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Executive Summary

This report contains the study of my six weeks internship in National Bank of Pakistan Main Branch Vehari. In this report, I have narrated my experience, observation & all the working activities and different tasks which I performed during my internship at NBP. This report is being divided into various sections: First is introductory section which relates to introduction of the Banking sector, the banking sector is the back bone of the economy of any country. National bank of Pakistan with providing the general banking services is also acting as an agent of Sate Bank of Pakistan, NBP is working with State Bank in implementation of credit policies that are developed by State Bank to control and monitor the fiscal and monetary situations. Then describe the brief history of NBP that it was established on November 1949 as a semi public commercial bank. It is a public limited company listed in Karachi Stock Exchange (KSE), Islamabad and as well as Lahore Stock Exchange. NBP has established more than 1295 branches in all over the country and it has assets worth of PKR 50.569 billons. NBP is awarded "President of Pakistan Trophy", a top slot award by Federation of Pakistan Chambers of Commerce in 2010. In this section also describe the services and products that are offer by Bank such as NBP Karobar, NBP Advance Salary, NBP Saiban, NBP Kisan Dost, NBP Cash & Gold, and special schemes like small finance for agriculture, administrator to Qarz-e-Hasna loans to students, self employment scheme for unemployed persons and public transport scheme. NBP has also expand its range of products and services by including Shariah Compliant Banking Products. The next section includes the Organizational Structure, Organizational Hierarchy Chart, how many employees work in the organization, the location of the main offices of the organization such as the head office of the NBP at Karachi and major

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branches are in almost all big cities of the country. Introduction of all departments of the organization is described. In next step the introduction of branch where I did my internship, its major operation and departments in which I got training those are Account Opening, Clearing, Government and Credit Department. Report show training program in detail i.e. detailed description of the operations-activities of the departments. At the end, critical analysis is written by keeping in view the special departments, the SWOT Analysis, Recommendations & Suggestion are given to overcome problems and faults that are being faced by National Bank of Pakistan. There are many possible improvements, which can make positive change in the system. To be able to regain the level of performance and profitability the bank has to take some serious actions to reduce these factors and to enhance the confidence of the customers.


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First of all I bend over my head in front of ALMAIGHTY ALLAH. It is HE who direct me in every stage of my life and who give me power and capability to accomplish and conquer every attempt and difficulty. I am thankful to the Department Of Business Administration GC University Faisalabad for providing me this opportunity to have an experience in a reputed organization. I would like to thank my honorable teachers and specially Dr. Hazoor Muhammad Sabir Principal/ Coordinator Faculty of Management Sciences for their inspiring guidance. I am extremely thank full to Branch Manager of NBP V-Chowk Vehari, Mr. Khuram Rasheed for giving me the opportunity to work in his controlled organization. My report remains incomplete if I do not mention the name of Mr. Abdul Ghafar Khan for providing me required information, moral support and cooperation. It would be almost impossible to accomplish this task without the help of Mr. Naseer-ul-Bhatti Incharge Credit Department, Mr. Khalid Incharge Clearing & Account Opening Department and Mr. Ameer Hamza Incharge Pension Department. Finally, I am very thankful to my Family and my friends for their prayers and encouragement. The completion of my work is the result of their co-operation and support.


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Objectives of Study
The purpose of this study is to fulfill the requirements for the degree of BBA (Hons). For this each student has to complete at least six weeks internship in a relevant organization, to understand the various operations and to see the practical implementation of theoretical concepts. As an internee I want to accomplish and understand following objectives. 1. To understand different departments and their functions. 2. To understand how decision are made in different situation. 3. To develop my interpersonal communication. 4. To interpret my knowledge and skills. 5. To gain experience and to enhance my knowledge.


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