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CNC Repair Procedure: How to Disassemble the Turret Clamp/ Unclamp Piston on a Fuji HM-30 CNC Milling Machine

(Alarm 1002 Turret Clamp/ Unclamp Time Over)

Posted on May 2, 2011 by pinpoint1

BUILDER: FUJI MODEL: HM-30 CONTROL: FANUC 21iM TITLE: TURRET INDEX TIME OVER ALARM. TURRET NOT FULLY UNCLAMPING. SUMMARY: CORROSION IN THE BORE FOR THE TURRET UNCLAMP PISTON PREVENTED FULL UNCLAMPING. CLAMPING CYLINER NEEDED TO BE REMOVED. ALARMS: 1002 DETAILS: 1. Index turret to station 1 and make sure its clamped. If the motor will not rotate the turret, you can look at the tool-driver to make sure you are in the correct location. The friver should be centered on the hole at the turret station at the 9 oclock position. You can then use the solenoid valve to clamp.

2. Mark and remove all holders from turret

3. Remove the front-end covers upper and lower sections

4. Disconnect the coolant pump at connector 1M2 at the rear of the machine.

5. Remove the split-ring guard on the turret. It makes it easier to handle when the turret comes off.

6. Remove the outer bolt pattern (M10 screws) that hold the turret on. Remove the eccentric pin prior to taking the turret off.

7. Remove the back section of the way-cover.

8. Remove the (2) M6 screws holding the clamp/unclamp proximity switches. Mark the bracket mounting location. Remove the (2) M8 screws holding the electrical connection box in place. You will need to move this out of the way.

9. Remove the (4) hex bolts that mount the turret-index motor. Set the motor and the box down inside the back area.

10. Remove the air hose for the oil-air mist.

11. Loosen the (3) set-screws and then remove the KMT nut from the back of the shaft. Remove the switch dog. Suggestion: take and record several measurements to make sure you get everything back the way it was to begin with when you re-assemble.

12. Loosen the M8 screws in the face of the Mecha-lock. Remove the Mecha-lock from the bore in the gear.

13. Push the shaft forward about inch to make some room on the back side for the removal of the gear and the back cover.

14. Remove the M8 screws from the back cover. Be careful not to lose the small lock washers on the screws. The cover must be pulled straight back as there are (2) pins in the bottom edge. Take off the large gear.

15. Remove the front disk and shaft from the front side. This will expose the machine-side coupling and the front end of the piston. Set it carefully on the floor. Watch that you catch the bearings on the back as the shaft comes out.

16. Remove the M8 screws that hold on the back cylinder flange. You can put a small screw in one of the tapped holes and gently pry the flange out of the bore.

17. The piston can now be removed. It will probably be necessary to hammer it out. Care must be taken to avoid damaging the piston or the cylinder bore. A tool can be made from scrap round-stock for this purpose.

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