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Hafiz Muhammad Aslam S/o Mehmood Bakhsh, caste Qasai, R/o

Basti Muhammad Pur, Tehsil Shujabad, District Multan.
The State ………Respondent


F.I.R. No. 430/2000 Dated: 11.9.2000 ,

P.S. City Shujabad, U/s: 324/34 P.P.C.,
7 Anti-terrorism Act.

Respectfully Sheweth: -
1. That, it is the first bail petition of the petitioner before this
Hon’ble Court. Previously, a pre-arrest bail petition was filed
before the learned Additional Sessions Judge, Shujabad, and
the same became in fructuous due to addition of Sec-7 Anti-
terrorism Act.

2. That the F.I.R. was registered on the statement of one Allah

Ditta. He stated that on 10.9.2000, one Qari Shabbir Ahmad,
teacher of Madrisa Zia-ul-Quran came to his home and alleged
that Ashiq Hussain brother of complainant had stolen the bed
clothes of students of Madrisa, on which complainant assured
Qari Shabbir Ahmad to make a query in this regard. On same
day at 8.00 a.m. Ashiq Hussain was called at Madrisa through
two student. After some time when the complainant along-
with PW’s went to the Madrisa and heard Qari Shabbir Ahmad
who ordered to throw Ashiq Hussain in the drum of boiled
water. In their view, the petitioner and Qari Shabbir Ahmad
threw the Ashiq Hussain in the drum, by which Ashiq Hussain
was burnt. Hence, this F.I.R. Copy is Annex “A”.

3. That the petitioner is entitled for the concession of bail after

arrest inter alia on the following: -


i) That case against the petitioner is false one and got

registered with the connivance of local police.

ii) That the case is registered due to personal enmity,

because the alleged injured is an addict, always
committing thefts in the area and Madrisa.

iii) That the occurrence is not correctly stated in the F.I.R.

In fact, near about 12.00 noon all the students went to
mosque for the “Zuhar” prayer. The alleged injured took
the benefit of this time, tried to scale over the wall and
himself fallen in drum of boiled water, present
underneath the wall, by slip of foot. The alleged injured
was pulled out and the petitioner and others, arranged
for the hospital. After this, it was made a public issue
and case was registered against the petitioner and other.

iv) That by throwing all these injuries are not possible.

v) That the ingredients of Sec. 324 are not attracted.

vi) That Sec. 7-Anti-terrorism Act is inserted due to

malafide intention. Ingredients of Sec. 6 Anti-terrorism
Act are not attracted by any way. This act of police also
smacks the favouritism and partial investigation.

vii) That the petitioner is no more required for the purpose

of investigation.
viii) That the challan is submitted and further detention of
petitioner can not serve any useful purpose.

ix) That the petitioner has no previous record or conviction.

It is, therefore, most respectfully prayed

that the petitioner may kindly be granted the
concession of post-arrest bail.
Humble Petitioner

Dated: ___________
(Hafiz Muhammad Aslam)

Through: -
Hamad Afzal Bajwa, Sheikh Muhammad Faheem,
Advocate High Court, Advocate High Court,
28-District Courts, Multan. 28-District Courts, Multan.
C.C. No. 20959 C.C. No. 20176