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The Story of John Titor

The Man: In the fall of 2000, a man using the online handle of TimeTravel_0 and then later John Titor, began posting comments and chatting with people on R&D and science type chat rooms. He claimed to be a time traveler from 2036 and that he was a member of an elite military unit called the 177th Temporal Recon Unit of the new United States. John mentioned his time was limited and only interacted online for a total of 6 months; his last post appearing in March of 2001, never to be heard from again. His posts shed a great deal of light on details surrounding the man known only as John Titor. John was a white, 36 year old male from Central Florida. He had a military background from his time during the Second American Civil War where he was a member of The Fighting Diamondbacks, a shotgun unit that, according to John, fell under the militia. One of Johns favorite pass times was sailing on his fathers sailboat. John described his upbringing as difficult and that his formal education was cut short by war. He entered military service (militia) when he was only 13 years old and did not have the typical boot camp experience that present-day military members would be familiar with due to the civil war that was raging at the time. After the end of the Second American Civil War, John entered college through what can only be described as akin to the GI Bill where he attended classes at Fort UF (currently known as the University of Florida). John ultimately graduated with a degree in History. Johns military background, his history degree and the fact that his grandfather was a lead engineer at IBM in the 70s made John a perfect candidate for the 177th. The Army recruited John into the time travel unit where he spent a little over one year in training until his departure in 2036. The Mission: Johns mission was never to our 2000; his appearance in our 2000 was unplanned and could almost be considered a mistake. John claimed his original mission was to travel to 1975, make contact with his own grandfather and acquire an IBM 5100 computer to bring back to scientists in 2036. The only reason John said he came to our 2000/2001 was to help his family prepare for the upcoming civil wars and World War III. Originally, before John made his trip to the past, his opinions of our time were very negative; people of his time thought very little of people from our own time. But, as John claims, after he had the opportunity to actually interact with people from our own time, his opinions mellowed and he actually felt some obligation to us. One can only imagine the discussion between John and his own grandfather in 1975 when he realizes that it will be his children that will live through the coming horror and that John alone has the power to help save his children (Johns own parents). John claimed that, within a span of about fifteen years, the United States will suffer a bloody Second American Civil War, ended by a surprise nuclear strike by 1

Russia against the United States, China and Europe. John said the Second American Civil War began essentially due to a loss of liberty in the name of security, corrupt governments and a dwindling middle class (he made these claims in 2000). The surprise nuclear strike combined with the ensuing food and water shortages will eventually affect the entire planet and as a result, ultimately halve the worlds population. To understand Johns original mission in the proper context, it is important to understand how and why John was sent in the first place. The Second American Civil War began in 2005 (in Johns universe) and was ended in 2015 due to the devastating nuclear strike by Russia. This nuclear strike (America retaliated, but evidently, the damage had already been done) completely destroyed American infrastructure. In 2000, John told those online that we would be surprised at how much of American infrastructure is networked together and communicates using extremely old IBM mainframe code. But after the nuclear strike, these disparate computer systems could no longer talk to each other, which was the intended purpose of bringing an IBM 5100 back to 2036. The IBM 5100 had an unusual quirk known only to the engineers who built it and was actually suppressed by IBM in the 70s: the 5100 could speak several of these mainframe languages and was not limited to only one. This ability was identified as a solution to the inability for different sectors of American infrastructure to communicate with each other. Another aspect of the IBM 5100 that was interesting and made for the perfect solution for problems encountered by the future American government of the 2030s was that it did not have an internal clock, thus making it impervious to the UNIX timeout of 2038 (a known issue in our own time now). Shortly after John began posting, he disclosed that he was simply in the year 2000 to help his family survive the upcoming wars he predicted for us. It is important to understand when judging the truthfulness of Johns claims of being a time traveler is that these quirks in this almost unheardof portable computer was known to almost nobody on the planet. John didnt go into much detail at the time but he did hint, and its believed by some, that while in 1975 some action by John caused a large-scale change in our universe that affected Y2K. This change resulted in Y2K not being an issue on our world line (where it was for his). The Machine: For unknown reasons, John was very open about certain inner workings of his machine. During his time online, John explained in great detail the nature of time travel, the technologies underpinning his time machine and essentially the nature of the universe. John claimed that time travel was invented in 2034 and that a government contractor, General Electric, built and developed the C204 as well as a larger unit called the C206. The fundamental science allowing time travel was discovered (or rather, confirmed) at CERN in Switzerland through their experiments with the Large

Hadron Collider by colliding subatomic particles and creating micro-singularities (mini black holes). John claimed that our universe is not the only universe that exists, but rather there are infinite universes that essentially exist next door to each other. His machine, the C204 Gravity Distortion Unit, enabled members of his unit to pass from one universe to the next, allowing time travel by default. The concept John described was not a new idea or theory, in that it had been conceived of in the 1960s and called the Everett-Wheeler Model or Multiple World Theory. John simply confirmed that this theory was in fact a true representation of the superverse. Time travel, as explained by John Titor, is not as easy or simple as simply turning your time machine on and watching time pass more quickly. John explained that navigating amongst world lines (different universes) as well as sticking to the Earth were very large obstacles to the practical use of these new technologies in the 2030s. Early time travel tests, while they were technically successful, resulted in prototypes landing miles away from where the tests were conducted. Scientists later learned that, while the prototype was indeed separating from our worldline, the Earth was moving out from underneath the machine. This resulted in the prototypes returning to our worldline miles from where it was activated. Researchers realized they had to devise a way to lock the machine to its point of origin. What resulted was a component of the machine called the Variable Gravity Lock. This mechanism calculated the future position of the Earth and in so doing, determined the proper time to shut off and, in effect, reappearing in the same geographical point where it started. Our Current Understanding: When Titor first began posting online in 2000, there was no shortage of people who believed him as well as people who scoffed and insulted him and his claims. Due to the nature of his claims (and time travel itself), it would be 10 years before any real investigation or analysis could be done to ascertain the truth of his claims. Technologies and other aspects of his story simply didnt exist yet for analysis. If John predicted certain technologies, trends or other social works over and above his time machine itself, we had to wait for their development. This has only recently happened. An anonymous author has recently published the book Conviction of a Time Traveler and is included in this prospectus. This book details the many recent developments in technology as well as other aspects of the John Titor story that proves, beyond a reasonable doubt, that we indeed have been visited by time travelers and that the John Titor story is, in large part, a true story. We are in communication with the author who has agreed to make his book available as a companion to this movie project. It provides the very real research demonstrating that the film that moviegoers have just seen was indeed based on a true story.