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Best bars in antigua guatemala Reillys Irish Tavern

Image by Michael R. Swigart via Flickr Antigua features a variety of attractive clubs, fabulous discos, and cozy bars, making it the selfdesignated capital of Guatemalas nightlife. The citys nightlife starts at 10 PM and offers a terrific selection of venues to enjoy a nightlife adventure. 1) Caf No Se Central Americas Bohemian outpost where travelers, writers, musicians and drinkers gather from around the globe to drink late into the night and regale each other with stories. Live music, deviant behavior, great mexican eats Students, travelers, and locals are all united under one roof in the Desperado-movie style bar, Caf No Se. Caf No Se is opened every day from noon till 1 AM. The bizarre art presented on the walls of the bar is reason enough to check it out. Here you will find interesting photographs, postcards, images, and even a guitar. The bar provides several rooms and an inside terrace, along with fantastic drink and Mexican food options. Image Courtesy of Flickr and Evan Caf Sky Caf Sky is THE place to be at dusk in Antigua. Climb the tight winding staircase to the upper terrace and you can watch the sun go down over the town with 360 degree views of the surrounding mountains. The bar underneath, with a covered roof but open sides, is also a nice place to relax in comfortable seats, subtle lighting and with a view toward Iglesia San Francisco. Caf Skys main attraction is the stunning roof views, so make sure you dont miss the small spiral staircase that leads to the roof. Here, customers will love the spectacular views of the city and nearby volcano as they snack on meals such as chips, nachos, and sandwiches. Image Courtesy of Flickr and mockney_piers 3) JPs Rumbar JPs Rumbar is a comfortable and friendly bar that attracts locals and tourists alike. JPs offers a great variety of food with exotic names like New Orleans Fried Shrimp Po and Spicy Jambalaya or Guatemalan Pepian Chicken. Along with the delicious food, visitors will enjoy the jazz, old-style blues, and funk music. 4) La Sala and Dance Club With the national and international experience, we had put Guatemalas name in a great position, representing our nation in countries like: Sweden, Italy, Germany, Holland, England, Denmark, France, Mexico, Central America, Peru, Venezuela, Cuba and Dominic Republic. Recently representing Guatemala and Central America in the cultural meeting of the best Salsa dancers in the celebration of Cali Colombians fair 50 years anniversary; where we had de opportunity to live a

magical experience with the Salsas worldwide highest level. We give to you our international experience, to make your event the best. Consult our prices. La Sala Bar is the most popular salsa dancing club in Guatemala and the best place to go to if you are looking for fun, great live music, as well as a lovely bar with a wide range of cocktails. Snack on yummy Pizzas, fresh sandwiches, and chips while you attend movie night on Tuesday, live performances (Thursday through Saturday), or Salsa Night on Sundays. 5) Mono Loco Bar Mono Loco Bar has everything needed for tourists to enjoy their stay great atmosphere, friendly staff, delicious nachos, and cerveza gallo. Visitors may watch their favorite sports game on big screen TVs or attend special events such as Ladies Night every Tuesday. Image Courtesy of Flickr and Emanuel Erazo 6) Reillys Irish Tavern Antigua. Reillys, the beloved Irish tavern in La Antigua Guatemala, has found a new home. Im delighted to say Reillys will reopen within weeks at what is now Caf 2000, with the same food and atmosphere that our friends have enjoyed since we opened in December 2001, said Reillys owner Henrik Nielsen. Crews began Monday, Dec. 6, on the remodeling work to re-create Reillys uniquely Irish flair in the new, more spacious location at 6a avenida norte #2. Reillys Irish Tavern is a phenomenal party bar. The atmosphere is highly energetic and loud, excellent for heavy drinking. Reillys is appropriated decorated with Celtic art and also offers several different Irish brands of whiskey and the infamous Guinness beer. The bar occasionally hosts special events such as the Guitar Competition, Pub Quiz, and Tequila Day.