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INTERVIEW ASSIGNMENT This is an assignment for Cultural and Artistic Education.

The assignment was to hold an interview with an art-related person. We chose for someone related to dance. We send e-mails to different dance academies and dance companies, and we finally got in contact with Annemarie Labinjo- van der Meulen, a (mainly contemporary) dancer at the Scapino Ballet.

The Scapino Ballet:

The Scapino ballet was raised in 1945, among the founders dance educationist Mrs. Hans Snoek, and artist Nicolaas Wijnberg. They were the first company mostly focused on the youth. At the same time they were the first travelling company in the Netherlands. At the end of the twentieth century they started to change their image as youth-company, and decided to also dance for adults. The company is known for it s fresh, innovative dance and choreography, and its one of the trend-setters among the Netherlands and Europe. Since 1992 the director of the company is Ed Wubbe, with choreographer Marco Goecke. They decide what the dancers do. The Scapino Ballet is also famous among the less art-related and uninterested people because of dancers Penney de Jager, from Toppop, who now has her own dance company and Jan Kooijman, who is known for his acting in Goede Tijden, Slechte Tijden (as Danny), and his performance in So You Think You Can Dance

Interview Scapino Ballet

By Laurie Bastemeijer and Amina Gaber.

-Whats your name? Annemarie Labinjo -van der Meulen

-What was the thing in dancing that approached you? The feeling. I found it amazing how I could express myself physically. -Did you immediately knew you had aptitude? I knew how great dancing felt, but I never was aware of my own talent. -Why did you decide to audit at a dance academy? Because an academy would be a great place to develop my talent. I wanted to become a performing classical/contemporary dancer. -How did the audition pass? The audition went right and I was accepted at the academy.

-How old are you? 36 -Please describe yourself in five words: Open, positive, social, creative en dedicated. -What is your favorite kind of music? My favorite music is classical Music. -Can you tell something about your (pre)education? I did preparatory training Dance in Groningen and I combined this with HAVO. This meant that I sometimes had dance classes before or after school, such as contemporary, classical ballet, jazz and caractre dance (a form of dancing that looks like folk dance). -How old were you when you decided you wanted to dance? I was 15 years old, which is relatively late for a dancer.

-How did you feel when you got selected, out of all? I felt very good, there were a lot applicants and most of them had already had years of experience. (I only had danced for 2 years by then, so I had a pretty big arrears) I could go to the High school of Arts in Arnhem, and that was exactly what I wanted to reach. -Did this change your life? From that moment in 1991 until now in 2011 Ive been busy dancing daily. Ive been dancing professional for 16 years since that moment. -How does an ordinary day pass for you? I have a classical lesson from 10.00 AM until 11.15 AM, a break and then en rehearsals until 17.30. -What is your favorite dance style? Contemporary Dance (Modern dance.)

-What is, in dance style, your best subject? Contemporary as well, that is what feels the best in my body.

-Who are you inspired by? People with a passion inspire me. -What would you like to do after your dance career? I want to be a NLP (Neuro Linguistic Programming) coach, to help people increase their optimal performance in different ways (dance/sport/business) Besides that I specialize in coaching of the body.

-What, in dancing, is the most fun you ever had? To dance Kathleen, a piece of choreographer Ed Wubbe, at Lowlands together with my partner (now my husband). I had the pimples over my body almost fulltime. The audience was completely losing it. -Who is your big example? I dont really have a specific one. There are several people that inspired me in what Im doing, in different levels, on different ways. For example, a dancer can be very theatrical, while another dancer has the total body control, et cetera.

-Imagine, its 2021, where are you and what are you doing with your life? I work as an independent coach with my own building. I keep on developing my personality and besides my work I am enjoying my life, my family (I have a young family now) and as my slogan I use: Seize the day

We would like you to answer the questions with yes or no, and then give a short explanation why you answered this.

No, because only dancing is already a risk, it is appalling work. Though I have to watch out. -Do you as a dancer have a different eating schedule than normal people? Yes, because I eat what my body wants. I watch myself, I eat healthy and I drink a lot of water. -If someone would ask you, for example, if youd want to be a model or something else you can get very rich and famous with, would you do that? No, to me it is not about being rich and famous, but about being happy. That is the reason I became a dancer, because that is what makes me happy, no matter fame or status. -Do you have a lot of free time? No, because I rehearse 40 hours a week, and besides that we travel a lot and often come home late from performances.

-Do you like your job? Yes, because dancing was my hobby, and now I turned this passion into my job. -Did you wanted to be a dancer in the early days? No, as a little girl I thought ballet was very boring....

-Would you like to be on television once? Yes, because I think its important to explore new things and I am always very open to new experiences -Are there days you dont want to dance? Yes, because sometimes your body is in pain. Though, it doesnt happen often, most of the time I really enjoy dancing. -Are there things you dont like that much in dancing? Yes, we have to sit in the bus often, for a long time. You mostly come out of it worse than how you got in. -Are there things you are not allowed to do anymore, because of risks for injuries?

-Did you like doing this interview with us? Yes, because it is always good to overlook your job and it is fun to talk about it.

This was our interview. We learned a lot of the dancer behind the costumes. We were thrilled that such an important individual took the time to answer our questions. Laurie and Amina,