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School Student

9/30/11 12:09 PM

y name is JooHee Jhee and I am currently attending Yongsan International School of Seoul. For past 9 years of my life, I lived in Italy, Milan that gave me a lot of inspiration for fashion. Furthermore, I learned Italian, French, Korean, and English fluently. Therefore I would like to be a chief editor of a fashion magazine communicating with all the other fashion leaders all over the world in order to inspire peoples creativity and update all the other people who cannot catch up the fast changing trend. College I will be attending Central Saint Martins School of Art in London, UK. It is a well-known school of fashion, and I will be trained for 4 years to upgrade my knowledge of fashion, and to develop the skills. The school is not a big school that accepts millions of people; furthermore, the school gives 1 year of foundation year in order to help the students to find what they are going to do in the future First Job I always thought that people needed to start from the bottom in order to go up. Therefore, I would like to work as an intern in Vogue magazine, helping the other workers out. Even though it might require a hard work such as running around the whole city and carrying around heavy stuffs, I am willing to do it because I know that things that I will do in the office will benefit me some how in my future to be the chief editor of Vogue Development in Jobs and Positions In my future, after graduating from college, I would like to work in the fashion industry. I will be applying to Vogue Korea and get accepted as an editor or an organizer that exports fashion trends to Korea; although I will be aiming for the chief editor in Vogue Korea in the end.


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Capstone of Career After I am done with my job as a chief editor of Vogue, I will be preparing myself as a kindergarten creator. I love kids, and I would like to open a private kindergarten with the best facilities ever in Korea. The teachers who are accepted shall be considered thoroughly looking at their backgrounds, and their passion about children. I will expand my kindergarten so that it will be considered as a royal, I will try to connect with England or American royal kindergarten so that the kindergarten can be a real royal kindergarten ever built in Korea.

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High School Degree College Degree in Fashion design Designer in MiuMiu Head designer in MiuMiu Head designer of Chanel Chief editor of Vogue Korea Head of Vogue Korea

Qualities to Succeed Creative Trend maker Passionate