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related to Book Purchase, Stock Maintenance, Book Search, Catalog, Book Issue, Book Returns, Fine Collection, and all necessary requirements for the Library to manage day to day operations. Borrowing books, returning books or viewing the available books at the Library of the local University is currently done manually where in the student has to go to the Library and check the available books at the Library. Students check the list of books available and borrow the books if the book is a borrow book otherwise it is of waste for the student to come to the library to come to check for the books if the student doesnt get the book. Then the librarian checks the student id and allows the member to check out the book and the librarian then updates the member database and also the books database. This takes at least one to two hours if the member is available at the nearby place otherwise it may take more time. We have decided to investigate the use of an Online Library Management System. This system would be used by members who may be students or professors of that University to check the availability of the books and borrow the books, and by the librarian to update the databases. The purpose of this document is to analyze and elaborate on the high-level needs and features of the Library System. It focuses on the capabilities and facilities provided by a Library. The details of what all are the needs of the Library System and if it fulfils these needs are detailed in the use-case and supplementary specifications.

OBJECTIVE: The main objective of the application is to automate the existing system of manually maintain the records of the Book Issue, Book Return from the student, Stock Maintenance, Catalog and Book Search to be computerized. So the Book Issue, Return, Searching will be faster.


A relational database management system (RDBMS) is a database management system (DBMS) that utilizes a relational database model to hold the data used in the application. Short for Relational Database Management System, RDBMS refers to a relational database plus supporting software for managing users and processing SQL queries, performing backups/restores and associated tasks. A relational database uses relations, or two-dimensional tables, to store the information. The basic construct of a relational database that contains rows and Columns of related data. All related RDBMS Explain in Data structure/Table.


Hardware Requirements Processor RAM Monitor : : : Pentium IV 2GHz and Above 2GB RAM 15 Color Monitor

Software Requirements Platform Language to be used: Back End : Windows XP Visual Basic 6.0 : MS Access

Language to be used
A visual Basic programming environment provides all features that are required to develop a graphical user interface as ready to use components. The Visual Basic programming environment is also called Point and Click environment. The programmer does not have to write the code to create and display commonly required user-friendly features each time around. When the programmer needs a specific user interface feature such as a button, he selects the appropriate ready to use component provided by the Visual programming environment. These components can be moved, resized and renamed as required. So a Visual programming environment automates the process of creating the user interface by designing Visual interface using the ready to use components. In addition, it also provides the means of associating the user written logically defined code with the components used in a project.


a. Number of Module In this project following modules are 1. Book Entry 2. Book Lookup 3. Book status 4. Password Validation (login) 5. Book Deposit 6. Book Issue 7. Member Entry 8. Member Lookup 9. New Member. 10. Exit

b. Analysis of Module Book Entry module contain new book entry. Book lookup show the book information (bookno,bookname,publisher) Book stats contain issued and return book info. Password validation verify the user logged in. Book Issue gives the issued book info. Member Entry module keeps the entry of which book issued or return the member. Member Lookup shows the no. of member which has ID. 9. New Member module use for new member registration and allot ID. 10.Exit module close the window.

c. Data structure/Table In this project according to the need of module following number of table are used 1.Books This table contain information about books which available in the library 2.Issue This table contain issued book information. 3.Return This table contained return book information 4.login This table contain admin login (user name and password). 5.Member This table contain information about all member which has Id provided by after making an account.

d.Process Logic

e. Type of Report Generation In this project reports are generated by using Data report for following contents 1. To show the information of books available in library. 2. To show the status of book issued or return.

f.Scope This application can be used by any Library to automate the process of manually maintaining the records related to the subject of maintaining the stock and Book Issues. The different areas where we can use this application are : Any education institute can make use of it for providing information about author, content of the available books. It can be used in offices and modifications can be easily done according to requirements. .


After we have completed the project we are sure the problems in the existing system would overcome. The LIBRARY MANAGEMENT SYSTEM process made computerized to reduce human errors and to increase the efficiency. The main focus of this project is to lessen human efforts. The maintenance of the records is made efficient, as all the records are stored in the ACCESS database, through which data can be retrieved easily. The navigation control is provided in all the forms to navigate through the large amount of records. If the numbers of records are very large then user has to just type in the search string and user gets the results immediately. The editing is also made simpler. The user has to just type in the required field and press the update button to update the desired field.

The Books and Students are given a particular unique id no. So that they can be accessed correctly and without errors. Our main aim of the project is to get the correct information about a particular student and books available in the library.

The problems, which existed in the earlier system, have been removed to a large extent. And it is expected that this project will go a long way in satisfying users requirements. The computerization of the Library Management will not only improves the efficiency but will also reduce human stress thereby indirectly improving human recourses.