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Republic of the Philippines Deartment of Education Region VII, Central Visayas Division of Bohol DISTRICT OF CARMEN EAST Carmen

October 2011 HON. CONCHITA TORIBIO DE LOS REYES Municipal Mayor, Carmen Carmen, Bohol

Municipal Councilor Carmen Bohol Sir/Madam: I have the honor to request for approval from your good office for the conduct of Alternative Learning System- Basic Literacy Program (BLP) and Accreditation and Equivalency (A&E) at Carmen East District, Carmen, Bohol. Participants to the program are Out of School Youth of Barangay Poblacion Sur, Bicao and El Salvador belonging to East district who are willing to learned and passed the examination on literacy. Attached herewith are the documents for your referral: 1. Training Proposal 2. Session Guides 3. Training Matrix 4. Registration Forms May this merit your kind attention and approval.

Very Truly Yours,

ALLEN E. ADORNA ALS Mobile Teacher

Republic of the Philippines Deartment of Education

Region VII, Central Visayas Division of Bohol DISTRICT OF CARMEN EAST Carmen TRAINING PROPOSAL I. TRAINING TITLE: Alternative Learning System- Basic Literacy and Accreditation and Equivalency Program TRAINING PROPONENT: ALS Carmen East District, Carmen, Bohol TRAINING IMLEMENTORS: ALS Mobile Teacher/Coordinator DATE: January 2011 VENUE: Barangay Hall (Poblacion Sur, Bicao and Elsalvador) Carmen, Bohol NUMBER OF PARTICIPANTS: 75

II. RATIONALE OF THE TRAINING: The main goal and objective of the ALS-BLP and A&E is to provide our learners with the necessary skills and basic knowledge about Reading and Writing skills in order for them to be equipped and to compete not only locally but globally. Special programs and projects have been implemented by Alternative Learning System to lessen the illiteracy rate of the community. Various innovations have been tried to address the problems and needs of the Out of School Youth and the Community belonging to Carmen East District. The ALS Mobile teacher being the main implementer of this program are equipped with the necessary skills to hone their knowledge and kept abreast with the latest innovation, strategies and techniques in upgrading the lifestyle of the people particularly the Out of School Youth and most especially the skills of addressing the communitys needs and weaknesses. Results of previous BLP and A&E examinations have not shown much progressed with regards to performance. Through observations we have found out that the main reason of this is the lack of training. This training will provide the community with new concepts, ideas, and skills in Basic Writing and Reading Comprehension as well as orient them with the various programs that Alternative Learning System has provided. Thus, the rationale of this training. III. OBJECTIVES OF THE TRAINING: This training aims to:
1. Equip the Out of School Youth (OSY) and the community with Orient the OSY and the community the necessity of having the training about Basic Literacy and A&E. 2. Orient them with the steps of Basic Writing and Comprehension. 3.

necessary skills and innovations in Basic Literacy and A&E;

Provide them with the skills in data gathering, analysis of data in their own barangay that they are serving.

IV. PARTICIPANTS AND FACILITATOR The participants to this training are seventy five (75) Out of School Youth of Carmen East District belonging to East District. The facilitator is the ALS Mobile Teacher of Carmen East District. V. DATE AND VENUE: The training will be administered in 10 months starting from January 2011 to October 2011 from 8:00 a.m to 12:00 noon and 1:00 p.m to 5:00 p.m in a scheduled basis at Barangay Hall of Poblacion Sur, Bicao and El Salvador of Carmen East District, Carmen, Bohol. VI. MECHANICS OF THE TRAINING/STRATEGIES IN RUNNING THE SESSIONS: Orientation and mechanics of the training will be given to all participants during the opening program. Participants will be grouped according to the number of their enrolment of each barangay. Each group will have a different class schedule. Outputs will be collected at the end of each session. VII. TRAINING AND MANAGEMENT STAFF: Training Organizers: Mr. Allen E. Adorna Mr. Alejandro Derosahinto Ma. Rowena L. Balduman Carmen East VIII. BUDGETARY REQUIREMENTS: INSTRUCTIONAL MATERIALS Notebook 75 x 10 AMOUNT P 750.00 FUND SOURCE LGU General Funds - ALS Mobile Teacher - ALS Coordinator Coordinating Principal-

Ballpen 75 x 6 P 450.00 Bondpapers 120 x P1.00 P 120.00 Certificates and Trainings 75 x 5 P 375.00 Modules 75x25 P 2,625.00 Reviewer Photocopy 75x73pages x P 5,475.00 75 ALS Mis Forms for Data Collection P 5,000.00 Encoding of Forms (Internet) P 5,500.00 Total IX. MONITORING AND EVALUATION
1. Monitoring will be done every week by the the Coordinating Principal

P 20, 295.00

who will assign a staff to check the attendance in every session as well as collecting the required outputs. 2. A documentation officer of Alternative Learning System will be assigned in every group to keep tract the proceedings of every session and check the attendance. 3. A resource/output officer of Department of Education and LGU will facilitate the distribution of training materials and collect the outputs of every session. 4. X. TRAINING SCHEDULE/SESSIONS- BLP and A&E from October 2011 January to

Time 8:30-10:00 10:0011:00 1:00-5:00

Monday Bicao El Salvador


Wednesd ay Bicao El Salvador


Friday Bicao El Salvador

Pob. Sur

Pob. Sur

XI. EXPECTED OUTCOMES; At the end of the Training the Out of School Youth (OSY),

Community Learners in each of the Barangay serve should be able to master the Reading and Writing Skills, that should be used on their field of work not only for themselves but for the benefit of the Municipality of Carmen in General.

Prepared by: ALLEN E ADORNA ALS Approval Recommended: MA. ROWENA BALDUMAN Coordinating Principal Approved by: Mobile Teacher


cc. LORNA E. RANCES, Ph.D., CESO VI Schools Division Superintendent BONIFACIO N. FOSTANES Division ALS, Coordinator