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GMCAA Help Me Grow Newsletter

October 1, 2011 Volume 6, Issue 4 GMCAA Executive Director , Tom Reed GMCAA Planner/Help Me Grow Director, Teresa Varian

How to Communicate With Your Baby Before its Born

Upcoming Events
The following dates are tentative. Please check for cancellations and changes. Please call 992-5266 or 1866-0110 and register if you will be attending any of the activities!

Research shows that babies in the womb have the emotional and intuitive capabilities to sense their parents' love. l Babies can move, see, hear, feel, remember, taste, and think before birth. You may not be able to feel your baby just yet but your baby will respond to your touch and the sound of your voice.

October 2011
Trick or Treat October 26 @ 10:00AM Overbrook Rehabilitation Center

November 2011
Parent and Child Make it and Take it Craft Class Wed. November 16th@10:00 AM Help Me Grow Office

December 2011
Breakfast with Santa Thursday, December 15 10:00AM @ Meigs County Public Library Pomeroy

Another way you can bond with your unborn baby is through music. Research shows that babies can recognize music they've heard in the womb after they're born. Not just any music however, studies have shown that babies (who begin hearing by the 18th week of pregnancy) prefer classical music (Mozart and Vivaldi are good standbys), or any music that mimics the mother's heart rate of 60 beats per minute (lullabies and relaxation CDs are good examples). Be careful with the volume as the amniotic fluid amplifies the sound. An occasional rock tune will not hurt the baby but a steady diet of Death or Thrash Metal music might not make your growing baby all that happy and you could feel as if you are a Mosh Pit You will be establishing a connection that for one! will continue after the baby is born. You are sending your unborn child a message that its wanted and loved. Communicate those feelings of love by taking some time every day to sit quietly, with your eyes closed, and tell your baby how welcome it is in your life. Put your hands on your belly and massage it gently. Your baby will respond to the warmth and your calming touch. Put a little oil on your hands and warm it up before you massage. Any oil will do, even vegetable oil! Encourage your partner to do this as he talks or sings to the baby so Daddy can bond too. Talk to Some safety tips to remember during the baby. Say goodnight before you go to your pregnancy are to keep from bed, good morning when you wake up, ingesting toxins such as pesticides, and talk to it throughout the day. cigarette smoke and mercury. These Newborns know their mom's voice after toxins can interfere with the birth; they will turn to you when you development of your unborn childs speak to them. brain and body.

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GMCAA Help Me Grow Quarterly Newsletter

Raising a Healthy Eater

We know that feeding our children makes them healthy and strong but did you know that mealtimes are about much more? Meal or snack time gives you an opportunity to help your child learn healthy eating habits, feel important, loved, and trust that you will take care of them. Remember mealtimes are about more that just food. This is a time to connect with your child. Dont let your child eat alone. Talking with family members during mealtimes helps to foster strong family relationships. Make meals and snack times the same time every day. This will help your child feel loved and secure. Children will look forward to each meal. Give children 3 or 4 food choices they like to choose from. Children will choose a healthy diet when offered a selection of different healthy foods. Researchers found that when given choices children really do choose healthy foods. Beware of making your child sit until all the food is gone or force them to eat. This often results in children refusing to eat anything and in effect eating less than they need. Introducing new foods may take 10 to 15 times before your child will try the new food. If your child sees you not eating the new food he will be less inclined to try to new food. So watch your facial expressions when you taste foods you want them to eat. Remember to turn off the TV, turn off your cell phone and connect with your family. These things can distract your child from eating and takes away from family time.

Pregnant and Stressed?

Do you feel all knotted up from stress? Your pregnant body is changing rapidly causing you to feel irritable, tired, and emotional. It is important to find ways to relieve tension and manage your stress. Chronic stress is not good for anyone, especially pregnant Moms. Stress can harm the development of the babys brain along with you having a healthy pregnancy and birth. If you ever feel unable to manage your stress please talk to your health care provider. They can offer suggestions to help you cope. Until then you could try a stress ball. When you feel irritable and worried hold your stress ball and roll it in your hands. Roll it up and down your arms and thighs while taking a deep breath in and then slowly release it. No stress ball? Here is a way to make a stress ball when you dont have one. Take a thick deflated balloon and attach it to the narrow end of a funnel. Put in about 2 to 3 inches of corn starch, or flour into the funnel allowing it to flow into the balloon. Tie a knot as if you were tying a balloon full of air. Now you have a stress ball to use anytime you feel stress.

October Activities
Gallia Meigs Community Action Agencys Help Me Grow Program will be having their annual trick or treat at Overbrook Rehabilitation Center on Wednesday October 26th @10:00 AM. The children will travel down the hall and the residents will be gathered at the end of the hall to give out treats. This is the fourth year we have trick or treated at Overbrook and the children and residents have a good time. Please bring your little in dressed in their Halloween costume. We will meet in the cafeteria before meeting with the residents. There will be snack foods available for the children. Please call 740-992-5266 or 1-866-219-0110 to register so we can make sure we have enough items for everyone.

November Activities
Come visit us on Wednesday, November 16th at 10:00 AM for a Make It Take It Craft day for you and your little one. We will be making a turkey from a small pumpkin will create some Pilgrim Hats and put together some pumpkin spice no cook play dough. We will be serving juice and crackers for your little one. Please give us a call if you and your child are interested in attending this fun filled craft day so we will have enough supplies for everyone. Please call 740-992-5266 or 1-866-219-0110 to register.

GMCAA Help Me Grow Quarterly Newsletter

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December Activities
Santa Is Coming to the GMCAA Help Me Grow Breakfast with Santa on Thursday, December 15th. It will be held at the Pomeroy Branch of the Meigs County District Public Library starting at 10:00 in the librarys meeting room. Santa will arrive as the children are eating and will settle into the Santa chair to hear what all the children want for Christmas. Pictures will be taken at that time and will be available for pick up at Help Me Grow Monday the 19th of December. Please call 740-992-5266 or 1-866219-0110 to reserve a place for your child and let us know how many children and adults are coming so we will have plenty of everything to make this breakfast a success.


On Thursday, December 15th @ Meigs County Library

Fun Learning Songs and Finger Plays

Finger Plays and Nursery Rhymes are valuable activities that help children acquire skills that are essential to their development and learning. They help improve and advance memory and language skills, while also aiding in the development of eye-hand coordination and enhancing their gross and fine motor skills. Finger Plays also help in the development of the young childs mind by stimulating the brain to aid in the connection of brain cells before the age of 3. Here are a few to try.
Johnny Works with one Hammer Five Little Monkeys 5 little monkeys jumping on the bed 1 fell off and bumped his head Momma called the doctor and the doctor said No more monkeys jumping on the bed 4 little monkeys ... 3 little monkeys ... 2 little monkeys ... 1 little monkey jumping on the bed She fell off and bumped her head ...

from 10AM til 12:00 PM.

Please call 740-992-5266 or 1-866-219-0110 to reserve

Johnny works with one hammer,

One hammer, 1 hammer, Johnny works with 1 hammer, Then he works with two.
(Hammer one fist lightly on leg)

Two hammers

Five Fingers Five fingers on this hand Five fingers on that A dear little nose A mouth like a rose Two cheeks so tiny and fat Two eyes, two ears And ten little toes That's the way the baby grows.

(Hammer both fists on legs)

So many signs of Christmas! We see them everywhere. Our days are full of craziness and not much time to spare. There are many things that we must do, cooking, shopping and errands too; at the end of the day we stop and ponder... did I have breakfast? hummm..... I wonder? But never fear the day's not done. Come and join us for holiday fun.

Three hammers
(Hammer both fists on legs and one foot on the floor)

Four hammers
(Hammer both fists on legs and both feet on the floor)

Johnny works with five hammers, Five hammers, five hammers, Johnny works with five hammers Then he goes to sleep. (Rest head on joined palms, pretending to
go to sleep) (Hammer both fists on legs, both feet on floor, and nod head down and up)

GMCAA Help Me Grow 122 N 2nd Ave. P.O. Box 129 Middleport, Ohio 45760 Phone: (740) 992-5266 1-800-219-0110 Fax: (740) 992-6553

Favorite Books at your Local Library

Did you know that you can reserve books from our local library online? All you have to do is to go to Meigs County Public District Library. You can then search for books or authors in their search feature. You can then make a list of the books you want and reserve them. They will call you or email you when they have them ready for you to pick up. Easy peasy, one, two, three! Here are some of our favorite books to read to young children that can be found at our local library
The Little Old Lady That Wasnt Afraid of Anything by Linda Williams Go Away, Big Green Monster by Ed Emberley Scaredy-Cat Splat by Rob Scolton Cliffords Thanksgiving Visit by Norman Bridwell Ten Fat Turkeys by Tony Johnston I know an Old Lady That Swallowed a Pie by Allison Jackson The Mitten by Jan Brett A pussycats Christmas by Margaret Wise Brown The Night before Christmas by Clemet Clarke Moore

Remember: You are your Childs first teacher.


Gallia Meigs Community Action Agencys Home Energy Assistance Program or HEAP will begin on November 1, 2011. To receive an appointment you must call the Cheshire office at 740-992-6620 or be physically present at the office on Friday, October 28th to receive your appointment date. You can have your appointment in Meigs County if you request it. When you come for your appointment you will need: Proof of gross income for 3 months Current electric and gas bills Social Security cards for all household members Birth Certificate for applicant Medical Card and DJFS case number Disability statement or award letter Landlord information If you do not have the necessary items at your appointment you may not be seen. Please call 740-992-6620 if you have any questions about these items at anytime.

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