we will get another date.

FACILITYS: There will be a food van at the top circuit, which will be serving hot drinks and snacks. Cadwell’s
café will also be open. There is also over night camping on site contact cadwell park for the cost.

Fastest Individual.
This prize will be awarded to the driver achieving the fastest single time on the day of the
event. This class is open to all competitors.

The Spirit of the Event

Will be decided by the organisers, it will be awarded to the team that shows great
spirit during the day.

The organisers have prepared the following rules in good faith to

ensure the safety of competitors and spectators but give no warranty
as to the safety of any vehicle built in accordance with these rules.
Entries are accepted only on the basis that responsibility for ensuring
that vehicles are safe rests solely with the competitor entering that
vehicle. The organisers accept no responsibility whatsoever for any
death personal injury loss damage costs or expenses of any nature
whatsoever and howsoever suffered or incurred by any person as a
result of the application of these rules or otherwise in connection
with the event.

1D Competitors‘ vehicles will have at least 4 wheels, each having a minimum diameter of
508mmand a maximum of 700mm. Larger wheels will need to be of strong design as
side loads will be applied on track. The wheels must be fixed to a minimum of two axles. If
stub axles are used these must be employed in opposed pairs.
2D The vehicle will have braking on at least 2 wheels, which must be fitted on the same
axle. The brakes must be capable of holding the vehicle on a dry horizontal road
surface, when laden with driver and ballast, against a horizontal load of 50kg exerted
On the front towing eye. If Brakes are independently operated we must incised on 4
wheel braking.
3D Maximum length of the vehicle will be 2500mm. The maximum width will be 1500mm.
The track width (the distance between the outer edges of wheels on the same axle) will
be between 750mm and 1100mm. The minimum wheelbase (the distance between
foremost and rearmost axles) will be 1300mm.
4D The weight of the vehicle, driver and any ballast combined will not exceed 165kg.
5D The driver will ride alone, feet first with his or her eye line at least 700mm above the
6D The steering must be such that it enables the driver to retain full control over the
direction of the vehicle. It must not have excessive free play or any characteristic
tending to promote instability.
7D There will be no sharp edges or protrusions either inside or outside the vehicle. Any
steering column, brake lever or other protrusion must be designed so that puncture
injuries cannot happen, either by being deformable, or being adequately padded.
8D All bodywork and controls must be arranged such that they do not impede the driver in
exiting the vehicle unaided. Any door catches must be readily operated from both
Inside and outside the vehicle without the use of tools.
9D Any ballast, whether removable or not, must fixed such that it is no lower than 75mm
above the ground and no higher than 500mm above the ground. It must also be
located between the axles both longitudinally and laterally and within the track of the
10D The only removable ballast allowed will be water or sand, which must be contained in
one or more closed flexible plastic containers. The maximum permitted weight of any
single removable ballast container will be 5kg.
11D Any ballast used must be fixed securely to the vehicle in such a manner that it cannot
work loose.
12D Drivers shall wear motorcycle safety helmets for running on the course. It is
recommended that they be clothed in robust clothing (either purpose designed such as
motorcycle clothing or Karting overalls, or strong overalls over jeans or similar), gloves
and robust footwear.

13D A substantial diagonally braced rollover bar must be fitted such that it extends a minimum of
35mm Above the driver’s Helmet

14D A seatbelt must be fitted.

15D . There will be a mandatory inspection of all entered vehicles. This will take place on the
day of the event. The purpose of the inspection will be to ensure that entered vehicles
comply with the above safety regulations and are soundly constructed. Any vehicle not
presented for inspection, or deemed unsafe will not be allowed to compete.

16D In all matters relating to these rules the decision of the organisers will be final and no
appeal will be allowed.

Maximum length 2500mm

Maximum width 1500mm
Minimum track width 700mm
Minimum wheelbase 1300mm
Maximum wheel diameter 700mm
Minimum wheel diameter 508mm
Maximum weight vehicle driver and ballast 165kg
Minimum height of driver’s eyeline 700mm

Any ballast must be located between the

axles and within the track of the vehicle

Driver‘s eye line at

Ballast zone, as viewed from the side. Any ballast
least 700mm above
must be no lower than 75mm above the the ground
ground and no higher than 500mm above the

1S All entrants must have completed an entry and indemnity form before their entry can be
accepted. In the case of drivers who will be under the age of 18 years on the day of
the competition the indemnity form must be countersigned by a parent or guardian of
the prospective entrant
2S Each team will have a maximum of three drivers. There must be a team captain, who
will accept responsibility for the conduct of his/her team. The captain must be at least
18 years old. The captain does not have to be a driver.
3S All Competitors must be ready to commence their runs when asked to do so by
the organisers. In the event that an entrant is unable to complete a run on the course
when asked to do so by the organisers they will be disqualified from the Team Competition.
4S To qualify for the Team Competition there must be at least two drivers in a team, each
of whom must drive at least once. The team must complete at least five of their six
allocated attempts when asked to run by the organisers. These runs will all be recorded and
the fastest five times achieved will count for the Team Competition.
5S The elapsed times of completed runs by all drivers in a team will be considered. The
team with the shortest total elapsed time for their five fastest allocated runs on the
course will be the winner of the Team Competition.
6S In order to ensure that the competition is concluded during the time available and at the sole
discretion of the organisers, the final round(s) of the competition may be restricted to the ten
fastest teams. In this case qualification for the final round(s) will be determined by the
fastest individual run recorded by any team member during any of the first three rounds
of the competition. In the event of a tie for first place the winner shall be the competitor
whose second quickest run was the faster.
7S Competitors will be required to comply with the signals of marshals on the course. In
the event that an entrant fails to stop when signalled to do so, all members of the
team concerned will be eliminated from all classes of the event
8S The lead kart has the right of way , any contact will be seen to be the responsibility of the rear kart
punishment is down to the organiser discretion .
9S If a competitor has to stop on the course at the request of a marshal he or she will be allowed
another attempt on the course without penalty, as soon as is reasonably practical after
the incident.
10S No wheel tweaking or pushing of the vehicle or driver will be allowed.
11S No electrical or mechanical stored energy device(s) may be used to assist or promote
movement of the vehicle.
12S Adjusting of ballast on vehicles will be permitted only between separate rounds of the
13S Each round will be deemed to commence when an entrant has passed over the
organisers‘ weighing device at the top of the course confirming that the total weight of the
driver, vehicle and ballast is less than 165kg.
14S The Organisers reserve the right to weigh competing vehicles at any stage to
ensure continued compliance with Rule 4D. All members of any team found to be
running an overweight vehicle at any stage of the event will be eliminated from all
classes of the competition. The organisers‘ weighing device(s) will be deemed accurate and
no appeals will be allowed.
15S Any Driver deliberately crashing into another kart that team will be disqualified from the competition

16S Competing vehicles will be required to stop within 100 metres after crossing the finishing
to ensure safety in the recovery area.
17S Crashing is prohibited, unless absolutely necessary.
18S The design and sporting rules and regulations are intended, as far as reasonably possible,
to ensure the safety of competitors and spectators. They must therefore be interpreted in
that spirit. Any deviations from the spirit of the regulations will result in the entrant
concerned not being allowed to compete. The organisers‘ decision will be final and no appeal
will be allowed.

Your entry fee of £30.00 in the form of a cheque payable to Apple head must be enclosed with this
form, which must be fully completed along with a U.K. Gravity Sports Association indemnity form
for insurance purposes, also a Motorsport vision indemnity form will need to be completed on the day. Please
forward the completed entry forms and your entry fee to Graham Thompson 17 Stephen Close, Ulceby, North
Lincs, DN39 6SP, Please note that entries will be accepted up to a maximum of 24 teams on a first come,
first served basis.

Please ensure that entries for drivers who will be under 18 years of age on the day of the event are
authorised by the parent or legal guardian of the driver.

By signing this entry form I/we confirm that I/we have read and will comply with the rules of the
competition. I/we also acknowledge that there is a risk of injury and/or damage involved in the
event and in my/our capacity as team captain, driver or parent/guardian of driver I/we confirm that
I/we understand that the organisers accept no liability for any injuries and/or damage to property
arising during the event and that competitors are solely responsible for ensuring that the vehicle entered
is safe.

Team Name

Team Captain Contact Tel.



Post code

1st Driver


If under 18, Parent or Guardian‘s signature

2nd Driver


If under 18, Parent or Guardian‘s signature

3rd Driver


If under 18, Parent or Guardian‘s signature

The following people are prepared to help with the event.

Name: ........................................................ Telephone number ......................................................

Name: ........................................................ Telephone number ......................................................

Name: ....................................................... Telephone number ......................................................