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Life in general in Egypt, you can say if you have your food and comfort so everything is

OK, but when I speak about this point you will think that I speak about social matters, but
it’s not
“Comfort” meaning differs from one slice of society to other. Ok in detail……
The difference between standard of lives is v big in Egypt specially in big cities and may
be in small one but problem related to many conditions.

About country economy and economic resources>>

We depend on “ALLAH” the god he gives us our resources but there are three main
sources in Egypt in order of priority.
1. Suez Canal.
2. Tourism
3. Agriculture
We fought for Suez Canal since it excavated till we restore it in 1973 war, so it has a big
attention from all prisedents they govern Egypt.
About tourism, I think you know that we are one of the oldest civilization in the world
and 1/3 of monuments in the world is in Egypt 1/8 of monuments in Egypt is in Luxur
and Aswan “upper Egypt”

About education
Majority of Egyptian think that we have 4 main colleges to be a good man has a place in
your society nothing else.
1. medicine.
2. engineering.
3. pharmacy
4. military (faculties).
so our education system in brief.
We have three stages before collage . student enter the school of age 6 years.

1. Primary stage.
Its period is 6 years.
We start learn science subjects in the 3rd year and English language in the 4th year in the
governmental schools, but in private schools student learn English from the first year.

2. preparatory stage
Its period is 3 years.
The third year is the first cross way in students life.
In the third year if u didn’t get 140/200 or more u will enter (manufacture, agriculture or
trading) learning that’s means for some people of closed minds in Egypt that it’s the
failure or the loss.
If you get more than 140/200 you will enter secondary stage.

3. secondary stage.
The 2nd & 3rd year is the most important years in the student life as people think, if the
sum of the these two years is less than 95% you will be the loser (hahahahaha anyway)
Most of collages 4 & 5 years except some military collages 3 years and medicine 7 years.
Then if you finish your collage you have to check your military status.
3 years or 1 year or your not wanted.
That means the man enter the career life of age

+ 6 years primary
+ 3 years prep.
+ 3 years secondary.
+ 4 average collage
+ 1 military service.
= 23 years “human” enter career life in Egypt

About me:-
I am Mohamed “Ahmed Yousry” Abd EL-GHAFFAR
23 years old
Civil – structural - engineer “steel constructions designer”
Working in ACE “ Arab Consulting Engineers”
I live with my father only
I have 1 brother & 1 sister
Both live in Emirates.
And my mother dead when I was in the 4 year in engineering faculty.
I entered school before my age by one year.
I don’t wanted for military service.

Happy to know you and write to you.

I wish I help you anytime.
If you want any information about anything just send message.

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tell me and “isa” I will provide with pics you want but be definite.
My cell phone 002+0180268640

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