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Little Valley United Methodist Church 109 Court Street, PO Box 221 Little Valley, NY 14755 (716) 938-6150 Joseph Pascoe, Pastor Office Hours: Monday Friday 9:00-12:00 Monthly Newsletter October 2011
Greetings brothers and sisters, As you look outdoors the leaves are changing and the air is becoming cool and crisp. September 23 was officially the first day of fall, most importantly though its the beginning of archery season. The early morning hunts where I get to sit and watch the sun rise over the mountains from atop my tree stand. Watching intently as Gods creation comes to life all around me as I am ever so careful not to disturb it. Oh what a wonderful time of year. As I mentioned it to my girls we talked for a minute about the changing seasons. It is very difficult to explain and comprehend that this is a gradual process but we celebrate it on a specific day. It is kind of like our birthday I said to Riley. Children seem to think they are different instantly on the day we celebrate their birthdays. I remember a camper last summer that became a new creation in Christ on Thursday night while I was chaplain. The next morning I asked him how he was doing and he said, you know not a whole lot different, am I supposed to? This new creation in Christ that Paul refers to in 2 Corinthians 5:17 is very similar to the changing seasons we witness year after year. As we put on Christ we are transformed instantly inwardly, yet it takes quite some time to start seeing the fruit of that transformation. This new creation that has happened is a transformational process from inside that we begin to see later on the outside. There is no set date each year when we will begin to see the changing of the leaves, rather it is a process which takes quite some time. There are lots of factors involved in the changing of the leaves and no two years are exactly the same, likewise no two trees are the same with their speed of transformation. Take for instance the ash tree, it appears to gain its leaves the latest and lose them the soonest. Or the Maple which holds leaves late into the year. Then you have the evergreen. Those are a whole different situation. The point is that none are the same but they all go through this transformational process. It is also through that transformational process that they grow each year, sometimes the growth is rapid other times over a long period of time. As you start to enter into this transformational season begin looking around and seeing the new creation that is taking place inside of so many people around you. As God changes the leaves on the trees and the air around us, He is also changing the hearts and lives of His children as well. Stop and enjoy seeing these new creations, even looking for where they might be and how you can enjoy their beauty. Until next month, God be with you, Pastor Joe

Transforming Lives By Knowing Christ And Making Christ Known

Worship and Celebration Ministry Team News

Worship! We look forward to coming together before God and hearing His word. We encourage you to get involved in worshipbe an assisting minister or greeterlead a Childrens Momentvolunteer to share your gift of music or greeting others as they enter worship. Call any of the team members below to find out how you can serve. If anyone has any feedback or comments regarding worship, please contact anyone on the Worship and Celebration Ministry Team (Annette Andrew, Al Ormond, Glenda Campbell, Laurie Peters and Pastor Joe). See you in worship

Sunday Prayer Time Sunday time and place varies from week to week. See Annette Andrew or Becky Cable for details. We are prayer walking again on Wednesday evenings as weather permits. All those interested meet at the church at 7:20 p.m. and well start walking at 7:30 p.m. Well walk for about an hour and meet back at the church. Those able to stay will continue with prayer in the sanctuary. We also have a prayer box in the back of the sanctuary for prayers/concerns to be prayed over on Wednesday nights. Outside we have a mailbox for prayers also if you forget on Sunday or the church isnt open. Anyone in the community is welcomed to use it so please tell others about it. God tells us where two or more are gathered in His name. The prayer chain may be utilized at any time the need arises. To get a prayer started, simply call Bonnie at 801-6197 or the church office at 938-6150. We will be meeting in the sanctuary before the service on Sunday morning and everyone is welcome to join us. We will be praying for Pastor Joe and the worship service.


Office hours will be 9-12 Mon-Thurs. unless conflicting appointments, Fri.-day off, Saturday-Sabbath Tuesday Mens Breakfast at the VFW 8am, Wednesday evenings 8-? Prayer 10/1 Wedding 10/2 Community youth 6-8pm 10/4 Ministerium meeting 12-1pm 10/4 Nominations meeting 8pm 10/7-8 Parenting retreat BPUMC 10/7-9 Friends of Findley work weekend 10/10 Amazing race 10/11 Small group 10/13 Worship meeting 8am 10/13 In office appointment 5pm 10/15 Missions dinner 10/16 Youth group 10/18 Class 9-11 am 10/18 Senior luncheon 12-1:30 10/20 Pastors meeting 9am (Mayville) 10/20 Ad Council 10/22 Mens retreat BPUMC 10/23 Two Twenty One 10/25 Class 9-11am 10/25 Small group 10/30 Youth Group

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LATCH is held the first Sunday of the month and stands for Lunch After The Church Hour. Please feel free to join us even if you didnt come prepared. We all need to eat. Sometimes you may not have time or may have forgotten and thats ok. He always provides. If you wont stay because you didnt bring something, you can always run to Brooks Market (or give one of our youth a few bucks and have them run over) and pick up some milk, punch, rolls, crackers, cookies or something, but dont feel like you have to. There always seems to be more than enough and we just want everyone to enjoy the fellowship. LATCH dates are September 4 at the pig roast, October 2, November 6 and December 4.

The men of LVUMC and other area churches meet for breakfast and study the fourth Saturday of each month at 8:00 AM in the fellowship hall. Join us for Man Food and uncommon discussion. The next dates are September 24, October 23 and November 27.

Trinity House Healing Ministry

Trinity House will be open for prayer the first Thursday of each month. The prayer team will meet at 6:00 p.m. for prayer/worship/training. Those seeking healing will be ministered to from 7-9 p.m. Appointments are not necessary. If prayer requests are received between times of operation, appointments will be made accordingly. We are also available to pray following Sunday worship services. If you have a heart for intercessory prayer, a desire to see the sick receive healing or are just plain curious about healing, please talk with me. In Christ, Becky Cable 543-5050

So then, just as you received Christ Jesus as Lord, continue to live in him, rooted and built up in him, strengthened in the faith as you were taught, and overflowing with thankfulness. See to it that no one takes you captive through hollow and deceptive philosophy, which depends on human tradition and the basic principles of this world rather than on Christ. Colossians 2:6-7NIV

Building a Heart of Faith

This quarter the Sunday School money collected for missions will go to Heifer International. The simple idea of giving families a source of food rather than short term relief-cow, not a cup- has continued for more than sixty-five years. Today millions of families have been given gifts of self reliance and hope. The families pass the gift on to others by sharing their animals offspring along with knowledge and skills. Each week through the month of October, your child will be learning something about the way Heifer International helps. Ask your child what he or she learned that day. Pray for the people and the project and work with your child to give to this worthy organization. We'll collect through November 27th. All classes can participate. For more information about Heifer International, go to
Toddlers & Twos Pre-K K-1 Grade 2-3 Grade 4-5 Jr. High Sr. High Adult Conference Room Adult Choir Room Sunday School 2011-2012 (9:15 a.m.-10:10 a.m.) Elizabeth Manchester Harriet Schauman Yvonne Benson Nancy Blakely Bobbie Jo Ormond Ginger Horth Becky Cable Kyle Andrew Geniece Perkins Cathy Johnson Mariel Grey Evonne Phillips Pastor Joe Pascoe Jillian Rowe Glenda Campbell How Do I Get To Heaven? Jon Cable Sermon on the Mount

Please keep our faithful Sunday school leaders & helpers in prayer. Join us for Sunday school at 9:15 a.m. Parents are reminded to please pick up your children once class is dismissed. Our next CE team meeting is Monday, November 14th at 7:00 p.m. All Sunday school leaders & helpers are encouraged to attend. Childrens worship continues to meet for those age 4 thru 2nd grade. This month the children will experience Josephs Early Life, Josephs Later Life & Moses Birth. Safe Sanctuary Training For those who were unable to attend the Safe Sanctuary training held here at LVUMC in June 2011, there is an opportunity for you at the Fall Lay Speaker Training School held at Christ First UMC 663 Lakeview Avenue, Jamestown. The training will be held on Friday, October 28th (6:00-9:00pm.) & Saturday, October 29th (8:30am-noon). You need only attend either Friday or Saturday, not both days. We have a Safe Sanctuary policy in place which encourages us to have clergy, SPRC members, trustees, Christian Education workers (small group leaders; Sunday school leaders, helpers & subs; youth leaders & helpers; childrens worship leaders & helpers) and Lay Leaders trained in that policy. Please contact Becky ASAP as registrations are due by October 12th. Pastor Violet Davidson conducts the trainings and she does an excellent job. You are highly encouraged to attend the training. If anyone uses the church facility, i.e. nursery, preschool room or Sunday school rooms during the week, please be sure to clean up after yourselves. Becky Cable CE Coordinator 543-5050

Missions Opportunity in Bangkok, Thailand We are planning a trip to Bangkok to assist Baptist General Conference missionaries Steve & Nopaluck Cable at the Santisuk English School. Tentative dates for the trip are January 2 31, 2013. We would be teaching English to Ram University students Monday through Thursday. Class size is 6-12 students. Friday through Sunday would be attending worship service, cell group and sightseeing. A team of 10-12 people is recommended. Estimated cost per person would be $2400. You must be a high school graduate or older to teach. However, students coming with their parents can serve as teacher assistants in the class or help their parents teach. For more information, contact Jon & Becky Cable at 543-5050 or check out Santisuks website, SMALL GROUPS The DC small group has officially started its fall season. We met Friday September 23 and watched the DVD The Chronicles of Narnia: The Lion, the Witch, and the Wardrobe. We will be meeting in the coming weeks to watch clips of the DVD and discuss biblical based questions regarding the clips. DC is open to all young adults (for those who have graduated high school and older) and would be more than willing to accept anyone interested in coming. Our meeting times will be every other week on Friday's at 7 pm with location to be determined each meeting time. Our next scheduled meeting night is Friday October 14th at 7 pm. If you are interested in joining or may know of someone interested, please contact Sean Andrew. The Eagles small group is studying Max Lucados 3:16 book and meeting at Jon & Beckys home every other Tuesday at 6:45 p.m. Well be meeting October 11th & 25th. Navigator's 2:7 Discipleship Class meets every Thursday in the Adult S.S. room. The class consists of 6 people who have committed the next 7 months of training in particular spiritual disciplines which will allow them to "know Christ and make Christ known". The class is led by Jon Cable. While we can't take new-comers to the class at this time, we ask for your prayers as these students learn, grow, and become trained in Bible memorization, Bible study, preparing personal testimonies, learning to share the gospel in a clear, and understandable way, becoming regular in Bible reading, and other spiritual practices which will lead towards spiritual transformation. Unfortunately, this class is closed, but once we are done next February, I will begin planning for the next class which will begin fall of 2012. Maybe you will want to be in that class when it happens. Pray about it and talk with Jon if you have any questions about what we are doing or about information regarding being in the next class. Carpenters Apprentices - We are doing a new study by Ken Ham and is titled Is Genesis Relevant Today. There are 12 DVDs in this study. We will begin regular meetings starting on Oct.10th 6:30 to 8:00 running every two weeks. Ray & Lisa Brooks Two Twenty One Group has started back up and we are excited about what is going on this year. We meet weekly from 6:30-8 unless otherwise noted on the calendar. We are participating in the amazing race again and look forward to this time to see old friends from all over the district. As fall is rapidly approaching us dont be afraid to ask us to do some fall clean up for you. We love helping out and serving wherever we are able.

Youth Calendar October-December 2011

Regular Meetings 6:30-8pm October 2- Community Worship @LVUMC 10 Amazing Race 16 regular meeting 23 - regular meeting 30 something .. 6 Community Youth 11-12 - District Youth Overnight @camp Findley 16 Regular meeting 23 Thanksgiving Party 30 No youth 4 Community Worship 11 Regular meeting 18 Regular meeting 25 NO Mtg.



Driver Safety Program

Little Valley United Methodist Church is hosting a six-hour Driver Safety Program on Tuesday October 4th and Thursday October 6th, 2011. Classes will be held in the church fellowship hall at 109 Court Street from 6 p.m. to 9 p.m. each evening. Drivers must attend both sessions to receive credit for the course. The cost is $12 for AARP members and $14 for non-members. A price increase is scheduled for January 2012. Drivers of all ages are welcome. Al Ormond will be the instructor for these sessions. Course participants of all ages may be eligible to receive a discount on their auto insurance premium and a reduction of up to four points on their driving record. For further information or to register for the class please call 938-6247

When you get a chance check out our new stair treads going down to the fellowship hall, also the new tile that has been installed at the bottom of the stairs, it looks great. The new roof will be started very soon. All we are waiting for is the steel roof panels to arrive from Georgia. We will be installing a new furnace in Trinity House this fall and have plans to fix & paint the ceiling in the Sanctuary. Next year there are more plans for remodeling & improvement.

Clothes Closet
Summer has snuck right by us and fall is here with the crisp mornings and the temp dropping as soon as the sun sets. That means people are coming into the clothes closet looking for warmer clothes. Long sleeved shirts, sweat shirts & sweat pants, warm coats, mittens, hats, snow suits and jeans. We are in real need of jeans, pants and shirts for boys & girls from 2t right up to youth 16/18. You may not have any but if you know someone who may be willing to donate please reach out and ask, you will be blessed. Thank you all who have given to the clothes closet.

Jesus answered, Everyone who drinks this water will be thirsty again, but whoever drinks the water I give him will never thirst. Indeed, the water I give him will become in him a spring of water welling up to eternal life. John 4:13-14 NIV

Missions Bill
If you missed last months spaghetti dinner you missed out on good food, good fellowship and great desserts. Our next dinner will be October 15th 4:30-7:00pm with chicken and biscuits on the menu and of course a salad bar and dessert all for a donation for the mission team. Please come and enjoy and bring your friends and family. Thanks for supporting Gods outreach into our community and beyond.

ACOLYTE TRAINING We will be scheduling a get together for acolytes in the near future for any children 2nd-5th grades who are interested in this special ministry. Deposit Bottles and Cans Dont forget, if you hate the messy job of taking back your returnable cans and bottles, donate them to the youth and let them do it. Every little bit will help and they add up fast. It will help them raise money for their activities. Did you know water and juice bottles now have a deposit on them?


Work is being completed for next years issue. You can still contact Bobbie Jo in church or at 938-6247 to get your dates listed and/or to order a calendar if you are not on the current calendar. Write your dates (birthdays, anniversaries, memorials) down and get them to me immediately. For $5.00 you can get 5 dates put on and you will receive a calendar. For more listings it is only 50 cents each. If you just want a calendar, they are only $3.50.


In the interest of cutting back expenses and going green, we have been e-mailing the Pathfinder to anyone wishing to receive it that way. We are still mailing quite a few, so if e-mail would be the way you would like to receive this, please send us an e-mail to specifying this. If others in your household currently read the Pathfinder, make sure it is available to them or if they have their own e-mail, have them e-mail us to be put on the list to receive this as well. If you would still like to have a hard copy, that is okay. Thank You.


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Keep those toner/ink cartridges coming! Please keep those empty toner cartridges coming but the rule is that they do not want any cartridge larger than you can hold in your hand so just the smaller ones please. Thank you again. Harriet We are still saving Campbell Soup labels. Thank you for your support. mmm mmm good. Included in those labels along with Campbell soups are V-8, Spaghettio's, Pepperidge Farms, Franco American, Swanson, Prego and Market Day products. Looking for 35 mm film containers and powdered laundry scoops as well as used, clean nylons and pantyhose. They can be given to Bobbie Jo. Thank you NEEDED On a regular basis we use the following things for our dinners, latch and coffee hour. If you are so led to get any of these things now or from time to time, we would greatly appreciate it. Maxwell House regular and Folgers decaf coffee, Swiss Miss instant chocolate in the bulk canister Hawaiian Punch Gallon Size, 2 Liter size 7up (or the cheaper equivalent). We also could use about a dozen large heavy dish towels and some dish cloths. Thank you everyone who has donated items in the past!! Bill Perkins Attention! Dont Throw Away That Empty Cartriidge!! Don t Throw Away That Empty Cartr dge Briing iit to church!! Br ng t to church Box Tops for Education The Little Valley and Cattaraugus Elementary schools are collecting Box Tops for Education. You find them on many food, household and personal care products. Laurie has placed a collection box on top of the mailboxes by the glass doors. She will distribute half of those collected to each school. The Cattaraugus Elementary is in need of a playground update and the Playground Committee is using the Box Tops as part of their fundraiser. Little Valley will use theirs when they decide how they will be used. Either way, we appreciate your help. Wanted: Your input for the Pathfinder If you are planning an event for the church, please remember to get the information into the pathfinder. What a better way to get that information out to the many people who receive it. If it is an ongoing event, and it changes, remember to notify us of that change. Send us news of your ministry team, church group, community and personal happenings, upcoming events, original short stories or poems, testimonies, praises and concerns, wantads. Photos may be submitted with articles. The number of photos and clipart that we can handle in each issue is limited. We will try to include these whenever possible. Photos should be bright and close-up. Dark photos and landscapes do not show up well in the black and white printed edition. Copyrighted material must have the permission of the author to be used. Internet material should have the name and permission of the originator. Articles may be submitted electronically by disk or e-mail [preferred method] to, left at the church office or given to Bobbie Jo. Little Valley UMC website CHECK IT OUT! Surf on over to the new and improved We have a feature to help us plan for the events and ministries. We have a centralized, on-line calendar for everyone to view. You can link to the calendar from the church homepage (). If anyone would like to add dates/events to the calendar, send an email to the office or to the pastor. If you are a ministry team leader and would like to add events to the calendar, let me know and I will get the login information.

Sunday School 9:15/Worship World Communion Sunday10:30/Latch/Comm. Youth Event 6:00 Trustees Meeting 7:00 Mens Group @ VFW 8:00am/WIC 9:00-1:00/Ministerial Meeting 12:00/AARP Driver Safety Class 6:00pm/Nominations Team Meeting 8:00 5 Wed Praise Band 6:00/Prayer & Praise Night 7:15 6 Thu AARP Driver Safety Class 6:00, Healing Prayer @ Trinity House 7:00 7-9 Fri-Sun Friends of Findley Work Weekend 9 Sun SS 9:15/Worship/2:52 Venture Teen Boys 5:30/2:21 YG 6:30/Nav Disc 2:7 Class 6:45 10 Mon Columbus Day/Carpenters Apprentice Small Group 6:30/Youth Group Amazing Race 11 Tue Mens Group @ VFW 8:00am/ Faith Trekkers Small Group 6:30/Eagles Small Group 6:45 12 Wed Praise Band 6:00/Prayer & Praise Night 7:15/Safe Sanctuary Training Registrations Due 13 Thu Worship Team Meeting 8:00am/Navigators 2:7 Discipleship Class 6:45 15 Sat Sweetest Day/Chicken and Biscuit Dinner 4:30 7:00 16 Sun Bosses Day/Sunday School 9:15/Worship 10:30/2:21 Youth Group 6:30 18 Tue Mens Group @ VFW 8:00am/Senior Luncheon 11:30 19 Wed Praise Band 6:00/Prayer & Praise Night 7:15 20 Thu Navigators 2:7 Discipleship Class 6:45/Ad Council 7:00 23 Sun Sunday School 9:15/Worship 10:30/2:52 Venture Teen Boys 5:30/2:21 Youth Group 6:30 24 Mon Carpenters Apprentice Small Group 6:30 25 Tue Mens Group @ VFW 8:00am/Faith Trekkers Small Group 6:30/Eagles Small Group 6:45 26 Wed Praise Band 6:00/Prayer Night 7:15 27 Thu Navigators 2:7 Discipleship Class 6:45 28 Fri Safe Sanctuary Training in Jamestown 6:00 29 Sat Safe Sanctuary Training in Jamestown 8:30 30 Sun Sunday School 9:15/Worship - Reformation Sunday 10:30/2:21 Youth Group 6:30 31 Mon Reformation Day NOVEMBER 1 Tue All Saints Day/Election Day/Mens Group @ VFW @ 8:00am/WIC 9:00-1:00 2 Wed All Souls Day/Praise Band 6:00/Prayer & Praise Night 7:15 3 Thu Healing Prayer @ Trinity House 7:00 6 Sun Daylight Savings Ends/Sunday School 9:15/Worship 10:30/Communion/Latch/ Community Youth Event 6:00/Navigators 2:7 Discipleship Class 6:45 7 Mon Carpenters Apprentice Small Group 6:30 8 Tue Mens Group @ VFW 8:00am/Faith Trekkers Small Group 6:30/Eagles Small Group 6:45 9 Wed Praise Band 6:00/Prayer Night 7:15 10 Thu Worship Team Meeting 8:00am 11 Fri Veterans Day 13 Sun Sunday School 9:15/Worship 10:30/2:52 Venture Teen Boys 5:30/2:21 Youth Group 6:30 14 Mon Christian Education Leadership Team Meeting 7:00 15 Tue Mens Group @ VFW 8:00am/Senior Luncheon 11:30 16 Wed Praise Band 6:00/Prayer & Praise Night 7:15 17 Thu Navigators 2:7 Discipleship Class 6:45/Ad Council 7:00 20 Sun Sunday School Begins 9:15/Worship 10:30/2:21 Youth Group 6:30 21 Mon Carpenters Apprentice Small Group 6:30 22 Tue Mens Group @ VFW 8:00am/Faith Trekkers Small Group 6:30/Eagles Small Group 6:45 23 Wed Praise Band 6:00/Prayer Night 7:15 24 Thu Thanksgiving Day/Community Thanksgiving Dinner 11:00am-2:00pm 27 Sun Sunday School 9:15/Worship 10:30/2:52 Venture Teen Boys 5:30/2:21 Youth Group 6:30/ Navigators 2:7 Discipleship Class 6:45 29 Tue Mens Group @ VFW @ 8:00am/Eagles Small Group 6:45 30 Wed Praise Band 6:00/Prayer & Praise Night 7:15 2 3 4 Sun Mon Tue

Little Valley United Methodist Church 109 Court Street Little Valley, NY 14755


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