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Global Warming?

Global warming is the increase in the average temperature of earth and it cause by increase carbon dioxide or another greenhouse gases emission in air or atmosphere. Carbon emission in air make greenhouse effect. Greenhouse gases is result from human activities like burning fossil fuel and deforestation. Global warming can cause many disaster like burned jungle, flood, change of climate, extreme climate, increasing of earth temperature etc. carbon dioxide emission in atmosphere cause radiation from sun to earth cannot back to space again. It makes increasing of earth temperature like in video 1 increasing of temperature until 12C. Ice in polar earth absorb the radiation it make most of ice is melting. Volume of sea water become larger it can cause flood. Burned jungle can add amount of carbon dioxide in air and also make decrease population of tree. tree have a important function to decrease global warming effect. Tree absorb the carbon dioxide from air. So if tree population is less why can we prevent global warming. Burned jungle is also called by deforestation. Deforestation is the removal of forest or stand of trees where the land is thereafter converted to a non forest use. Examples of deforestation include conversion of forestland to agriculture or urban use. Tropical deforestation is responsible for approximately 20% of world greenhouse effect. Trees and plants general, affect the water cycle significantly: Their canopies intercept a proportion of precipitation which is the evaporated back to the atmosphere. Their litter, stems and trunks slow down surface runoff Their roots create macropores-large conduit- in the soil that increase infiltration of water. Their litter and other organic residue change soil properties that effect the capacity of soil store water. Their leaves control the humidity of the atmosphere by transpiring 99% of the water absorbed by the roots moves up to the leaves and ist transpired.

So we have great reason to keep the trees alive.

Car pollution like in video 2 have the big amount of carbon dioxide emission. The other greenhouse gasses is Water vapor 36-70% Carbon dioxide 9-26% Methane 4-9% Ozone 3-7% CO2 is produced by fossil fuel burning and other activities such as cement production and industries. From the explanation above we can clued that the most part that people causes of global warming as addition of CO2, by human activities. About the impact if global warming. Impact of global warming is almost same like disaster above. Global warming also can cause many diseases such as starvation, malaria, asthma, skin cancer, etc. we need water to produced food and also for agriculture. When global warming happen we dont have much clean water. Although we need clean water so if we dont have it its cause the production of food decrease so can cause starvation. Almost the disease is showed by video 3. Skin cancer caused by radiation of sunlight or UV. This because of ozone is not well any more so the radiation can reach surface of the earth and human also easily. We can prevent global warming with some act we can call it go green. First we have to plant tree, minimum one people one tree. we must decrease using electricity devices. For decreasing burning of fuel we can walk if we want to go. Walk have many advantages just like in video2. We can also doing Reuse, recycle, reduce. Finally human can decide to prevent or to support Global warming.

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