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Two-day International Seminar on Cities in Medieval India (1200-1800) Programme

6th March 2008 Inaugural Session (10.00 am 11.15 am) Welcome: Chair: Inauguration: Prof. Aditya Mukherjee, Director, JNIAS Chairperson, Centre for Historical Studies, JNU. Prof. Satish Chandra

Chair: Prof. Harbans Mukhia 1. Prof. Paulo Varela Gomes, Delegate, Fundacao Oriente, Lisbon/Goa; Professor in History, University of Coimbra, European Perceptions of Indian Cities in the 16th Century and Portuguese Urban Settlements in India. 2. Prof. K.K. Trivedi, formerly CHS, JNU, Agra: City in the Making. 11.15 am 11.30 am. Coffee break Session II (11.30 am 1.15 pm) Chair Prof. K.K. Trivedi 1. Prof. K.S. Mathew, Director, IRISH, Tellicherry, Urban Growth of Cannanore 2. Prof. S. Inayat A. Zaidi, Jamia Millia, New Delhi, Bikaner: A City in Thar Desert Foundation and Expansion 3. Prof. Rajat Datta, CHS, JNU, The Urban Economy in Early Modern India: Some Conceptual and Historical Issues 4. Dr. Manuel Lobato, IICT, Lisbon, Reassessing the Role of Goa in the Financial System of Estado da India. 1.15 pm 2.00 pm Lunch break

Session III (2.00 pm 3.45 pm)

Chair: Prof. K.S. Mathew 1. Prof. Jean Deloche, French Institute, Pondicherry, Old Pondicherry (1673-1824) Revisited. 2. Dr. Capt. Manuel Malhao Pereira, Academia de Marinha, Lisbon, Goa, Daman and Diu, Safe Harbors of the Portuguese Trade. 3. Dr. Shama Mitra Chenoy, Delhi University, Shahjahanabad: A Medieval Indian Experience. 4. Dr. Najaf Haider, CHS/JNU, Historiography: Problems and Prospects 3.45 pm 4.00 pm Tea break Session IV (4.00 pm 5.15 pm) Chair: Prof. Vitor Rodrigues 1. Prof. Ravinder Kumar, IGNOU, New Delhi, Trade Routes and Urban Centres in Upper India 2. Dr. Luis Frederick Antunes Dias, IICT, Lisbon, Urban Phenomena of Diu 3. Dr. Rakesh Kumar, Delhi University, Ahmedabad: It Markets and Urban Linkages 4. Dr. Gulati, Delhi University, Multan as a Centre of International Trade During the Sultanate. 7th March, 2008 Session V (9.30 am to 10.45 am) Chair: Prof. Paulo Varela Gomes 1. Prof. Vitor Rodrigues, IICT, Lisbon The Municipal Council of Goa and the Estada da India Notes on Military Organization (1510-1625) 2. Dr. Andre Teixeira, Universidade Nova de Lisboa Bacaim: The City And its Hinterland. 3. Prof. Azizuddin, Jamia Millia Qasba of Jalali: A Medieval Town

10.45 am 1100 am Tea break Session VI (11.00 am 12.15 pm) Chair: Prof. Inayat Zaidi 1. Prof. Dilbagh Singh, CHS, JNU, New Delhi Qasbas in Medieval Rajasthan. 2. Prof. Madhu Trivedi, Delhi University Lucknow as a Centre of Art and Culture.


Prof. Jean Marie Lafont The City of Lahore.

Session VII (12.15 pm 1.30 pm) Chair: Prof. Champakalakshmi 1. Dr. Arvind Sinha, CHS, JNU French Commerce and Urban Society at Pondicherry 2. Dr. Ranjeeta Dutta, Jamia Millia, New Delhi Community, Religiosity and Urban Processes: Growth of Srirangam in Tamil Region. 3. Dr. Sidh Daniel Losa Mendiratta, University of Coimbra Two Towns And a Vila. Bacaim, Chaul and Tana: Three Indo-Portuguese Urban Settlements of the Northern Province of the Estado da India. 1.30 pm 2.15 Lunch break Session VIII (2.15 pm 3.30 pm) Chair: Prof. Kunal Chakrabarti 1. Prof. Gautam Bhadra, University of Calcutta Language of Medieval Urbanity: In Memory of Raghupati Sahay Firaq Gorakhpuri. 2. Prof. Sunita Zaidi, Jamia Millia Rajput States and Commercial Cities: A Case Study of Pali. 3. Prof. Himanshu P. Ray, CHS, JNU Vijayanagari, the City of Victory: an Archaeological Perspective. 3.30 pm 3.45 pm Tea Break Session IX (3.45 pm 5.20 pm) Chair: Prof. Rajat Datta 1. Dr. Nandita Sahai, CHS, JNU Mohallas and Issues of Caste in Early Modern Rajasthan. 2. Dr. Bahuguna, Jamia Millia Islamia, New Delhi The City of Benares and the Religious Traditions in the Medieval Period. 3. Dr. Pius Malekandathil, CHS, JNU Spatial Articulation of a Power Centre: A Study on the Medieval City of Delhi. 4. Dr. Yogesh Sharma, CHS/JNU Cities Old and New: Urban Transformation in Coastal India in the 16th and 17th Centuries.