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Presentation Two September 2011

Todays Presentation:
Land Use Travis Miller Housing Density Emi Randall Environmental Resources Margo Lindahl

Transportation Public Facilities Natural Resources and Open Space

Housing Economic Development

Land Use

Growth Projected for 2040:

The regions population is projected to increase 22% to 2.4 Million The regions employment is projected to increase 23% to 1.2 Million jobs The regions number of households is projected to increase 25% to 970,000

Existing Land Use

With 2040 Population Projections

With 2040 Employment Projections



2005 Households
< 1 du per 5 acres < 1 du per acre 1-2 du per acre 2-4 du per acre > 4 du per acre

2040 Households
11% 9%

10% 22% 29%


26% 22% 29%

Regionally Significant Environmental Resources

Recent Environmental Consultations Resources identified Results of discussion Upcoming Environmental Consultations on the 2040 plan

Environmental Consultations
Discussions with state & local agencies Alternative to allowing environmental impacts that require costly mitigation Consideration early on of effects of projects, plan, & related development on resources that may require mitigation Opportunity for improving transportation & guiding development

Categories of
Regionally Significant Environmental Resources

State-Conserved Area: State parks, wildlife areas, & preserves Scenic River (national & state designation) Regionally Significant Streams (least impaired streams) Endangered, Threatened, & Rare Species Wetlands

Review of Transportation Projects

County agencies advocated for projects that manage stormwater effectively avoid adverse impacts to streams maintain or restore stream corridors maintain tree cover maintain day-lighted streams use bridge spans that allow for wildlife movement and flooding below

Major concerns are that..

forested tracts remain stream corridors be conserved roadway runoff be diverted from direct entry into streams streams not yet degraded be protected the growth of impervious surface be constrained

Upcoming Early in 2012 Joint state & local sessions Updated information for comparison & discussion

One Local Agencys Comment

Protection is in the interest of the

pocketbook. The cost of replacing or restoring natural resources should make it a no-brainer to see the need to protect them.

Public Open Houses

Sept 13: Sept 15:

Union Township Civic Center

Crestview Hills City Building

Sept 27:

XUs Cintas Center

Sept 28:

Butler Co. Govt. Services Bldg.

4 to 7pm

Travis Miller, Regional Planning Manager Emi Randall, Senior Planner Margo Lindahl, Senior Planner

2040 is closer than you think!