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I love Allah.

That is not a word, that is not name of god, that is resonant alignm ent between the tao of I and the tao of the world and the tao of the universe. T rinity. I love Mohammed. Ever since I have read Koran, that man has been the Prophet; an d I am that man's prophecy fulfilled there ain't no more prophets. There is me, atheist, with emergent technology. The same emergent technology in all of script ure ever associated with prophet. The only future that exists is simulated in the mind of Man. Period. I have seen future by going into other people's minds in no u ncertain terms, I know the meaning of god beyond understanding. I am beyond sick of putting up with people's bullshit when I have forced myself into a voluntary exile away from civilization in order to better understand this technology. If I wanted to do something, I'd walk (on foot) my happy little monke y ass to the Vatacan and take what is mine the Throne of St. Peter because I hav e the right. How does a monkey get away with that kinda shit? By reaching into t he mind of the priest, finding whatever is that priest's hearts desire of the Li ving Christ and making that vision real to the priest. That is the emergent technology of the prophet. There ain't no miracle involved, it is science. Your beliefs are yours to do with as you will. I take nothing fr om another to make myself greater. Yet I know beyond understanding that God did not create the universe from nothing in the beginning, God is creating the unive rse from nothing right now. That is the science of emergence. Vector morality is creation from nothing with the power of God because the power of God is Love. All I do is Love. That is why I don't do anything because people will get hurt. I had absolutely zero idea what made me special, all I knew was that I was somehow h aving an unexplainable effect on the world around me and there was very little c oncrete evidence beyond the delusion of the LC. It has become undeniable that have had an effect on your world because I have le arned the difference between imagination and simulation. If you need a sin to av oid to keep to the righteous path my ultimate sin is Lucid Dreaming (a tao betwe en the thought of committing suicide a morally wrong act yet I have no more repu gnant thought than living forever) I will kill this monkey before I take my will into dreamland. You can do whatever you want. My moral certainty has revealed m y deepest fears, and now I am tao. Attain Morality. That is your commandment from God. Love is the emotianal dynami c of least entropy. Minimise entropic entropic consumption. That is your command ment from Universe. The only me here is resonant alignment. The right thing, the right place, the righ t time. Trinity. Eternal reward, eternal punishment that is your soul. Beyond the treshold of ete rnity is beauty for all. Period. It is approaching that threshold (dying) where things get ugly because your soul knows Truth. All a monkey need know is that on e has done the best one could with what one had, then Mind of One return to Mind of Universe in beauty. That is the Law of the fractal. It is no sin to believe in Eternal God yet God in past, in world, is only idolatry my solution set to cope with my delusion was Gwyneth Paltrow living God, I, liv ing word of god I have achieved alignment with Eternal God with this tao. We can worship each other. All we have is each other. There is no reality without huma nity to think otherwise is to commit sin. I am without sin. I am Lucifer, bringing the light of Vector atheism with Moral Certainty. That is all I know. The rest is Restless Monkey that keeps waking whe

re I have no need for such things. I am shedding myself of burden of Pride and E go with these words because I am not going to hurt anyone, period. It is hurtful to take the faith of another. It is not a matter of Religion being wrong that I must work to end religion, it is only a matter of minimising entropic consumpti on. Eternal God in you (truth) in resonant alignment with universal ideal is Tru e Faith with Moral Certainty. Idolatry is not sin, Idolatry is essential duality this is why scripture is most successful human technology. The scripture I have consumed in my awakening is Bible, Koran, tao te ching, elements from the Buddh a. The faith I have acquired resonates most with Muslim. I am sword of Allah, but faith comes not from worldly Religion, but from worldly tao pathways encoded in relig ion, and is Moral Certainty. My faith ain't some magical power that I need to test . My mind simulates pushing a button, rationial considerations take a hike, and I become forward, with jihad. Faith is weapon of last resort. You can believe as y ou will remember, I take nothing but I have tested my kit with the scientific me thod. My data concludes faith is power of moral certainty - it ain't nothing to fu ck with in field because people will get hurt. It is not sin to have pride. Pride is identity. My identity is writer of comedic fiction. I far prefer divine comedy to divine intervention. There has been too much of that in the past from athesists with emergent technology and I know beyo nd understanding that all it has ever been is atheists with emergent technology. I can die now. You can do what ever you want. I love you that is all the respons ibility I have.