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Pensioners Handbook 2010: Special Supplement to Bharat Pensioner April 2010

This 150 pages Pensioners Handbook is a Bible for Central Government Retiring Officials and Pensioners. Including Railways says the sub title indicating that much of the information flows from RREWA website as the author is affiliated to this association. This is a veritable storehouse of Pension Rules Circulars and forms. This supplement to regular journal of Bharat Pensioners Samaj is the third in the series. There are three parts and 7 appendixes. The first part is on basics for retiring officials. Part 2 presents an overview of Retirement benefits like Pension, Gratuity, Provident Fund, Group Insurance, Travel and medical benefits. The last part deals extensively with basics for pensioners. The seven appendixes are useful to all. They include commutation Table, Forms to be used, an article on healthy ageing by the famous geriatrician, Dr VS Natarajan and details of CGHS and RELHS schemes. The section on End of Life Issues and preparation of Will are useful to any senior citizen. The check list is very thoughtfully prepared. The bibliography on the outside back cover lists essential books that you have to consult to turn you into an expert. The book gives in a simple language the broad pension policy governing pre2006 pensions, basic rules, procedures and regulations with respect to sanction and disbursement of pension besides retirement benefits. Actions needed to be taken by officials who are about to retire to ensure a smooth transition into post retirement and in the unfortunate event of death of the employee are spelt out. The book is distributed free to members of the association. However, others may get a copy by donating Rs 100/- by MO. To encourage even others who get free copy to donate a token sum, an MO form is inserted prompting quick action. If you have seen any Yellow Pages Directory, all available filler spaces are used by inserting advertisements about Yellow Page Service. Similarly there are good number of hints thrown everywhere in the book asking for small payment. The book is definitely worth much more than they are asking for. Please go for it if you have anything to do with government pensions. If you need updated information, it is always available in RREWA website: that has been recently revamped. Though managed by RREWA, the portal is a veritable, indispensable resource for ALL pensioners, not only Railways or Central Government.