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FINISHED SIZE Joining to right side of strip Work as

Approx 77"/195.5cm wide by 17.5"/44.5cm tall for joining to left sides of strips.
GAUGE Join with sl st to first st of join. Tie off.
• 40 loops = 4"/10cm Measure loops on BOTH EDGING
sides of the strip. The strips will stretch length- Maintain the pattern of 3 loops worked then 1
wise when worn. loop worked, however, use puff bobble and sc
SPECIAL STITCHES sts as an edging.
Puff Stitch Yo, insert hook in indicated st, Starting at bottom near corner Start by
yo, pull through a loop. [Yo, insert hook into attaching yarn to loop just after the loop
same st, yo, pull through a loop] twice more. opposite the last flounce loop. Attach with sl
Yo, pull through all lps on hook. st to 3-lp group. Do a Puff Bobble into this
Make Flounce [Sl st into next untwisted lp] group. *Ch 2, sc into next loop, ch 2, Puff
50 times. Sl st to first sl st of flounce. Bobble into next 3-lp-group; rep from * up to
Puff Bobble Puff St into indicated st, ch 1, the loops opposite the corner groups.
sl st into same st as Puff st. Edge corners
Ch 2, Puff Bobble into each 2-lp-group
around, separated by ch 2. End with ch 3 after
Strips A, B, C, D Set loom at 3"/7.5cm.
last Puff Bobble.
Work 520 loops.
Edge Left/Right Side Rep bottom edging.
Strip E Set Loom at 3.25"/8cm. Work 1664
Edge Top Work top edging of wrap same as
HAIR PIN LACE SHAWL Main join pattern
Working in untwisted loops throughout—
Edge Left/Right Side Work as for left/right
Attach yarn with sl st to first set of 3 lps, ch 2,
Edge Bottom Join yarn with sl st to first
NOTES See the technical article on page 38
starting with current group of lps, *Puff stitch
puff st. Tie off.
of the Fall ’07 issue of Vogue Knitting for in- in group of 3 lps on 1st strip, Puff stitch in
group of 3 lps on 2nd strip, hdc in loop on 1st FINISHING
depth help with this pattern. Weave in all ends. Lightly steam. ❖
Or visit strip, hdc in loop on 2nd strip; rep from *
for free, in-depth instruction on hairpin lace. across. Tie off.
Join A to B, then B to C, then C to
• 1 3≤oz/100g skeins (each approx 200yd/ D using Main Join Pattern.
183m) of The Great Adirondack Yarn Com- Join Strip E as edging
pany Sonata (rayon) in Black Orchid (main to wrap
ribbon yarn) Strip is joined around the entire
• 1 3≤oz/100g skeins (each approx 275yd/ perimeter of the previously-joined
252m) of The Great Adirondack Yarn Com- strips starting near the bottom left
pany Gemini (silk/wool) in Black Orchid corner of the wrap. Join E to D—
(plied yarn) Join E to D using Main Join
• Size F-5 (3.75mm) crochet hook OR SIZE Pattern. (Join with E facing)
• Hairpin Lace Loom Make flounce on E, join to last
• Tapestry Needle loop worked.
Joining to left sides Work even-
ly at sides in main join pattern
SWATCH around the last 2 lps of each strip
and around the space between the 2
edge sts of each join. Cont until ch
sp just before next corner—work
this corner similar to last corner.
Join A to E Work this join in join
pattern, continuing until next cor-
ner—rep Work Corner instructions.

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